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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company jobs

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Sr. Sales Manager - Agency - Emerging Relationships - job post

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Kochi, Kerala
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Kochi, Kerala

Full job description


Role Title

Sales Manager – Agency-Emerging Relationship

Employee Interviewed

Reports To

Senior Sales Manager-Agency-Emerging Relationship


Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

Function/ Department

Agency/Emerging Relationship

Written By

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Date (written on)


(Summarize in one statement why the job exists; and how it contributes to the overall objective of the company)

Plan, organize and coordinate with agents to drive business for the organization. Ensure timely recruitment and grooming of agents and work in sync with them for generating revenue for the organization


(First level reporting chart for the job)


(Accountabilities associated with the job)

  • Agency Growth & Development
  • Cascading the channel's strategy and key focus areas for the achievement of set goals.
  • Driving the team and setting clear targets to ensure recruitment training and development of agents.
  • Intermediaries Management
  • Continuous training to be arranged to increase the productivity of the IMD cross sell.
  • Developing a second in line and motivating talent within the channel.
  • Identify IMD’s based on their business & drive business planning with low performing IMD’s.

  • Goal achievement & Campaigning
  • Ensure reportee focus on movement of existing agents within bands to ensure profitability.
  • Conventions and campaigns are communicated and run effectively across zone to boost employee productivity.

  • Market Knowledge & IT awareness
  • To develop adequate market intelligence to acquire business by establishing, positioning the BAGIC brand and growing the brand
  • Excellent inter-personal skills and person expected to have high degree of credibility in the local market.


(Challenges faced on an on-going basis in carrying out the job)


(Key decisions taken by job holder at his/her end)


(Key working relationships a job holder needs to have INSIDE and OUTSIDE the company to accomplish the job)

Internal Clients

Roles you need to interact with inside the organization to enable success in your day to day work

  • Claims & Underwriting team: For issuance of policy quotations and claims settlement
  • Finance counterparts: For settlement of claims
  • Customer Operation: To help in resolving customers queries and grievances
  • Reinsurance team and Investment team: To coordinate for gathering Re-Insurance related and investment
  • Surveyor-To supervise and investigate for claim settlement

External Clients

Roles you need to interact with outside the organization to enable success in your day to day work

  • Agents: For generating business and gathering customer inputs required for enhancing business

IMDs-For expanding business and increasing sales revenue.


(Key numerical data which will reflect the scope and scale of activities concerning this job)

Financial Dimensions (FY 19)

(These should be quantifiable numerical amounts)

  • Targets- 10L
  • Agent Recruitment- 45 Active agents per month
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