How To Write A School Application Letter (With Examples)

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Published 2 November 2021

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Writing a school application letter may sound like a simple task. But, to craft a perfect application, ensure to input all the information that a school's admission department is expecting. Including all the required details, along with other supporting documents, may increase the chances of your child's admission to a school. In this article, we discuss how to write an application letter to a school and also explore some well-written application samples.

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What is a school application letter?

A school application letter contains a formal request regarding admitting a child to a particular educational institution. It must hold information regarding the student's background, past academic performance, hobbies, extra-curricular activities and the precise reason for applying to a new school. It must clearly mention the class that the student intends to join.

How to write an application letter to a school

When writing an application letter to a school, the following components make a complete, concise submission:

1. Address the concerned authorities

Foremost, address the school's principal and mention the school's name right below it. Follow these two lines with the complete address of the school. Always remember to place this section on the top left of the application letter.

2. Write a short subject line

Since this is an application letter, the subject line usually reads as a concise one-liner stating your request to grant your child admission to the school. Make sure you write the school's name with the initials of each part of the name being in capital letters. Also, six to nine words are enough for this section.

3. Write the body of your application letter

This section is the crucial component of any application letter. Often, principals and other admission-related departments skip directly to this section to study the background, interests and a brief overview of the student wanting to join their school. Add information about your earlier school, the reason for leaving and any additional details regarding your kid's sports and academic preferences.

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4. Include closing lines

End the application for admission on a positive note and add a line that highlights your and your family's desire regarding the child's successful admission. Offer the reader a chance to ask for any extra information that simplifies the process. In the end, on the bottom left of the admission application letter, add a Sincerely with a comma and write your full name below it.

Formats for writing an application letter to a school

Writing an application letter to a school depends on whether your child is attending school for the first time, transferring between schools and many other factors. Sometimes, parents may add details about the family background, the applicant's strengths and weaknesses and even the exact reason their child is leaving their old school. Here are different application letter formats to consider:

Sample application letter for a change in school

Always praise the school and let them know how your child's capabilities and goals align with the school's facilities. Here is an example application letter when a student needs to apply to a new school:

Dear Principal,
Global Geniuses School
Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai-400049.
Subject: Requesting admission for my child at Global Geniuses School

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Dave Deohans and I'm writing this application letter to seek admission for my child, Shlok Deohans, at your prestigious school. He is presently finishing his 5th grade at Watery State School and we intend to admit him at Global Geniuses by the time his 6th grade begins.

Dave's academic performance over the years has been remarkable. Apart from consistently scoring 90% marks in English, he has also won competitions in the Arts and Crafts space.

Considering his interest in sports and your school's reputed name in this field, I would appreciate it if you could interview Dave to be capable of being taught by your teachers.

Me and my family trust that Global Geniuses' nationwide impression shall help shape Dave's career to the best of his interests. I've attached all relevant documentation regarding his mark sheets and extracurricular accolades.

Please let me know if you approve of this application letter and if you permit we could schedule an appointment next week.


Nishtha Deohans

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Sample application letter for a first-time student

This example is for children who never attended formal school. Most often, if you are applying for a junior KG or kindergarten admission, this application letter example may be useful:

Dear Principal,
Besant Josephine School,
Juhu Beach Road, Mumbai-400049.
Subject: Application for my child to join your kindergarten/lower KG class

Dear Sir/Madam,

My 3-year-old child, Komal, is ready to join a school and experience the environment of classmates and teachers. We shall be honoured if you could reserve a spot for her in your classrooms.

Our family hails from Mumbai, and we are into fashion designing. Additionally, Komal has been part of our photoshoots where we design baby wear for young children. Thus, we can guarantee she's responsible and responsive to communication from others.

We believe Komal fits perfectly into your ecosystem, owing to the 50+ decades that your school exists since. Moreover, we are convinced by your location, faculty, alumni and curriculum formats our child shall benefit in the long run.

Please feel free to ask for any documentation or information that could expedite this admission process.


Preeti Shah

Sample application letter for primary school admission

This example explains how to write an application letter when applying to a primary school:

Dear Principal,
Jankibai Public School,
Mhada Road, Andheri West, Mumbai-400053.
Subject: Request letter for primary school admission for Rehan

Dear Sir/Madam,

My son Rehan has recently finished his 1st grade and we wish to acquire his admission at Jankibai Public School in the 2nd grade.

We are opting for a change in school for two reasons. Firstly, because me, his father, is relocating due to work requirements. Secondly, because Jankibai has facilities such as a music room, huge playground and pottery classes that his earlier school didn't provide.

Rehan has never got home any complaints from his teachers and he has always put up good behaviour. He comes home from school and regularly practices guitar in the afternoon, followed by 3-hour sports sessions such as badminton, soccer and table tennis on the society premises. We wish to provide him with the same facilities during school hours so that he can grow up to be a bright child.

Please find attached data regarding his past academic performances and clips of his guitar-playing and table tennis skills. Apart from your school significantly contributing to Rehan's well-being, we believe even he can take Jankibai's name to greater heights in the long run.

I and my wife are hoping for a positive reply from your end.


Rahul Wilson

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Tips for writing a convincing school application letter

Following the tips mentioned below increases the probability of the principal accepting your request to grant the child admission to their school. Though not always necessary, incorporating one or more of these tips can help:

Add a short family background

Give the principal an idea of the child's family background. This help to cement a sense of confidence in the principal's head that the child comes from a well-to-do and educated family. Even better, you may make the principal aware of a prospective student's parents and eventually build a good rapport.

Add crisp and relevant details in the letter body

In the letter body, only add information that offers direct value to the admission authority's decision. This can include the child's accomplishments, future goals, contributions to their existing school and even their interpersonal skills. The goal is to keep the reader focused. You want the reader to find answers for everything on their admission checklist and face no roadblocks in concluding.

Attach documents that showcase your child's capabilities

Consider attaching documents that support your claim of your child being intellectually worthy of joining a preferred school. Whether it's a sports performance certificate or piece of art they created in a textual, visual or verbal form, add it to the application.

This increases the engagement time the admission authorities put into the application and they land up picturing all the positive traits of the applicant. They may also inform the teachers in advance of an incoming student.

Format the letter to perfection

This represents the level of professionalism that the applicant's parents can showcase. It reflects the learnings the parents endowed upon the child. A well-formatted application letter increases the chances of your child getting admission into the desired school.

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