12 Best MBA Specialisations To Help You Advance Your Career

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Updated 9 August 2022

Published 16 August 2021

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There are many ways that you can advance your career in business, including earning a master's degree. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialisation can help you develop beneficial skills and knowledge to pursue high-level positions, such as a manager or executive. If you are considering a master's degree, you may want to know the top MBA specialisations based on salary, demand and job opportunities. In this article, we explain what an MBA specialisation is and list 12 of the best MBA specialisations to pursue.

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What Is An MBA Specialisation?

An MBA specialisation is the specific area you study while earning your Master of Business Administration, an advanced degree that equips students with an understanding of business operations. At the beginning of business school, you take classes in a range of subjects, such as finance and human resources. After developing this broad knowledge, you then choose a specialisation. You take dedicated courses in this area to develop expertise that can help you obtain a position in this field after you complete your MBA. It typically takes two years to complete this degree.

While your choice of MBA specialisation largely depends on your career goals and interests, you may also want to take other factors into consideration when choosing a field of study. These factors may include job outlook, advancement opportunities and salary. Considering all of these factors can help you decide on the MBA specialisation you wish to pursue.

12 Best MBA Specialisations To Advance Your Career

If you are planning to pursue an MBA degree but not sure what specialisation to choose, here are 12 of the best MBA specialisations with potential jobs ranked by salary to help you make an informed decision:

1. Finance

An MBA in finance can lead to various career opportunities within and outside of the financial industry. This degree programme allows you to gain advanced knowledge in fundamental finance practices and principles. The curriculum often includes courses in corporate finance, investment analysis and risk management. Professionals with this degree can work for various employers, such as investment banks, corporations, hedge funds, private equity firms or consulting companies. Here are some common job titles for people with this degree and their average base salary:

  • Finance manager: ₹7,75,161 per year

  • Business consultant: ₹6,15,613 per year

  • Investment banker: ₹5,94,477 per year

  • Financial advisor: ₹2,98,139 per year

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2. Information technology

Because of the ever-increasing role of technology in business, the need for professionals with an advanced degree in information technology has grown. An MBA in information technology (IT) trains students on how to manage IT projects and processes. This degree programme can prepare you to design and maintain computer technology for various industries, including business, healthcare, manufacturing, science and education. Potential job titles and their average base salary include:

  • Cybersecurity consultant: ₹12,83,001 per year

  • Database administrator: ₹6,48,326 per year

  • Systems analyst: ₹5,97,560 per year

  • IT analyst: ₹5,01,635 per year

  • Web designer: ₹2,52,912 per year

3. Marketing

An MBA in marketing is a specialisation that is in high demand because of the need for people who can represent a company in public-facing roles. This graduate programme teaches you skills in marketing, advertising and public relations. You may take courses in areas such as market analysis, consumer behaviour and sales strategy while also developing soft skills, including creativity, relationship building and communication. Because many skills in marketing can apply to other areas of business, it is an excellent specialisation for those looking to get a well-rounded education.

Here are some examples of jobs that use this degree and their average base salary:

  • Director of marketing: ₹9,61,104 per year

  • Media planner: ₹5,70,248 per year

  • Brand manager: ₹6,23,857 per year

  • Digital marketing manager: ₹2,60,434 per year

4. Operations management

An advanced degree in operations management teaches you about the various aspects of operations, such as product, distribution, resources and supply chains. Because all businesses rely on operations to succeed, this is an area that continues to grow and provide career opportunities. You may take courses in inventory management, quality control and production planning. You also learn strong problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. People with this degree may work in industries such as construction, manufacturing or e-commerce. Here are some common job titles for this specialisation and the average salary of each position:

  • Plant manager: ₹5,81,959 per year

  • Supply chain manager: ₹5,79,831 per year

  • Operations manager: ₹5,43,277 per year

  • Mechanical engineer: ₹2,34,254 per year

5. Human resources

An MBA in human resources (HR) provides training and instruction in employee relations, business ethics and corporate communication. Successful organisations across all industries require human resource specialists to coordinate their administrative functions, oversee policy compliance and align recruitment strategies with the company's objectives. This programme may offer courses in talent management, human resource economics and organisational structuring. Here are some jobs available to people with this degree and their average base salary:

  • Director of human resources: ₹6,05,213 per year

  • Human resources manager: ₹6,05,213 per year

  • Staffing manager: ₹3,73,918 per year

  • Employee relations manager: ₹2,99,750 per year

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6. Business management

An MBA in business management provides you with a comprehensive overview of business practices across industries. Students gain advanced knowledge in business models, management, operations and organisational behaviour. Some programmes allow you to specialise in areas like accounting, finance, marketing or hospitality management. An advanced degree in this well-rounded specialisation can lead to job opportunities in a variety of industries. Some common job titles for people with this degree and their average base salary are:

  • Operations analyst: ₹4,89,277 per year

  • Management analyst: ₹5,16,971 per year

  • Marketing manager: ₹3,51, 117 per year

  • Human resources generalist: ₹2,88,577 per year

7. Healthcare administration

Master's degree programmes in healthcare administration cover a comprehensive set of topics, including accounting, law, ethics, human resources and health administration practices and procedures. You learn about the operational and administrative processes in the health care industry, a sector that is growing in demand. Courses in this degree programme equip you with critical problem-solving and management skills. Individuals with this degree hold jobs like:

  • Hospital administrator: ₹6,07,623 per year

  • Programme manager: ₹5,32,747 per year

  • Clinical director: ₹3,83,678 per year

  • Hospital manager: ₹3,25,938 per year

8. Project management

An MBA in this area focuses on emerging project management trends, theories and methodologies. You learn techniques and gain insight into the various processes involved in successfully planning, executing and closing organisational projects. A graduate degree in project management can expand your career opportunities across many industries, including construction, manufacturing, government, information technology and health care. Some common job titles for people with this degree and their average base salary include:

  • Engineering programme manager: ₹10,49,900 per year

  • Risk manager: ₹7,61,491 per year

  • Project manager: ₹7,62,579 per year

  • Senior test engineer: ₹5,47,755 per year

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9. Rural management

An MBA in this specialisation equips you with the business skills to plan, organise and direct operations in rural areas. It is a growing area because of the economy's dependency on agriculture. Many industries have a need for business professionals with this background, including agribusiness, healthcare, energy and manufacturing. Students pursuing an MBA in rural management learn how to work with residents in rural areas to improve their livelihood. You may also learn skills such as communication, planning and analytical reasoning. Examples of jobs for people with this degree include:

  • Area manager: ₹7,14,628 per year

  • Business development manager: ₹4,97,525 per year

  • Research consultant: ₹3,79,250 per year

  • Research analyst: ₹2,63,799 per year

10. International business

Many companies provide their services in other parts of the world, and they have a need for skilled business managers to oversee those global operations. An MBA specialisation in international business teaches you how to work effectively in multicultural or diverse environments. Students learn about economic trends in different parts of the world and how to use those trends to grow international business. This can be an excellent specialisation for individuals with an interest in travelling and living abroad. Here are some examples of jobs in this industry and their average base salary:

  • Global project manager: ₹10,82,978 per year

  • Management analyst: ₹5,16,971 per year

  • Export manager: ₹4,24,215 per year

  • Import manager: ₹3,56,429 per year

11. Education

Earning an MBA in education allows you to develop instructional skills in a specific area of interest and gain advanced knowledge in theories of learning, models of instruction and emerging technologies. This advanced degree significantly expands your career opportunities within education, but many of the skills gained are transferrable to positions in other industries. Aside from classroom teaching, possible job titles for these graduates include:

  • Programme director: ₹9,80,831 per year

  • Curriculum leader: ₹6,02,328 per year

  • Corporate trainer: ₹3,31,992 per year

  • Education consultant: ₹2,94,535 per year

12. Entrepreneurship

This MBA specialisation is an excellent choice for professionals who want to become successful entrepreneurs. This programme teaches you how to formulate business ideas and transform those ideas into a marketable product or service. You learn how to develop business strategies that lead to innovation, along with skills related to fundraising, networking and leadership. Many companies across various industries want to hire people with this degree because they understand how to lead an organisation. Examples of jobs in this area include:

  • Business analyst:₹5,76,484 per year

  • Sales manager:₹4,59,302 per year

  • Business owner:₹3,59,447 per year

  • Philanthropy manager:₹3,01,856 per year

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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