Common Business Acronyms For Professional Environments

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Updated 30 September 2022

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Many types of professionals use acronyms to communicate more efficiently and quickly with their teams. These acronyms may be specific to a certain type of industry or used widely by many types of professionals. Learning about these acronyms may help you understand their usage and begin using them yourself. In this article, we list business acronyms in various categories, such as finance, marketing, productivity, quality control and law.

What Is A Business Acronym?

Acronyms are short phrases where each letter of the acronym is the first letter of each word in the phrase. For example, you can turn the phrase be right back into the acronym BRB. Business acronyms are acronyms that you commonly find in business contexts, for example in finance, marketing, sales or in the names of departments or job titles. Some frequently used acronyms can become words themselves, such as the acronym AWOL, which stands for absent without leave.

Why Are Business Acronyms Important?

Business acronyms are important because you can save time when you discuss work-related subjects by using acronyms everyone understands. They are also useful for personal correspondence, such as in emails and text messages. You might also use them on documents and forms where you have a limited amount of space to include titles, names of departments or other common phrases.

These can also be useful when recording notes during meetings or in other fast-paced environments. This is because they may allow you to record relevant information without writing entire words or phrases.

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Types Of Business Acronyms

Here are business-related acronyms organised into categories. This list also includes each acronym's basic meaning:


Here are 14 acronyms used in connection with work attendance or attendance-related business systems:

  1. AA: Attendance Allowance

  2. ADA: Average Daily Attendance

  3. AMS: Attendance Management System

  4. ATAAPS: Automated Time, Attendance and Production System

  5. COA: Cost of Attendance

  6. CTT: Critical Time Tracking

  7. FR: Facial Recognition

  8. RTT: Real-Time Tracking

  9. RTTS: Real-Time Tracking System

  10. SU: Start-Up

  11. SUE: Start-Up and Expansion

  12. SUP: Start-Up Program

  13. TRUE: Tracking Real-Time User Experience

  14. TTS: Time Tracking System


There are many finance-related acronyms that businesses often use. These include:

  1. A/R: Accounts Receivable

  2. ACV: Actual Cash Value

  3. AGI: Adjusted Gross Income

  4. AGR: Adjusted Gross Revenue

  5. AIR: Assumed Interest Rate

  6. APR: Annual Percentage Rate

  7. ARM: Adjustable Rate Mortgage

  8. B&C: Bonds and Coupons

  9. BIC: Bank Identifier Code

  10. CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate

  11. CD: Certificate of Deposit

  12. CF: Cash Flow

  13. CTC: Cost to Company

  14. EA: Enrolled Agent

  15. EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer

  16. ETF: Exchange-Traded Funds

  17. FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

  18. FRB: Federal Reserve Board

  19. FY: Fiscal Year

  20. GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

  21. GL: General Ledger

  22. GNP: Gross National Product

  23. GP: Gross Profit

  24. IAC: Investment Advisory Committee

  25. IBAN: International Bank Account Number

  26. IMF: International Monetary Fund

  27. IRA: Individual Retirement Account

  28. IRS: Internal Revenue Service

  29. LC: Letter of Credit

  30. LIFO: Last In, First Out

  31. LLC: Limited Liability Company

  32. LOI: Letter of Intent

  33. MPR: Monthly Progress Report

  34. NCND: Non-Circumvent and Non-Disclosure

  35. NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement

  36. NI: Net Income

  37. NOA: Net Operating Assets

  38. NOI: Net Operating Income

  39. BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange

  40. OC: Opportunity Cost

  41. OE: Equity and Owner's Equity

  42. OTC: Over the Counter

  43. P&L: Profit and Loss

  44. PAT: Profit After Tax

  45. PBT: Profit Before Tax

  46. PE: Private Equity

  47. PO: Purchase Order

  48. PSP: Profit-Sharing Plan

  49. PV: Present Value

  50. QTD: Quarter to Date

  51. REIT: Real Estate Investment Trust

  52. ROCE: Return on Capital Employed

  53. ROIC: Return on Invested Capital

  54. RONA: Return on Net Assets

  55. ROS: Return on Sales

  56. SEC: Securities Exchange Commission

  57. SIV: Structured Investment Vehicle

Job and department titles

You might find several jobs or department titles referred to only by their acronym. Here are 38 common examples:

  1. AA: Accounting Assistant

  2. ACA: Accounting Clerk

  3. AAFA: Aeronautical Administration

  4. ABACUS: Advanced Business Application Centre of Excellence

  5. ADAC: Admissions, Attendance and College Relations

  6. AFAC: Assistant Fund Accounts Clerk

  7. AIDC: Administrative Instructional Design Coordinator

  8. AKA: Authorised Key Account Representative

  9. AMS: Attendance Management System

  10. B&C: Bonds and Coupons

  11. BRAC: Base Realignment and Closure

  12. BTD: Business Technology Division

  13. CA: Customer Acquisition Coordinator

  14. CAO: Chief Accounting Officer

  15. CFO: Chief Financial Officer

  16. CHRO: Chief Human Resource Officer

  17. CMO: Communications Manager

  18. DDF: Direct Deposit Form

  19. DEP: Debt and Equity Planner

  20. DIACDM: Data Interchange and Analysis Coordinator, Distribution Management

  21. DRO: Designated Representative of Organization

  22. DRS: Data Recovery Specialist

  23. EAC: Education Associate

  24. EAC/PSE: Education Associate with Professional Certification

  25. EATC: Educational Affairs Program Specialist

  26. EC: Executive Committee

  27. EBACS: Employee Benefits Administration Control System

  28. EEMS: Employee Evaluation and Management Systems

  29. FP&A: Financial Planning & Analysis

  30. GC: General Counsel

  31. HRM: Human Resource Manager

  32. IT: Information Technology

  33. PRO: Public Relations Officer

  34. QC: Quality Control

  35. R&D: Research and Development

  36. RMP: Risk Management Professional

  37. SCM: Supply Chain Management

  38. VP: Vice President

Marketing and sales

These are 30 marketing and sales acronyms you may use regularly:

  1. KYC: Know Your Customer

  2. MLM: Multi-Level Marketing

  3. MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity

  4. MRP: Maximum Retail Price

  5. MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

  6. MTP: Message Transfer Part

  7. MVT: Multivariate Testing

  8. NTIS: National Technical Information Service

  9. OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

  10. OSPF: Open Shortest Path First

  11. PEG: Price Elasticity of Supply

  12. PLM: Product Lifecycle Management

  13. PMI: Profitability Margin Index

  14. P&L: Profit and Loss

  15. POP: Point of Purchase

  16. POS: Point of Sale

  17. PPIP: Proprietary Product Issuance Program

  18. PPS: Price Per Unit

  19. PQC: Product Quality Control

  20. RAS: Random Access Storage

  21. RFID: Radio Frequency Identification Device

  22. ROI: Return on Investment

  23. RPO: Return Policy Option

  24. RUM: Return on Marketing

  25. SAM: Sales and Account Management

  26. SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related

  27. SPOT: Strategic Planning On Target

  28. SSM: Surplus Sales Manager

  29. TQM: Total Quality Management

  30. EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer

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The following list comprises 15 acronyms you might use in emails. You may also find some of these in more than one business category:

  1. A/N: Author's Note

  2. AKA: Also Known As

  3. AWOL: Absent Without Official Leave

  4. BRB: Be Right Back

  5. CC: Carbon copy

  6. CM: Comment

  7. DM: Direct Message

  8. E.G.: For Example

  9. ETC: Etcetera

  10. FWD: Forward

  11. FYI: For Your Information

  12. GTG: Got to Go

  13. LOL: Laugh out loud

  14. PM: Private Message

  15. TTYL: Talk To You Later

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Business documents and conversations might use some of the following acronyms when discussing productivity:

  1. ALP: Average Labour Productivity

  2. GPP: Gross Primary Productivity

  3. KPP: Knowledge and Process-Based Productivity

  4. MITs: Most Important Things

  5. MPP: Manufacturing Process Performance

  6. MRP: Material Requirements Planning

  7. SPR: Software Productivity Research

  8. OD: Overall Density

  9. OHIO: Only Handle It Once

  10. PC: Productivity Commission

  11. PLB: Productivity Linked Bonus

  12. WIP: Work in Process

  13. WMC: Work Measurement and Costing

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Quality management

These are 10 quality management acronyms you may run into. You might use them yourself in business documents and conversations:

  1. APQP: Attribute-based Process Quality Planning

  2. CMM: Capability Maturity Model

  3. ECM: Enterprise Content Management

  4. FSP: Fundamental Science Practices

  5. GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices

  6. ISO: International Organization for Standardization

  7. JIT: Just In Time

  8. PDCA: Plan Do Check Act

  9. PLM: Product Lifecycle Management

  10. SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

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These are 20 acronyms that technology departments often use:

  1. AES: Advanced Encryption Standard

  2. AWG: American Wire Gauge

  3. BICSI: Building Industry Consulting Service International

  4. CEA: Consumer Electronics Association

  5. CFC: Committed Flow Capacity

  6. CMS: Content Management System

  7. EIA: Electrical Industry Association

  8. ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

  9. FCC: Federal Communications Commission

  10. IPSEC: Internet Protocol Security

  11. ISP: Internet Service Provider

  12. IT: Information Technology

  13. LAN: Local Area Network

  14. LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

  15. LLC: Limited Liability Company

  16. MFP: Multi-Function Printer

  17. MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

  18. MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures

  19. RTCP: RTP Control Protocol

  20. TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol

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The following list covers terms that appear in business contracts and other legal documents:

  1. AB: Accepted Bid

  2. A&B: Acts and By-Laws

  3. A&I: Acts and Incidents

  4. ASD: Addendum to Contract Documents

  5. ATC: Addendum to Contract

  6. ATT: Attachment

  7. BIC: Bid and Insurance Certificate

  8. BID: Bid or Proposal

  9. CF: Confidential Fax

  10. CFR: Code of Federal Regulations

  11. CIP: Contractor's Installation Procedures

  12. COI: Certificate of Insurance

  13. D&O: Directors and Officers

  14. DLP: Closing Disclosure Planner

  15. DSA: Default of Payment Clause

  16. EAS: Estimated Accelerated Proceeds

  17. FCT: Final Closing

  18. FMV: Fair Market Value

  19. FTP: File Transfer Protocol

  20. HUB: Headquarters Business

  21. IMF: Interest Multiplier Factor

  22. MIB: Material Inspection Board

  23. MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

  24. NOI: Notice of Intent

  25. POP: Proof of Payment

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