9 Coding Apps For Beginners (And The Benefits Of Using Them)

Updated 4 April 2023

Computer programming is a process that involves the use of coding languages to create applications, software and websites. Many different types of information technology (IT) and computer science professionals use coding skills to accomplish their daily tasks. If you are interested in computer science or want to pursue career advancement opportunities in the IT field, you may benefit from completing coding courses. In this article, we explain what coding apps for beginners are, share a list of nine apps you can use to learn code as a beginner and discuss the benefits of completing these types of courses.

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What Are Coding Apps For Beginners?

Coding apps for beginners are applications and programs that professionals use to learn how to implement coding languages in their work. They may complete these courses to pursue career advancement opportunities or to find a new hobby. There are coding apps for individuals of varying skill levels, including those who do not have prior experience with coding. By reviewing the options of coding apps for people with beginner-level competency, you can find a program that fits your learning style, schedule and budget.

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9 Coding Apps To Download

If you are interested in computer science, you might benefit from reviewing a few coding apps for beginners. These applications can help you learn to code without any prior experience. Here are some coding apps you might try:

1. Enki

Enki is a coding application that offers materials to learn popular coding languages such as Python, JavaScript and Airtable. This application can be especially helpful to beginners as it is user-friendly. Enki also allows users to track their progress and learning goals, which can help you monitor your studies on the app. This coding application offers free content but users pay a subscription fee to gain access to the rest of the platform's features.

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2. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a platform that offers tutorials for coding languages. This app has a wide range of learning materials, with tutorials ranging from basic to advanced proficiency. This can allow you to advance your skill level in coding without leaving the app. You can use this app on your devices or through a browser. SoloLearn offers a free basic edition of the app and prompts users to pay for access to premium content.

3. Mimo

Mimo is a good beginner application as it treats learning coding languages as a game, offering features such as learning streaks and awards. With this app, you can learn Python, JavaScript, C++, SQL and more. Another key feature of this app is the ability to complete real-life projects, giving users more applicable skills for their careers. You can use a free version of Mimo by watching sponsored content. If you do not want to watch any advertisements, you can also pay to use the premium version of Mimo.

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4. Encode

If you have an android device you can use Encode to begin learning code. Encode offers a user-friendly interface that can help you learn to code on your own. On this app, you can choose from many different coding languages, including HTML and CSS. Encode hosts lessons that progress in difficulty and provides feedback to guide your learning process. This app is free to use and has both a website and mobile application for users to access.

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5. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is available through a website or mobile app, offering flexibility for your learning journey. With this program, you can learn coding languages such as PHP, Java, HTML, UX, Python and CSS. This program is very user-friendly and allows you access to tools such as flashcards to help you retain current and previous lessons. Codeacademy is free to use and offers courses for various skill levels.

6. Programming Hub

Programming Hub hosts courses for over 20 different coding languages. This app programs its lessons that follow a story format for easy-to-understand instruction. At the end of each lesson, you can take a quiz to evaluate your understanding of the coding language. Programming Hub offers both paid and free-to-use content, depending on your preference.

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7. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is an app that beginners can use to learn how to use JavaScript. This app's design is great for beginners, allowing users to complete short lessons. This can help you advance your skill without feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information. Grasshopper gives instructions on the fundamentals of Javascript coding. It also helps users learn how to build a website with HTML. Grasshopper is completely free to all users.

8. Udacity

Udacity is a program that offers online and in-application lessons. You can choose from a variety of programs, each varying in difficulty and topic. This allows you to decide what type of coding language you want to learn. Udacity's programs require users to complete ten study hours per week but offer flexibility for when they finish these hours. Udacity's courses are available for a fee, though the company has scholarships for students.

9. CodeHub

CodeHub is a quality program for beginners who want to learn quickly. It offers 50 lessons that you can complete according to your own preferences and pace. CodeHub separates its courses into four categories according to their difficulty, so you can advance in levels as your skill set develops.

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Benefits Of Learning To Code

Learning how to use coding language may benefit you in a variety of ways, including:

Helps earn a high salary

Many careers that require coding skills often offer high salaries. Learning how to code can help you begin your career advancement path to one of these high-paying careers. Increasing your earning potential can help you reach personal finance goals and expand your budget.

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Offers job security

Since the computer science and information technology field is always advancing and changing, there may be more job opportunities available to professionals who have coding skills. This can provide you with more job security, as you can work in a high-demand field. Job security can help you feel more confident in your career and ease work-related stress regarding career advancement.

Helps develop soft skills

Alongside the technical skills you acquire by learning how to code, you can also develop more soft skills. Soft skills give you more abilities to increase your competency in your career. Some soft skills you may develop or strengthen by learning how to code include:

  • Critical thinking

  • Creativity

  • Problem-solving

  • Organisation

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

Offers career flexibility

Learning how to code can increase your career flexibility. This is because using programming language can empower you to assume more responsibility at work and apply for advancement opportunities. After you learn one coding language, you may find the others to be easier to understand and learn, giving you flexibility in the type of projects you work on.

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Boosts creativity

Learning how to code can help you express your creativity. By learning code, you can complete projects such as building websites and mobile applications. While you can use these skills for your career, you can also develop personal projects, satisfying your sense of creativity. Having creative outlets can help boost your productivity levels and improve your mental health.

Strengthens qualifications

Understanding how to use a coding language is a valuable skill that employers often admire. After completing a coding language course, you can list your proficiency in the language on your resume and cover letter. This increases your qualifications and may help you submit stronger applications for jobs. Having this additional qualification may help you earn an advantage over other candidates and help you find a job placement quickly.

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