What Is A Cold Email Subject Line? (With Examples)

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Updated 28 September 2022

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Professionals who work in marketing and sales may send cold emails to potential customers when they do not already have a previous relationship with them. Since the recipient may immediately see the subject line when they first receive a cold email, it is important to write a compelling opening line. Understanding how to write the subject line for a cold email can help you improve your email rates and increase a company's customer base.

In this article, we discuss what the subject line in a cold email is, how to write one that remains out of customers' spam boxes and what some examples of effective subject lines are.

What Is A Cold Email Subject Line?

A cold email subject line is the opening line in an email that a marketing professional sends to a customer who is unfamiliar with the company and its offerings. This subject line is often a single space, and it is the first element of the email that a customer views. A customer may read this subject line to determine whether they want to click to open the email and read the content or delete it from their inbox without exploring its content further.

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Tips For Keeping Cold Emails Out Of Customers' Spam Boxes

Some email services may place emails from unknown organisations in customers' spam boxes even if you are representing a legitimate business. If your emails are in a customer's spam box, they are less likely to view the message or offer you have to share. Below, you can explore some tips for writing your emails to keep them out of customers' spam boxes:

  • Include high-quality content. Ensure to check the subject line and body of your cold email for grammar and spelling mistakes before sending it to your intended recipients. You may also review the email's formatting to confirm that it is visually appealing and easy to read for your audience.

  • Use genuine language. Use genuine language in the subject line and body of your cold email. Instead of using spam-provoking phrases like 'Make money online,' try including propositions that offer more value.

  • Include text-only content when possible. If possible, try to make the majority of your message text-based. Spam filters may remove cold emails from customers' primary inboxes if the emails contain images and videos that require a lot of space. If you want to include non-text content, use small files that do not require a lot of storage space.

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How To Write A Subject Line For A Cold Email

Here are different ways you can write a subject line for a cold email:

1. Establish a connection

You may use your subject line to establish a connection with a customer that is unfamiliar with you and the organisation you are representing. For example, you may mention an acquaintance's name if you and the recipient know someone in the same industry who is relevant to the conversation you want to initiate. You may also appeal to a customer's interests by mentioning a common interest or reminding them of an event they attended that relates to the organisation's mission.

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2. Ask a question

You may choose to include a question in the subject line of your cold email. This question may entice the recipient or encourage them to reflect on an answer. If you ask a question within your email's subject line, try to make the question relate to the recipient's potential needs or the company's business goals.

3. Solve a problem

The offering that you are trying to sell may be able to solve a problem that a potential customer is having. You can use the subject line of your email to express that you may have the solution for which the customer has been searching. You may choose to perform additional research on your target audience so that you can better understand their needs and the wording you want to use to propose your solution.

4. Offer a suggestion

If a company's offering does not address an immediate need, you may attempt to offer a suggestion in your subject line instead. This suggestion may help you bond with potential customers. You may offer recommendations depending on shared interests in areas like music, movies or food. You can also suggest that they perform additional reading or learn something about the industry in which the company you represent operates, which may lead them to make an eventual purchase with the company.

5. Make an offer

Customers may respond well if you include an offer in the subject line of your cold email. Various offers you can outline in a subject line are free items or discounts. You may also advertise an offering that is only available to members. This kind of exclusivity may encourage an uncertain customer to learn more about what the company has to offer.

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6. Create a sense of urgency

Customers may be more likely to open an email if they know it contains an offer that is only available for a limited period. You can create a sense of urgency to encourage email recipients to open your email and take action with the company. Within your subject line, you can establish a deadline for the call-to-action. Make it clear that the link or offer expires after a certain date and time. Customers who do not want to miss out on the offering may be less likely to neglect the email when they first view it.

53 Subject Line Examples You Can Use In A Cold Email

Here are 53 examples of subject lines you can use in a cold email:

  1. All Ultra loves our support, and you might too

  2. I am pleased to meet a fellow alumnus of Rain Cherry University

  3. Hi, Dorothy, James recommended that I connect with you

  4. We met at the Empower Summit in Mumbai

  5. Our company is a big fan of organic coffee, too

  6. Simon from ELK Marketing mentioned that you may like this product

  7. Sam, we have a quick question about your favourite restaurants

  8. Our team trusts these productivity tools in the workplace, too

  9. Hi, Taylor, I am connecting with you because of your web referral

  10. We are looking forward to meeting you at this year's convention

  11. What strategies are the industry's top competitors implementing today?

  12. What is the annual revenue target you want to help your business achieve?

  13. How effective are your current strategies at exceeding sales expectations?

  14. Would you consider automating your company's employee recruitment tasks?

  15. Would you be willing to take a few minutes to provide your input?

  16. Can we offer a suggestion to help improve your operations?

  17. What is your current content strategy achieving for your business?

  18. How well do you know your customers?

  19. Can we have a minute of your time?

  20. When is the best time to contact you to talk about this new industry development?

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