10 Digital Marketing Certifications To Expand Your Skills

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Published 4 November 2022

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If you are a digital marketing professional, it is necessary to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and practices. There are many online platforms and universities that offer flexible courses in digital marketing. Knowing what online training courses are available can help you to learn the newest concepts in digital marketing, advertising and optimisation. In this article, we explain what digital marketing certifications are, list a few certifications available online and discuss the benefits of pursuing these certifications.

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What Are Digital Marketing Certifications?

Digital marketing certifications are courses that provide you with the knowledge and expertise necessary for practicing marketing online. These certifications also allow you to learn at your own pace compared to lengthy offline programmes. Additionally, the platforms constantly update these courses to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends, unlike traditional courses at on-campus institutions. While it may be challenging to find a degree in digital marketing offline, you can easily earn these certifications online and add them to your resume.

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10 Digital Marketing Certifications To Expand Your Skills

Here are a few certifications in digital marketing that you can pursue online:

1. Google Ads Search Certification

Google offers this certification to help you learn how to manage search campaigns on Google and leverage the automation that it offers. After completing this course, you may gain an understanding of how you can drive sales, website and leads to clients' websites. You may also learn about how you can align your marketing budgets and strategies.

  • Course level: beginner

  • Time commitment: 3.7 hours

  • Cost: free

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2. Google Ads Display Certification

If you have some experience running advertising campaigns, this course offers more in-depth information on how to achieve specific marketing objectives. In this course, you can learn how you can use Google Display to increase action, awareness and client retention. You can also learn how to target new customers and existing ones. Additionally, it teaches you how to achieve optimum results with your employer's digital marketing budget.

  • Course level: beginner

  • Time commitment: 2.6 hours

  • Cost: free

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3. Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional Certificate

This Google certification teaches you some of the most in-demand skills in the field of digital marketing and prepares you to work as a marketing professional. It trains you to manage digital marketing campaigns, engage customers, attract new audiences and measure results through analytics. Some skills that you can learn through this course include marketing, e-commerce, marketing analytics, email marketing and customer retention.

  • Course level: beginner

  • Time commitment: six months (ten hours per week)

  • Cost: free

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4. Hootsuite Academy Social Marketing Certification

The Hootsuite platform requires you to complete a 60-question examination to qualify for this certification. It also provides you with a short online course that you can take before undertaking the examination. By taking this course, you can develop some important social media marketing skills such as driving engagement, growing followers and developing a business.

  • Course level: beginner

  • Time commitment: six hours

  • Cost: $199 (approx. ₹15,000)

5. HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification Course

This course is for digital marketing professionals looking to upskill themselves. It teaches you how to develop your content and optimise your digital marketing strategy. The course also includes lessons on how to optimise websites for search engines, create an organic strategy to grow a following and create ads that target a specific audience. Some examples of skills you can gain by completing this certification include inbound marketing, social media marketing, contact management, email marketing, lead generation and reporting and performance.

  • Course level: advanced

  • Time commitment: 4.27 hours

  • Cost: free

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6. HubSpot Digital Advertising 101: How to Develop a Winning Online Advertising Strategy

This course teaches you how to create an effective advertising strategy that focuses on the customer's buying journey. It shows you how to advertise your employer's products creatively and provide services to drive a purchase. You can also learn about important tools such as bidding, targeting, paid search, social media advertising and analytics.

  • Course level: beginner

  • Time commitment: 2.59 hours

  • Cost: free

7. Quintly Social Media Analytics Course

This certification aims to teach you the basics of social media analytics and how to understand the performance goals of all social media platforms. This course equips you with the ability to understand the results of your digital marketing campaigns better. It includes lessons about the social media analytics cycle, collecting and visualising data, social media reporting and understanding social media analytics.

  • Course level: beginner

  • Time commitment: N/A

  • Cost: free

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8. Microsoft Shopping Advertising Learning Path

This course focuses on building your knowledge about shopping advertising and utilising the Microsoft Advertising platform and its best practices. This is an interactive course that helps you prepare for an examination. It is necessary to pass the examination to obtain the certification.

  • Course level: beginner

  • Time commitment: 4.5 hours

  • Cost: free

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9. Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Analytics by IIT Madras

This course consists of a mix of pre-recorded and live sessions that provide you with an in-depth understanding of different aspects of digital marketing and advertising. It teaches you the basics about important digital marketing concepts and familiarises you with different tools that you are likely to use as a marketing professional. Some lessons that you complete in this course cover marketing principles, social media optimisation, video marketing, paid marketing, landing pages, affiliate marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing.

  • Course level: beginner to advanced

  • Time commitment: 43 hours

  • Cost: $1,316 (approx. ₹1,00,000)

10. Digital Marketing and Analytics by the Indian School of Business (ISB)

ISB offers this course for digital marketing professionals looking to expand their understanding of emerging technologies in digital advertising and discover how they can benefit from them. It teaches you about the strategy, planning and execution of a marketing campaign, along with the steps involved in engaging a potential customer. Upon completion of this course, you can become a part of the ISB executive network, which allows you to network with industry professionals.

  • Course level: beginner to advanced

  • Time commitment: four weeks (four hours per week)

  • Cost: ₹1,05,000

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How Can You Benefit From A Digital Marketing Certificate?

Earning a digital marketing certificate not only helps you to gain new skills but also helps recruiters notice your resume above other professionals in your field. By taking these courses, you can improve your knowledge of digital marketing. When you add these certifications to your resume, the hiring manager may prioritise your application due to your additional training and expertise. Since it is rare to find a college that offers a degree in digital marketing, you can opt for these certifications to educate yourself about the field.

As a professional, it is important to keep yourself up to date with the latest tools and practices in digital marketing. Being aware of them can help you provide the best services to clients. These courses provide you with the latest information about advertising and marketing. They are a proven way to learn specific skills and understand how to use a marketing platform. You can choose a certification that is best suited to your career goals and opt to complete one or multiple courses.

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