20 Examples Of Feedback In The Workplace (With Examples)

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Updated 14 December 2022

Published 30 August 2021

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When supervisors offer consistent, actionable feedback, they often improve their team's performance. While positive feedback is often easier to give, constructive feedback is also important. If you manage a team, then you may benefit from reading about different scenarios where offering feedback can be helpful. In this article, we share 20 examples of feedback you can give in the workplace and provide tips to help you deliver both positive and constructive feedback.

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10 Examples Of Positive Feedback

Here are 10 examples you can use if you need to give feedback to a team member:

Example 1: Employee is working overtime

Romila has had a positive attitude about working overtime to meet a client's needs. In your feedback, show how much you appreciate her extra effort.

Feedback: "Thank you for putting in the extra effort during this busy time. The client truly appreciates it and your positive attitude has helped us all stay motivated."

Example 2: Employee is contributing to meetings

During meetings, Raj has shared many new ideas that are helpful for the team. Let him know how this is beneficial.

Feedback: "Thank you for being prepared for our meetings. By coming to each meeting with thoughtful ideas, you help us improve our processes."

Example 3: Employee is submitting high-quality work

Ava finished all her work on time and paid attention to the details. Provide positive feedback to keep her motivated.

Feedback: "Ava, your work looks great! It is clear that you care about your work, and I appreciate that you asked the client about their design preferences before creating their website."

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Example 4: Employee needs a boost in morale

You can tell that Robin has been lacking confidence lately. Telling him what he is good at can to help him feel more comfortable in his role.

Feedback: "You have been doing a great job lately. Thank you for being so flexible with projects and working hard to support your team members."

Example 5: Employee has new responsibilities

Avijit recently got a promotion and is handling his new responsibilities well. Give feedback that lets him know he was the right choice for the position.

Feedback: "Promoting you to lead graphic designer was the best choice for our company. I am glad to see you are challenging yourself and are open to more responsibilities. Management knew your strong attention to detail would make you the right candidate for this role."

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Example 6: Employee finished a difficult assignment

Rashi has been struggling to finish a task she has never done before, but she has maintained a positive attitude and continued to try her best. Let her know you were confident she could handle the challenge.

Feedback: "I am pleased with your determination to finish this project. Your helpful attitude shows you are ready to take on new challenges and grow with the company."

Example 7: Employee helps their coworker

Pawandeep has been helping the new intern, Shruti, with his training. You want to tell Pawandeep he is helping both Shruti and the entire team by being a great leader.

Feedback: "All the training you have done with Shruti has been very helpful. I have noticed your leadership skills and plan to keep you in mind for future projects."

Example 8: Employee does additional tasks outside of their role

Amrita volunteers to host a game night every month for your team, which boosts company morale. Let Amrita know you appreciate the extra work she does.

Feedback: "Everyone enjoys attending the team-building events you organize. Thank you for caring about our company culture and taking the initiative to plan monthly game nights."

Example 9: Employee handles conflict well

During a team meeting, Arjun resolves a conflict between two coworkers. You want to let Arjun know you appreciate his ability to resolve tension in the office.

Feedback: "You did a wonderful job managing conflict during today's meeting. Thank you for your quick and kind response. You really made everyone feel heard."

Example 10: Employee exceeds their goals

At the end of the quarter, Sweta exceeds her sales goal by 30%. Let her know you appreciate her hard work.

Feedback: "Congratulations on exceeding your sales goals! I always know I can count on you. You set a great example for everyone on the team."

10 Examples Of Feedback To Improve Behaviour

Here are 10 examples of constructive feedback:

Example 1: Employee exhibits problematic behavior

After you receive several complaints from your team members, you overhear Ishaan gossiping about another employee. Address his behavior so he understands how other people in the office perceive his actions.

Feedback: "While I understand you might not mean to come across as negative, sharing gossip about coworkers can create tension in the workplace. Please refrain from sharing assumptions about other people."

Example 2: Employee falls short of meeting a goal

This quarter, Ankita falls short of meeting her goal to sign nine new clients. Provide feedback to hold her accountable, offer your support, and try to understand what happened.

Feedback: "I noticed that you did not meet your goal to sign nine new clients this quarter. I want to understand how I can help you achieve your goal in the next quarter. Could you share with me any challenges or issues you faced?"

Example 3: Employee's performance changes

Rohit is normally one of your company's best customer service representatives, but recently his performance has declined. Let him know you have noticed the change, ask if there is a reason for it, and offer your support.

Feedback: "You are one of our top customer service representatives and I always appreciate your hard work. However, I recently noticed a decline in your call numbers, so I wanted to check in to make sure you are okay. Is there anything you need from me?"

Example 4: Employee misunderstands an assignment

Alia completes a social media campaign proposal for a client, but the key performance indicators she suggests using do not align with the client's goals. Reach out to her to understand what caused the disconnect and clarify the assignment.

Feedback: "Thank you for taking the time to work on the proposal for Post Corporation. I noticed you suggested we track the number of new followers they get on their page, even though their goal is to increase website traffic. Could you share your thought process?"

Example 5: Employee continues to make errors

Rahul designs marketing materials, and you have noticed spelling errors over the past month. Provide constructive feedback so you can help Rahul improve his performance.

Feedback: "I have noticed several spelling errors in the marketing materials you create. While the layout and the content are excellent, small spelling errors can make our clients question our professionalism. Do you have any suggestions for how to prevent these mistakes from happening?"

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Example 6: Employee misses an important meeting

Mira misses an important meeting with a new client because she wrote down the wrong time. Offer constructive feedback immediately so Mira understands the importance of attending meetings.

Feedback: "I understand that mistakes happen, but it is crucial for us to make a good impression on new clients. In the future, please take the time to double-check your schedule. Sending a confirmation email out the morning of an important meeting is also a great way to ensure you have the correct information."

Example 7: Employee takes too long to respond

You recently received feedback from one of Aditya's clients that it often takes days for him to respond to an email. Set expectations for communicating with clients by providing constructive feedback.

Feedback: "One of your clients recently shared that it often takes a few days for them to hear back from you. I understand that working with multiple clients can be challenging, but we try to respond to every email or message we receive within one business day. Is this something you feel capable of doing moving forward?"

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Example 8: Employee arrives to work late

Nayana has been late to work multiple times over the last two weeks, and other team members have started to notice. Have a discussion with Nayana about workplace expectations and setting a good example.

Feedback: "Several members of our team have noticed that you have been late to work on multiple occasions recently. Our expectation is for everyone to be at work at 9 a.m. on weekdays, so I wanted to check in to see if there is a reason for your tardiness."

Example 9: Employee has a negative attitude

Ajay has been complaining about having to learn the new IT system your company installed earlier this month, and it is affecting team morale. Have a conversation with him about his attitude.

Feedback: "I have noticed you are unhappy with learning a new IT system, but I would appreciate it if you come to me directly with your feedback from now on. Complaining to coworkers is not productive and can have a negative effect on team morale."

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Example 10: Employee talks over others in meetings

Paromita often talks over her coworkers in meetings, which has been creating frustration in the office. Talk to her about the importance of active listening.

Feedback: "During our team meeting today, I noticed you had a lot to contribute, which is wonderful, but I want to make sure we hear from everyone. In the future, could you pause to listen to your colleagues before speaking up during meetings?"

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