Valid Reasons for Requesting Half-Day Leave

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Updated 15 June 2022 | Published 15 December 2020

Updated 15 June 2022

Published 15 December 2020

While working for the required duration at your company is essential for maintaining productivity levels, there may be occasions when you need to take a half-day leave. Perhaps you are sick, have other personal reasons, family emergencies or work commitments that require you to leave early. Whatever your reason, convey it honestly to your manager and make sure that you request time off only if it is crucial.

In this article, we look at various reasons for taking half-day leave from work, how to write a leave application and see some application samples that you can use for reference.

Reasons To Request A Half-Day Leave

There are various reasons why you might have to ask for a half-day leave and take time off from your workday. Aside from health reasons, there may be personal emergencies and commitments that you must attend to as soon as possible. You may also have professional meetings, conferences and shows to visit. Let us consider some of the reasons that are appropriate for requesting a half-day leave:

Personal circumstances

Personal circumstances for requesting a half-day leave can include being ill, personal injury or having a child or family member who is sick or hurt. If you, your child, or a family member are contagious or in pain, you may be unable to concentrate on your work, and it might affect your productivity. There is also a risk of spreading infection if you have a contagious illness. It will be far better for everyone if you leave early, get the necessary medical treatment for you or your family and attend to your work at a later time.

Religious events

In India, many companies try to accommodate the country's religious and cultural plurality by allowing their employees to take time off on certain religious festivals. If you have an upcoming religious event and you have to be at home to prepare for it or at the temple, gurdwara, mosque or church, find out if your company allows time off. You can also discuss taking time off for the event with your employer in advance. Be sure to complete all your work tasks before leaving.

Medical appointments

You may have scheduled a medical appointment that requires you to visit the doctor's clinic or the hospital during regular work hours. Most employers will agree to your request for taking a half-day leave for a medical visit. If you have a medical condition that requires frequent visits to see the doctor, you can discuss the situation with your employer. They may be able to rearrange your schedule for allowing you to complete your work and also to keep up with your medical treatment.


Many emergencies can arise in urban areas. For instance, in Mumbai, the Monsoon rains regularly flood railway tracks and disrupt the local train service. As many people commute from the city outskirts and would find it difficult to return if the trains stop, Mumbai-based companies often allow their employees to leave work early on such occasions. There can be other emergencies that require you to be present on site.

Unexpected incidents

Unexpected incidents can include road renovation work, railway track repairs and other events that could make it difficult for you to reach your office on time. In such situations, it will help to email or call your office, inform them of the problem and request a half-day leave.

Casual purposes

You may need to request a half-day leave from work to visit your child's school, attend a wedding, go on a family outing, go to your bank or take care of other personal commitments. Many employers will allow such requests as long as they are not too frequent. It is essential to take care that leaving the office earlier will not affect your work responsibilities significantly.

Work commitments

Your job may require you to attend professional networking events, industry conferences, client meetings, and trade shows and fairs. If you need to travel far from your office to attend these, your employer will allow you to take a half-day leave to arrive at the venue on time. Some employers will also let you take time off to attend professional development workshops that can benefit your work productivity.

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Professional Ways To Request A Half-Day Leave

Whether you want to request a half-day leave for personal or other reasons, it is essential to be professional about making an application. Here are a few tips that might help:

  • Talk to your manager: In many Indian companies, it may be sufficient to make an oral request for a half-day leave. Your manager will adjust to your request as long as it would not cause too many issues on the work front. They will ask you to complete your work tasks before you leave or delegate those to your colleagues. If possible, they will ask you to complete the work from home.

  • Make a polite request: It is essential to keep your tone professional, courteous and polite when requesting your manager for a half-day leave. Be reasonable and consider things from your manager's viewpoint as well. You are more likely to get a positive reply that way.

  • Give a genuine reason: You do not have to provide any details that are private or make you uncomfortable. However, you do need to give a valid reason for wanting to leave.

  • Complete necessary work tasks: Your manager may ask you to finish your allotted work for the day before taking the half-day leave. If you are unable to complete everything, ask for an extension or inquire if you can do it at home later. You can also ask your colleagues if they will be willing to undertake it on your behalf.

  • Write a formal half-day leave request: Some companies may have a leave policy that requires you to write a brief email for a half-day leave. That will make it easier for the HR department to keep track of your leave record. It will also serve as a reminder to respect your company's time and your work commitments.

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Half-Day Leave Application Samples

Sample 1

Subject: Application for half-day leave

Dear Mr. Mukherjee,

I am writing to request a half-day leave from work tomorrow as I have to take my daughter, Parineeta, to the paediatrician for a routine check-up.

The appointment is for 10:30 a.m., and I will have to drop my daughter off at my mother's place afterwards. I will be able to make it to the office by 2:30 p.m.

I have notified my colleague, Raina Dalvi, about my absence, and she has agreed to manage some of the project tasks in my absence. I will take over from her as soon as I get there and see to it that we fulfil our work target for the day.

Please call me if you need to clarify anything.

Thank you,

Kavita Shah

Sample 2

Subject: Requesting half-day leave due to home emergency

Dear Mr. Nagaraju,

I am writing to inform you that I will require a half leave today to attend to an emergency at home. I just received a call from my husband that a tree has crashed into our roof and damaged an extensive portion of it. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

However, I have to be there to deal with things as the fire brigade and the police clear the area. I will also need to contact a builder and get them started on the repairs as soon as possible. Additionally, I must make other temporary living arrangements for my family.

I am sorry about asking for leave at such short notice; it is unavoidable, however. I hope you will understand. I will try to make up for the work disruption as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Anjali Kashyap

Sample 3

Subject: Half-day leave request due to train service disruption

Dear Mrs. Shaikh,

I want to request a half-day leave for today as I will not be able to make it to the office on time. Due to the heavy rain last night, the railway tracks at Andheri railway station have gone underwater. Consequently, the train service has halted, and it may not resume for several hours still until the water level goes down. Commuting by bus or car is not feasible as it will take even longer due to the traffic.

I hope I can make it to the office by 2 p.m. If not, can I do the work home and bring it in tomorrow? I have spoken to my colleagues, Maithili and Durga, and they have agreed to connect with me online to complete the project.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

Thank you and Regards,

Partha Ravindran

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