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Updated 30 October 2022

Published 6 June 2021

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Every individual searches for employment that gives a good income every month. The best way to advance your income is to have a skill set that is not very common and is high in demand. It would start with choosing the right skill for yourself as per your interests and becoming an expert in the same. In this article, we would discuss a few high income skills and how you can develop those skills.

A Few High Income Skills

Here are a few high income skills:

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the creation of smart machines which can perform tasks that usually require the intelligence of humans.

To build a career in artificial intelligence, you are required to have an analytical thought process and problem-solving skills. You are required to be an expert in data structures, statistics, cognitive science theory, mechanics and logic. You also require to have good command over programming languages and coding like R, Java, Python.

This field is generating great opportunities for aspirants who want to exceed in this area and once you gain experience in this field, you earn a handsome amount.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the component of marketing, which uses the internet and digital platforms to promote brands, products and services.

There are different type of digital marketing which would require distinct skill sets. To become a good digital marketer, you are required to know about SEO (Search engine optimisation), content marketing, data analytics and other techniques to drive visitors to the site to generate revenue.

There are a wide number of online courses and also many colleges that offer this course. It is a superb skill with many sub-areas where you can develop your expertise and earn a good income.

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Software engineering

To become a software engineer, there is a four-year professional course, but nowadays there are a lot of options to learn from online or in-person courses. Software development is one of the high-income skills to learn because there is high demand for this work. Many of the world's businesses run on software and many are moving towards it. Every year, online purchases and transactions are increasing and many people are using electronic devices and apps in their daily aspects of life. Thus, there is a huge requirement for a highly skilled software engineer.


Copywriting is content writing with the aim to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade the person to take action, in the form of buying a product, clicking on a link or signing up for some newsletter. The audience takes certain action after getting persuaded by the well-designed words of the copywriters. Thus, it is a very important skill and can fetch you a good income.

You can learn this skill through various courses online and some companies even offer certifications, which can be helpful to start your career as a copywriter. If you can create quality content and master this art, you would never require to worry about money.

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Web designing

Nowadays, every business creates its online presence and for that, one way is a website for the business. For designing the website, they need designers to produce an exceptional design for their website. Hence the increasing demand for this skill.

If you are interested in web-related businesses but not in code writing, you can look into web designing. Your role would be to create and design the layout on a web medium using graphics, font, colours and images. It is beneficial for people who have some creative background, like visual design.

You can learn this skill through various online courses and there may be physical classes available. Once you command this skill, you can design websites for some big companies or take projects through freelancing.

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Search engine optimisation

Any online business can be successful if it can draw quality traffic towards its website or web page. Thus, SEO professionals are every business' need. SEO professionals adopt best practices to make your website appear in top online search results and generate traffic for your website or webpage. Businesses pay a lot of money to appear high on the search results and it is where SEO comes to play.

Once you gain expertise in SEO, you can take individual projects which pay really well and you can also start your own business.


The primary purpose of cybersecurity is to protect your IT infrastructure like systems, networks and digital information. The growing cybersecurity threats have increased the demand for experts in this field, making it a high-income skill.

You are required to have some basic skills if you want to make a career in the cybersecurity field, like a good understanding of IT systems, understanding of network architecture, knowledge in database handling and operating systems. Expertise in coding is not mandatory for all roles in this field unless they are very technical roles.


Sales is an area where you are required to understand the product and service you are selling but does not require a very technical background. You are required to have excellent communication skills to explain your product or services to your customer.

It is considered a high-income skill because each sale has a direct impact on the company's earnings. Thus, commissions are associated with every sale you make. If you are looking to get into sales, try looking for a job in B2B sales as the commission component is higher over there.

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Though English is the most common language used worldwide to do business, translation and interpretation services are important to do business globally. Not everyone speaks English or understands it. This creates the demand for translators in the industry, as it is very important to understand the customer requirements properly.

There are a lot of languages which you can learn, like German, French, Japanese or Chinese, as per your interest. You can find many openings for translators in the organisations which serve globally. Also, you can take independent projects through freelancing, which pays you really well. Once you gain experience as a translator, you would earn even more with your skill.

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Tips For Developing High-Income Skills

Now that you know of a few examples of high-income skills, you may want to learn how to develop them. Here are a few tips through which you can develop or master these skills:

Utilise online educational resources

Nowadays, you can find information on almost everything online. While everyone sharing information on the internet is not an expert, many are. You can search for some good content in your field, which can help you learn and develop new skills. If you dedicate some time, you can find great resources which offer 100% free content and you can complete a course on the skill you are interested in.

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Invest in a paid course

You may find a lot of free information related to your field on the web and some of it is quite good. But there may come a time when you feel there is a need for professional help and you may decide to invest in a paid course to take your skills to the next level.

It is recommended to do your research before deciding on in which course you want to invest money. You can browse through the free content of a few experts in your field and invest in the one whose teaching style you like.

Find a mentor

It is important to have a mentor because they have expertise in the field and can guide you. They would tell you the action plan to follow, warn you about common mistakes everybody makes and also encourage you to succeed. Such motivation and timely guidance make a vast difference in your success.

In fact, knowing someone who has succeeded in the field you are interested in is always encouraging and motivates you to keep working in that area.

Take formal classes

There are a few skills that are best learned if you enroll yourself in a school that specialises in teaching those skills. For example, if you want to be a coder but have no background in it, there are institutions that offer a course to learn the same. You can get professional training in a particular coding language like Java or Python.

Find a project, internship or a job

When you learn a new skill, the best way to improve is by working on its practical application. Your long-term career goal may be to start your own business in that field, but it is good to work on some live project, take an internship or a job in your field. By doing so, you would build your skill further and you may also get paid for building your skill.

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