How To Get A Google Ads Certification (With Benefits)

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Published 8 August 2022

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Gaining certification can be a great way to learn new skills and become eligible for various desirable jobs. Google Ads certification is one such credential that advertising professionals pursue. Gaining this credential can help you enhance your resume and become a suitable candidate for advanced roles in digital advertising. In this article, we discuss what a Google Ads certification is, explain how to get a Google Ads certification and share some essential benefits of gaining this credential.

What Is A Google Ads Certification?

Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google provides to individuals that typically work in the advertising field or are intending to start a career in the same. Gaining this accreditation can demonstrate that Google recognises you as a trained professional in digital advertising. It can help you learn the skills and techniques required to excel in the field of advertising. The certification consists of exams for six sections on different topics. These sections are:

  • Google Ads Search: This section of the exam assesses your ability to run a successful Google Search campaign by using tools like Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions to increase the performance of the campaign towards specific marketing objectives.

  • Google Ads Display: This section of the exam assesses your proficiency in using Google Display and your ability to use the tool for developing campaigns and strategies to achieve marketing goals. It also tests your ability to maximise advertising investment while using the tool.

  • Google Ads Video: This exam tests your ability to use YouTube and Google Video to reach broad audiences during their entire consumer life cycle, including your ability to tell effective stories about products and increase the number of views and length of engagement with video media.

  • Shopping Ads: This exam assesses your ability to run successful shopping ad campaigns to reach a large number of potential customers. It also tests your ability to optimise shopping ad campaigns to increase the conversion rate.

  • Google Ads Apps: This exam tests your ability to use Google Apps to deliver ad campaigns to create a larger company impact. It also tests your understanding of the basic skills necessary to create and run campaigns and optimisation strategies.

  • Google Ads Measurement: This exam tests your skills in using Google measurement tools to gain insights about successful ad campaigns, conversion rates and optimisation. It also tests your ability to notice the metrics that matter for each campaign and your ability to use the metrics to drive marketing and campaign decisions.

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How To Get A Google Ads Certification

Below are the steps that show how to get a Google Ads certification:

1. Set up a Skillshop account

You would require a Skillshop account to enrol for the Google Ads certification exam. You can do this through your Google account. Go to the Skillshop webpage and follow the online instructions to set up your account. Once you have created your account, review all the information and log in to it. If you are a working professional, update your company's name.

Choose your time zone and your preferred language from the list. Add a recovery email and choose to get emails from Skillshop. Select the option to share your Skillshop profile with your employer and Google and save all the information.

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2. Learn about the Google Ads exam

After you set up your Skillshop exam, you can start learning about the Google Ads exam. You can review information about the exams like the number of questions, the length of the exam and the number of lessons that are available to prepare for each exam. Using this information, you can create a study plan so that you can pass all the exams on your first attempt. This information can also help you know what subjects you ought to study more and the exam format.

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3. Take lessons related to Google Ads exam content

After exploring the structure of the exams and the lessons, you can start studying. Go through the lessons in the dedicated sequence. You may also benefit from making physical notes for each lesson that you take. Try to create a study plan and take the lessons accordingly. Apart from preparing for the exams, these lessons can also help you learn new and advanced skills that may help you perform well in the advertising industry. You can conduct independent research on topics that you find difficult to understand. Ensure that you take all the lessons and understand them well.

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4. Prepare for the Google Ads exam

Once you have taken all the lessons, prepare well to take the actual exam. You can revise all the lessons from the beginning and refer to your note for understanding them better. Dedicate extra time to those lessons that you find complex to understand. Instead of cramming them, try to simplify the topic and understand the basic concept. Plan your revision in advance so that you can take a day's break before the exam. On the last day, take good rest, eat well and get a good night's sleep to stay fresh on the day of the exam.

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5. Take the Google Ads exam

On the day of your exam, make sure that you eat a decent breakfast so that you can remain energetic throughout the day. Sit in a room that is well-lit and has minimum distractions. Ensure that the room is quiet enough for you to focus completely on the exam. Check for the Internet connection and the power source for your system. Make sure they are working fine and keep a backup Internet connection ready in case the primary connection fails. Also, keep a bottle of water with you and try to remain hydrated throughout the test.

6. Renew your certification annually

The Google Ads certification is valid for one year and requires regular renewal. You may not require reviewing all the content like going through the exams the first time. It is important to review the lessons just in case there were changes in using Google Ads and its related programmes. You can take the tests again as each year passes to ensure that you always have your current certification. This way you can continue to make that claim on your resume, to potential employers and to your current employer and Google. This may also help you refresh your skills.

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Benefits Of Getting A Google Ads Certification

The Google Ads certification is a highly recognised and valuable accreditation in the field of advertising. Below are some prominent benefits of getting a Google Ads certification:

  • Provides recognised credentials. This certification can help potential employers know that you are a Google-certified professional in digital advertising. This may increase the chances of hiring managers shortlisting your resume over other candidates.

  • Helps in gaining clients. If you plan on working independently, a Google Ads certificate can help you impress potential clients and let them know that you have professional training in the field. This can be helpful in expanding business and onboarding more clients.

  • Provides Google Partners programme membership. The Google Ads certification is part of the process to help organisations become a member of the Google Partners programme. This programme can help organisations gain more influence through Google and develop relevant best practices in their industries.

  • Help in learning new skills. The comprehensive lessons can help you develop valuable and industry-relevant skills. These skills can help you get advanced-level jobs in advertising or help with starting an independent business in the field.

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