How To Promote Products Online (Tips For Product Promotion)

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Updated 6 November 2022

Published 1 May 2022

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Promoting a product involves creating marketing strategies to reach the target audience and promote the product. Launching and promoting a product involves implementing techniques that can create awareness, boost revenue and build brand loyalty. If you have an interest in the sales and marketing field, understanding more about product promotion can help you make an informed decision. In this article, we discuss what product promotion is, understand how to promote products online, discover different promotion ways and explore a few tips for promoting products.

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What Is Product Promotion?

Product promotion is a process that a company uses to market new products to consumers. For promoting a product and enticing customers, a company can offer exclusive discounts, deals and opportunities for a limited time. Promoting a product is an effective way to drive sales and increase sales revenue. Your goal is to encourage new customers to buy a specific product through promotion. The promotion process is essential because it brings attention to your product.

Often, a new business uses this strategy because it might not have an existing audience. The promotion technique can help your business grow and increase brand awareness. As customers are looking for a good deal, it encourages new and existing businesses to purchase a specific product.

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How To Promote Products Online?

To understand how to promote products online, follow these steps:

1. Build a website

If your business does not have a website, start building one that gives customers a central location to explore and learn about a product. You can find low cost or free website building resources based on your budget. You can even collaborate with a web developer and professional designer to build a website that resonates with your target audience. After building your website, ensure to maintain it by posting and sharing new content. Regular updates can help you garner customers' interest and encourage them to revisit your website.

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2. Create a landing page

A landing page is a standalone webpage created especially for an advertising and marketing campaign. It is the page where visitors land after clicking on a link in an email or ads from social media platforms. The landing page works as a conversion tool that turns these visitors into customers. For instance, your landing page might encourage a customer to sign up for your newsletter. Focus on creating urgency by giving time-sensitive discounts because it might help you push a customer to buy it.

The content of your landing page includes how a product relates to your audience. Unlike a webpage, landing pages focus on a single goal. As a result, create an attention-grabbing headline and informative content about your product.

3. Send emails

Email is an effective channel for acquiring new customers. While social media channels and search engine ranking can take a while to generate organic traffic, email marketing works immediately. So, promote your product using email marketing. For creating an effective marketing strategy, create opportunities on your website and landing pages and urge the customer to provide their email addresses. For instance, the landing page can offer discounts in exchange for a customer's email address.

Once you have their contact information, you can use email marketing techniques to promote a product. Focus on creating email campaigns that provide exclusive offers to existing customers or subscribers.

4. Write blog posts

Blog posts allow you to create an informative yet conversational pitch about a new product. For instance, you can create a blog post giving information about a product's launch and create long-form content to provide the product's in-depth overview. To increase your reach, focus on creating guest blogs from an industry thought leader or influencers. Blog content from an industry expert can increase your customer base because you combine your brand with theirs. When creating a blog post, engage customers and show why they might purchase your products.

5. Use social media

Before launching a product, create a buyer's persona to understand the social media platforms your target audience uses. So, create a presence on various social media platforms and engage your audience. One method of increasing engagement on social media is promoting products using videos and images. For example, you can upload product demonstration videos to show all the features. Such information can provide a comprehensive understanding of a product and why customers might use your product.

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6. Give a free sample

Another great way to promote a product is by giving free product samples to the target audience. You can offer free samples through online contests, trade shows or reach out to a specific audience. When customers like your samples, they are more likely to purchase again. Depending upon your budget, you might decide how many items you plan to give away. The free samples encourage user engagement as users might share their reviews about your product on social media platforms. This serves as a free promotional method.

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7. Share customer's opinions

Another way to promote products is by incorporating customer's testimonials or reviews across your digital platform. Such customer opinions show your product's value and credibility. Customers can leave product reviews on your website. You can send surveys to gather customers' opinions. You can even seek permission to share their feedback on your website. When customers read reviews of others, it convinces them to try the product.

4 Ways To Promote Products Online

Here are a few ways to promote products online:

Run social media contests

Social media contests are an easy way of connecting with customers and increasing your online followers. These contests encourage customer engagement as entries rely on whether your audience likes your product and wants to share information on social media. Ensure to announce the content across various marketing channels. You can run the contest on your website and through paid ads and email newsletters. It drives more traffic to your website, put your business in front of new customers.

Optimise your website for SEO

Implementing SEO techniques can help your business reach its target audience. Your customers reach your website only when it shows up in the search engine result pages. So, optimise your website by using on-page SEO. This refers to descriptions, images, product titles or blogs you have. The on-page SEO technique ensures that your content naturally uses languages that a customer might use while searching for related products.

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Create useful content

Rather than quantity, focus on creating content that provides valuable information to the customers. Providing helpful information can attract traffic to your website and position your brand as an authoritative voice in your vertical. One effective way of building a website is creating user guides that help customers decide about purchasing a product.

Collaborate with influencers

Focus on partnering with industry professionals and influencers to promote products online. Partnering with them is beneficial because influencers already have an existing audience who values and trusts their opinion. So, collaborate with influencers in your industry to increase user engagement and reach a larger audience base.

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Tips For Promoting Products

Use these four tips to promote your products online:

Research your competition

Learn who your competitors are and evaluate their products. Talk to their customers to understand why they prefer a competitor's product over yours. Based on the insights, develop promotional strategies that differentiate you from competitors. Focus on marketing the unique selling point or USP of your product.

Know your target audience

Understanding and determining your target audience helps you develop effective promotional strategies. If you already have an existing customer base, understand the persona of customers purchasing from you. You can even look at the competitors to know who they are targeting. Once you know your target audience, create engaging promotional material that reaches them.

Use multiple techniques

Often, a business uses multiple techniques to promote a product and reach the target audience successfully. Rather than relying on one promotional method, combine different methods to reach your audience and promote your products. Instead of focusing only on email marketing, prepare social media promotional strategies. Using these different methods, you can understand what strategies might work for you.

Convey a story

When promoting a product, go above its features and convey a product story. Show how a customer benefited from your product. You can identify a problem and build a story around it to promote your product online. Usually, this strategy resonates with your target audience because customers can relate to your product.

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