How To Wake Up Early In The Morning (A Complete Guide)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 25 April 2022

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Waking up early in the morning can help you prepare for the day ahead. It can also provide you with additional time to work on tasks other than your work. Incorporating this habit into your routine can help you realise its benefits in your personal and professional life. In this article, we share the importance of getting up early, discuss how to wake up early in the morning and explain its benefits.

Importance of getting up early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning can allow you to spend time on activities that are beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. These can include activities like exercising or writing a journal. You can also wake up early for professional reasons, for instance, if your workday begins early or if you have a relatively lengthy commute. Waking up earlier than usual can help prepare for the day ahead and start working with a focused mind. Besides, it can also help you follow a healthier lifestyle.

How to wake up early in the morning

Follow these steps to learn how to wake up early in the morning:

1. Establish your goals

You want to wake up early, start by deciding what you want to achieve with that habit. You can set a specific goal for those extra hours in the morning. It can be a personal goal, like going to the gym at a specific time in the morning or going for a jog in the park to achieve better physical health.

You can also set a professional goal. For instance, you may want to spend a few hours in the morning to learn a new skill that can be helpful in your job. Some people also prefer to wake up early to read and answer important emails before they start working. Waking up in the morning can also help you create a to-do list for the day.

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2. Make a plan

Once you have decided what you want to achieve in those morning hours, make a plan for achieving your goals. This can include steps that you follow for a particular task in the morning or preparation that you can do the night before. For example, if you wish to go to the gym early in the morning, you can prepare your backpack before going to bed and keep your gym clothes ready. Planning can help you prepare to perform a particular task in the morning, which can help you achieve the intended goal.

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3. Adjust incrementally

Making an incremental change to the time you wake up can be beneficial in achieving your morning goals. This can help you gradually adapt to your new habits, which might be more comfortable for some. For example, if you wish to wake up two hours earlier than usual, you can start by waking up 30 minutes earlier for a few days. Gradually start getting up earlier until you can comfortably wake up at the time of your choice. This can help you adjust to the new routine more comfortably.

4. Implement a routine

Try to implement a routine that you can follow every morning. Doing the same tasks every morning may help you become comfortable doing them, which can also make it easier to get up early and stay awake. For example, you can decide on five tasks you want to do in the morning. These can include brushing your teeth, taking a shower, doing some light stretches and making breakfast. Following a routine can help you become alert, which can help you prepare better for bigger tasks that you wish to do to achieve your morning goals.

5. Incentivise yourself

Try motivating yourself to wake up early by setting up incentives for accomplishing certain activities. For example, you can eat your favourite breakfast when you wake up early. You can also motivate yourself to go to bed early by doing a relaxing activity that you enjoy, like reading a book or listening to music. This can help you positively form healthy habits. It may also allow you to add some extra leisure activities to your routine, which can be good for you to relax before or after your workday.

Once you are able to meet your goals, create a cycle of positive reinforcements to convert them into permanent habits. Over time, keep finding new ways to motivate and incentivise yourself to continue waking up early.

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6. Stay consistent

Try to remain consistent with the routine that you establish. This can help sustain the habit of waking up early at a similar time. To ensure this, try waking up at the same time on holidays and weekends as you do on weekdays. This can help set up your circadian rhythm, which is the body's sleep-wake cycle. By remaining consistent, you may feel fresher and more active in the morning, allowing you to stay focused and energetic during the day.

7. Be flexible and make adjustments

Review your goals periodically and evaluate how waking up early in the morning benefits you. Decide whether your current wake-up time and morning habits are serving you well. Be flexible in your approach and try different ways of waking up early and doing various activities. You can then decide if you wish to continue with the same routine or make changes. Based on your requirements, you can adjust the time at which you wake up and the activities that follow. You may also set new morning goals and create a plan according to them.

Benefits of waking up early

Waking up early can be beneficial in several ways. Here are some common benefits of getting up early in the morning:

Increased productivity

Waking up early may allow you to accomplish work more in a day. This may be a result of increased energy and motivation associated with your early start. This can be especially true when people use their early morning hours to plan and prepare for the day ahead. Besides, moving some tasks to early hours may help you enjoy more free time in the evening. You may utilise your free time to relax or work on other important personal things.

Better perspective

You may develop traits like positivity and optimism by starting your day earlier. Early risers may also enjoy greater stability and overall better mood patterns. Early hours are usually quiet and can help you focus on your tasks better. This can help improve the quality of your personal and professional life.

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More personal time

Getting up early in the morning can provide extra time for personal activities. You may utilise this time for self-care activities like writing a journal or doing activities that you enjoy, like painting or playing an instrument. This can be an essential part of achieving balance and well-being for many people, especially those with busy schedules and long working hours.

Better sleep

Waking up early usually means that you also go to bed early. The earlier you go to bed, the earlier you may wake up. This correlation can help you ‌get sufficient hours of sleep consistently. It can also help enhance the quality of your sleep, resulting in you waking up feeling fresh and energised.

Time for breakfast

Many people find it helpful to have extra time to eat and enjoy their breakfast. Waking up early can provide you with spare time to prepare and eat your breakfast leisurely. Many people like to have a heavy breakfast in the morning that can give them the energy to perform their tasks effectively. If you are a person who could benefit from eating a morning meal, getting up early can be an excellent opportunity to do so before your start working.

Opportunity for exercise

If you wish to exercise and are unsure when to fit a workout into your schedule, consider using the morning time for this activity. Waking up early can help you find time for exercise before you start your workday. Some people may even notice benefits such as increased energy if they exercise in the morning. Those with busy or uncertain schedules during the day can benefit from waking up early to exercise.

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