How To Write a Resignation Letter as a Teacher: 20 Examples

Updated 6 September 2023

When leaving your teaching job for any reason, it's important to notify the principal and school administration by sending a resignation letter. A professional and respectful letter can build relationships and ensure you end things on a positive note. Learning how to write a resignation letter as a teacher can help you produce an effective document. In this article, we outline the steps to write a resignation letter as a teacher, discuss how to write a brief letter and explore 20 example letters.

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How to write a resignation letter as a teacher

If you are not sure how to write a resignation letter as a teacher, follow these steps:

  1. Start with a formal introduction: When submitting a resignation letter, follow the standard business letter format and mention the current date.

  2. State your intent to resign: Clearly state your intention of leaving your job position and the company. Remember to include the last working day after serving the notice period.

  3. Give a reason for leaving: Informing the school administration of your reason for resignation is a nice gesture. However, this is optional.

  4. Say thank you: It is always a good idea to thank the principal and school administration for the opportunities and guidance throughout your tenure.

  5. Include important information: Share your personal email address and phone number with the school administration so that they can contact you for any queries after your departure. This section is also optional.

  6. Add a closing: Add a closing such as “Sincerely”, “Yours Truly”, “Best Wishes” or “Regards” followed by your full name.

How do I write a short letter of resignation?

A short resignation letter should include only your job position, school name and last date of employment.

Example: I hereby resign from the post of accounting teacher at St. Christ International School, effective May 3, 2021.

Can I resign from my teaching job?

You can resign from your teaching job for many reasons. Here are some common reasons teachers resign from their job:

  • Pregnancy

  • Personal reasons

  • Health issues

  • Career change

  • Unsatisfactory work environment

  • Job change

  • Travel abroad

  • Family issues

  • Job relocation

  • Relocation of spouse

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Teacher resignation letter examples

Here are a few resignation letter examples to take inspiration from:

Example 1:

Dear Ms Sachdeva,

Kindly accept this as a formal resignation letter. I am resigning from the post of social studies teacher at WorldClass School, effective August 29, 2020.

After a brief consideration, I have decided to pursue M. Ed. I truly enjoyed the five years I spent at WorldClass, and it has been a pleasure working under your guidance. My students have given me a memorable experience, and the administration has been supportive throughout my tenure.

I wish the students and faculty the very best for their future.


Arjun Sen

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Example 2:

Dear Mr Sharma,

I am writing to notify you about my decision of resigning from the position of physical education teacher at the end of the current academic year. My last working day with Bayside Higher Secondary School would be on June 30, 2019.

I greatly appreciate the opportunities provided and the professional guidance which helped me grow in my career. While I will miss my time here, I have found a new position that will allow me to work closer to home.

I wish you all the best.

Yours truly,

Rajat Jain

Example 3:

Dear Mrs Goyal,

Please consider this as a formal notification that I am immediately quitting my position as a fifth-grade teacher at Happyside International school, effective June 24, 2019. I deeply regret not being able to complete the notice period because of reasons beyond my control.

I thank you, the students and the faculty for supporting me throughout my tenure. I wish you and the school the very best.

Best wishes,

Priya Gupta

Example 4:

Dear Mr Chatterjee,

I am writing this letter to tell you about my formal resignation as a mathematics teacher from The Jain World School. I understand that my contract expires on June 15, 2019, three months from now, but I would like to resign immediately because of unavoidable personal reasons.

I want to thank you for the opportunity and support you have provided during my term.

Yours truly,

Ajay Saluja

Example 5:

It greatly saddens me to write this resignation letter. Effective November 17, 2018, I would no longer be working as a seventh-grade teacher for The Boon International School.

I have accepted a job at a school that I feel would help me advance in my career. I am grateful to you for providing support during my six-year tenure.


Ashok Kwatra

Example 6:

This letter is to notify you about my resignation from St. Joseph International School, effective April 20, 2020. After much thinking, I have planned to focus my time and attention on my family.

I have enjoyed my time here and I hope to stay in touch. You can contact me at or reach me at 9896756789.

Example 7:

Please accept my resignation from the chemistry teacher position at Loyola High School, effective July 17, 2019, one month from today. I will move to Chennai in the coming months to be near my family.

I am sad to leave this position and will never forget my time here.

Example 8:

I am happy to inform you that I am expecting my second child at the end of December 2020. This is a great time for my family and me, but unfortunately, I will resign from the position of physics teacher, effective November 20, 2020.

Teaching at Beverly Hills High School has been a genuine pleasure and has helped me develop some great relationships with the faculty and students.

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past five years.

Example 9:

I hereby wish to inform you about my decision to resign from the post of elementary teacher at Happy International School, effective May 14, 2021.

It was a tough decision, but I want to pursue my lifelong dream of working in the content marketing industry. I want to thank you and the faculty for all the support provided.

Example 10:

Through this letter, I wish to inform you of my resignation from the position of science teacher at Everwin World School. My last day of employment would be September 12, 2020.

It was an honour to work with such dedicated students and faculty.

Example 11:

I am writing today to submit my resignation from the position of special education teacher at White Field Public school, effective December 14, 2020.

As you know that I had my first child in late June 2020, I have decided to stay at home and care for my child.

I want to thank you for this teaching opportunity.

Example 12:

I am writing this resignation letter to inform you that I would be leaving Manali World School one month from today's date. Due to some unavoidable personal problems, I have taken this step.

I am grateful for all the opportunities and guidance you provided.

Example 13:

It is to my dissatisfaction that I submit my letter of resignation from my commerce teacher role. Due to the poor performance of Class 12 students in their examination, management recommended that I resign from my position.

I am grateful for the time I spent here.

Example 14:

Effective June 1, 2021, I would like to resign from my position as a political science teacher at St. John Public School.

Due to some ongoing health reasons, it is difficult to fulfil my responsibilities. I want to thank you for the growth opportunities and teaching guidance provided throughout my tenure.

Example 15:

Kindly accept this as my formal resignation letter from the post of economics teacher. I have loved my time teaching students at Ganguly High School and I will always look back on my job fondly. I want to take a couple of months off from my job and travel abroad with my family.

I appreciate your acceptance and understanding over the past seven years.

Example 16:

This resignation letter is to inform you that I am leaving St. Stephan Senior Secondary School. My tenure at the school was a great one and I would like to thank you for the learning experience.

My last working day would be February 17, 2021.

Example 17:

This letter is my official resignation from the English teacher position effective March 15, 2021. As a new dad, I cannot work at a school that requires extensive travelling.

I have loved my time teaching students.

Example 18:

With a great deal of sorrow, I notify you about my resignation from the position of geography teacher at Mangal High School, effective March 20, 2021. I am moving to New Delhi because my spouse is relocating next month.

Thank you for the opportunity and I wish you and the faculty the very best.

Example 19:

I hereby resign from my position as a biology teacher, effective August 19, 2020.

Thank you for helping me become a better teacher.

Example 20:

It is with great regret that I send this resignation letter. My last working day would be March 14, 2021. Although my time as a history teacher has been satisfactory, I have become less satisfied with the teaching methods used at Beverly Garden Public School for quite a while.

I wish you and the faculty the very best for the future.

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