How to Write a One-Day Leave Application (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 11 October 2021

With the changing times, leave applications have transitioned from physical letters to digital emails. Regardless of whether your application is for a one-day leave or an extended period of time, some aspects are worth considering while writing this important document. Understanding the format of a one-day leave application and its importance can help you write it effectively. In this article, we discuss how to write a leave application for one day, explore common mistakes and look at example letters to help you write your own.

How to write a leave application for one day

There are several important features to include in your one-day leave application. These features help provide the right context to your letter. To ensure that your leave application is complete and does not miss important details, here is a checklist of steps to consider:

1. Greet the recipient

Including an appropriate salutation is integral to your leave application. Include the words 'Hello' or 'Dear' before the name of the recipient. Avoid using informal salutations like 'Hey' or 'Hi there' in your letter.

2. Include an appropriate subject line

The subject line is a crucial part of a formal leave application. The subject line is the first thing that the recipient sees and conveys the intent of the application. A good subject line is short, specific, clear and sets the right context for the letter.

3. Mention the reason for the leave

Including the reason for your absence is important in your leave application. If you are not comfortable divulging personal information, explain the situation as simply as possible. Always stick to the point and keep your reason short and concise.

4. Include the date of absence and date of joining back

The date of absence and date of returning to work are important points to include in a leave application. This ensures proper and official documentation for future reference. It also helps your team and colleagues to manage the workload and tasks accordingly.

5. Mention the name of your replacement at work

It is important to have a designated colleague to handle urgent work requests and communication on your behalf. Be sure to check with the concerned individual before including their name in your application. Also, discuss with them what to expect in your absence.

6. State your availability and mode of communication during the absence

Mention your availability, if at all, and mode of communication for the period of your absence. Also, include your contact information on the leave application. If you do not want your colleagues to contact you during your absence, state so explicitly.

7. Express gratitude for considering your request

Including a thank you note towards the end of your leave application is a good way to end it. Expressing gratitude to your employer for considering your request is a common practice of courtesy. It is simply the respectful and professionally appropriate thing to do.

8. Include your name, job title and signature

At the end of your letter, include your name and job designation. If you want your colleagues to reach you in case of emergency, include your contact details as well. While adding the date and signature is important in physical applications, in emails, they are not necessary.

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A checklist for one-day leave applications

As with any formal letter, a leave application comprises several important sections. Each of these is essential to ensure the completeness of the letter. Here are the important sections of a one-day leave application:

  • salutation with the name of the recipient

  • subject line with the date of absence

  • reason for absence

  • work plan during absence (with the name of replacement)

  • availability and contact information during your absence

  • formal closing line and courtesy

  • full name

  • job designation

  • date of writing the letter and signature (optional in emails)

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Reasons why writing a leave application is important

Whether it is a one-day leave application or an application for an extended absence, it is important to put your request in writing. Informing your supervisor and team members about your absence is a common professional courtesy. Here are the reasons why it is important to write a leave application:

  • shows your responsibility and ownership towards work

  • creates a professional and positive impression

  • helps the employer regulate monthly payments

  • helps preserve records to track any unnecessary salary deductions

  • enables your supervisor to manage your duties and re-assign work to another team member in your absence

  • helps your supervisor manage and postpone your deadlines

  • generates an official trail of documentation for future reference

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Common mistakes while writing a leave application

Avoid the following common mistakes while writing a leave application:

  • Be accurate. Ensure to check if factual information like date of absence and reasons are accurate. Incorrect dates and other information could create confusion for both you and your employer.

  • Add contact information. Include your contact information for cases of emergency. You can mention the time of your availability and your preferred mode of communication.

  • Clarify. Ensure that you state the reason for your absence clearly and there is no ambiguity in meaning. Leaving room for misinterpretation means asking for unnecessary trouble and confusion later.

  • Keep it short. Do not state more information than required in your leave application. The best practice is to keep your leave application crisp and concise so that it is easy to read and process.

One-day leave application samples

Having some examples to refer to can help you draft your leave application effectively. Here are some leave application samples for different situations:

Sample one-day sick leave application

A sample of a one-day sick leave application:

Subject: Sick Leave Application for a day [date]

Dear Asha,

This is to inform you that I will not be able to attend work tomorrow because of a severe bout of migraine headache.

A day's rest will help me overcome this and get back to a normal routine. Hence, I request you to grant me a day's leave on [date]. As a result, I will be coming to the office on [date].

I will inform you at the earliest if I need to extend my leave.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on my personal number for any clarifications about work.

I will be grateful if you approve the same.



Sample one-day leave application for personal reason

Below is a sample leave application for a day's absence due to personal reasons:

Subject: Leave Application for a day [date]

Hi Ashok,

I am writing this email to inform you that I will need a day's off on [date]. My daughter has an annual day event, and her school has invited parents to attend the same. Since my daughter is participating in the event, my presence at school is necessary.

I request you to kindly consider my request as this is an important event.

I have explained my tasks to Archana and you may get in touch with her for any queries. Please feel free to reach me on my personal number for any urgent matter.

I will be thankful if you approve the leave.



Sample one-day leave application for urgent work

Here is an example for a one-say leave application in case of unavoidable and urgent work:

Subject: Leave application for [date]

Dear Aakash,

This is to seek your permission for a day's leave from office on [date]. As you know I have just moved to the city and I am still in the process of moving all my possessions and setting up my new place.

I have explained my responsibilities to Shwetha and she will be available to answer any queries on my behalf.

In case of any emergency, please reach out to me on my personal number.

I will be really grateful for your help and support.



Sample one-day leave application for medical emergency

Here is a sample one-day leave application for a medical emergency:

Subject: Emergency leave application for a day [date]

Hi Anand,

This email is to inform you that I will need an off tomorrow [date].

I met with a minor accident on my way home today, and the doctor has advised me to stay at the hospital under observation for a day to ensure nothing is wrong.

I have emailed our team members about my ongoing tasks at the office, and they will be able to take up any questions if any. I will let you know in case I need another day off.

I request you to grant me the required leave.



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