6 Introduction Email Template Examples (How To Write One)

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Updated 10 August 2022

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Email is an efficient, scalable and cost-effective way to reach future employers, clients and other business contacts. Emailing to introduce yourself as a potential employee, new network connection or service provider is an opportunity to present yourself as a qualified professional.

To write an introductory email that has the potential to get a positive response, it is beneficial to be authentic, clear and engaging. In this article, we discuss the importance of an introduction email template, review what to include in an introduction email, look at some templates and understand when to use them.

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Importance Of An Introduction Email Template

An introduction email template is important because it helps you create an introduction email that allows you to build the foundation of a positive relationship with employees, connections or clients. Using a template helps you organise your content and include all the relevant information in your email. Introduction emails are usually short and concise. Using a template can make it easier and faster for you to write an effective introduction email in various situations.

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What To Include In An Introduction Email?

To write an effective introduction email, carefully craft each element. The elements of an introduction email are:

1. Subject line

The subject line of an introduction email is critical, as it captivates the recipient to open the message. The subject line of your email can convey a concise summary of the message. A compelling and meaningful subject line can help capture the recipient's attention and create a favourable impression.

2. Greeting

As you are writing an introduction email to the client, maintain a professional demeanour throughout the interaction. This requires replacing "Dear" with the recipient's proper title, followed by their last name. For example, you can say, "Dear Dr. Ravi." Keep the following points in mind as you craft your greeting:

  • Avoid addressing the client by their first name. It is critical to maintaining a formal attitude throughout your initial introduction.

  • Always be aware of the name and title of the individual with whom you are communicating. Always avoid the phrases like "to whom it may concern."

  • Use titles like “Dr.,” “Ms.,” “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

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3. Body

Be sure to write a clear and concise body of the email. The body of your introduction email includes information about who you are, where you are from and why you are contacting the recipient. Include information about your company and your position within it.

4. Closing

After you have explained the message's purpose, express gratitude to the recipient for taking the time to read it. This ensures that the email ends on a pleasant note and makes the recipient feel welcomed. It is beneficial to emphasise your delight at having made the connection and that the recipient may contact you with any questions.

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5. Sign off

As with the greeting, your sign off reflects the professionalism of the email's content. Consider using phrases such as "Sincerely," "Best wishes" or "Faithfully yours." Along with your name, include any other important information, such as your position, email address, phone number and the company for which you work.

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6 Examples Of Introduction Email Templates In Various Situations

Following are some major situations where an email template may help:

  • Introducing yourself in an email for a job

  • Introducing yourself to a client

  • Introducing yourself to your team

  • Introducing a new employee to a client

  • Proposal for a service

  • Introducing one professional contact to another

1. Template to introduce yourself in an email for a job

Here is a template you can use for a job application an email:

Subject: Application for [job title] Position
Dear [hiring manager's name],

My name is [your full name], and I am applying for the [job title] position. I am hugely excited about the role and believe my skills and experience make me a unique candidate.
To support my application, I have attached a copy of my most recent resume and a cover letter. Please contact me if you have any queries concerning my application.

I look forward to hearing from you about the progress of my application in due course.

Yours sincerely,
[Your name]

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2. Email template to introduce yourself to a client

Here is a template for an email that you may use to introduce yourself to a new client:

Subject: Your new [job title]
Dear Mr [client's first name],

My name is [your full name] and I am your new [job title] at [company name]. I am eager to work with you and your company as we strive to make your brand more visible and profitable.
If you have questions or queries, please contact me via email or you can reach me directly by phone at [phone number].

Best regards,
[Your name]
[Job title]
[Company name]

3. Email template to introduce yourself to a team member

Here is an email template you may use to introduce yourself to a team member at a new job:

Hi [name],

I appreciate we have already had a brief introduction, but I wanted to drop you a quick email to show how excited I am to work with you here!

I would love to schedule a time for lunch or a quick coffee so we can talk and get to know each other a little better.

Does [day] at [time] work for you? It is my treat!

Please let me know,
[Your name]

4. Email template for introducing a new employee to a client

If you are introducing a new employee to a client, here is a template you can use:

Subject: Introducing new [job title]
Dear [Client's name],

I am reaching out to inform you about some changes that we have recently had in our company. I am excited to introduce you to [Employee's name], [Company name]'s new [job title].

[Employee's name] has been with us at [company] for [length of time] and has worked hard to grow within our accounts department by assisting customers with their concerns. We are so excited about this transition into a new role and are confident that [employee's name] would undertake their additional responsibilities with the same professionalism and passion that they have continually shown in the past.

Starting on [date], [employee's name] would be taking over your account with our company. You can reach out to [employee's name] with any questions or queries by email at [email address] or phone at [phone number].

Best regards,
[Your name]

5. Email template for proposal for a service

Here is an example of an email template to introduce your company and offer your services:

Subject: Tested marketing services to grow your business

Dear [client's name],

Our team came across your wonderful website recently and saw the potential to increase your audience by manifold. At [company name], we have a dedicated marketing expert team of writers and creators. We can help you increase your:

  • Brand's online engagement

  • Customer lifetime value

  • Brand recall value

As a preliminary study, we are attaching a brief report that highlights the improvement potential of your website and blog.

We offer extremely competitive pricing plans for small businesses such as yours. And the best part is that the services for the first week are absolutely free. We would love to hear if you want to collaborate with us.

Best regards,
[Your name]

6. Email template introducing one professional contact to another

Here is an example email template you can use to introduce one professional contact to another:

Hi [first name],

I hope you have been well since we last spoke! I am reaching out as my former coworker, Rohan is interested in working at [Company name]. I remembered you joined the company a few years back.

Rohan has three years of experience in customer service and is looking to continue her career at [Company name], but would like to learn more about the company before applying. I thought I could connect you two for a helpful meeting if you have time. If there is someone else at your company who you feel could better answer Rohan's questions, feel free to forward the request.

I have copied Rohan on the email and he would reach out to follow up. Thanks in advance for your help [Contact's name]!

Have a nice evening,

Best regards,
[Your name]

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