How to Write a Leave Application for Office (With Samples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 June 2021

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A leave application for office is essential for taking a leave of absence from work for various reasons. It is professional courtesy to notify your employer about your intention, and it can prevent them from experiencing any work-related inconvenience during your absence. They can also to make arrangements to cover for you while you are away. In this article, we will discuss how to write a leave application and review some application samples.

What is a leave application for office?

A leave application for office is a formal written notification that you must provide to your employer if you desire to take a specific period off from work. You can apply for half-day leave, one-day leave, sick leave, emergency leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, casual leave, vacation leave and annual leave. While you can send your leave application as a print letter, most people send an email.

How to write a leave application

To write a leave application for office purposes, you can follow these steps:

  1. Write your name, job title and the purpose of the email in the subject line. This way, the employer to understand the context of the email at a glance.

  2. Begin with an appropriate opening salutation. In professional communications, it is customary to use Dear or Hello. Follow it with the recipient's title and surname.

  3. Keep the body of the leave application concise. Your employer should be able to skim through it quickly.

  4. Let the recipient know that you need to take a leave of absence from work. Try to get to the point at once by mentioning it in the first or second sentence.

  5. Provide the reason for requiring the leave of absence in the next sentence. Provide sufficient details to help ensure that the employer does not turn it down.

  6. Inform your employer of the number of days you will be away and the particular dates. It is best to be specific, as it enables them to make other arrangements for those days.

  7. If you plan to complete your pending work before going on leave, let the employer know that. Employers typically appreciate this, as it helps prevent any lag in ongoing projects.

  8. If you have made arrangements to have your team member handle your projects in your absence, be sure to mention that. Then your employer will not have to spend time finding someone to assign your work.

  9. Let the employer know the exact date when you will return to the office. That way, they will know when things will get back on track and you can resume your duties.

  10. Include your email address and phone number and let the employer know if they can contact you throughout the day or during specific hours. That way, in case any emergencies arise, they can get in touch for any necessary inputs from you.

  11. Thank the employer for their consideration in allowing the leave. It is a common courtesy that you should not overlook.

  12. End with a formal closing salutation. You can use the customary ones like Respectfully, With Regards or Sincerely.

  13. Write your full name below the salutation. You can also include a digital signature.

  14. Proofread your application. Correct any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors before sending the email.

Leave application samples

Here are a few leave application for office samples that you can review for your reference:

Example 1

Subject: Sudhakar Naik - Software Engineer - Paternity Leave Application

Dear Mr. Pandit,

I am writing to you to request a leave of absence from work. My wife is expecting our first baby, and the doctor has given Jan. 6 as her due date. At this time, I will need to be with her at the hospital for her delivery. Since our immediate families do not live in Mumbai, I must also be at home to take care of her and the baby for a few days afterward.

I want to leave on Jan. 5, and I expect to be away for 15 days. I will complete my pending tasks before going, and I have made arrangements with my colleagues, Janki Ghosh and Roopa Mehta, to handle my assignments in my absence. They have my contact details, and I have asked them to get in touch if they need any work-related help or information from me while I am away.

I expect to rejoin the office and resume work on Jan. 16.

I hope you will approve my paternity leave application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sudha Naik

Example 2

Subject: Arobindo Ganguly - Data Analyst - Emergency Application for Leave From Work

Dear Mrs. Kulkarni,

I am writing to inform you that I will need to take leave from work as my younger daughter is undergoing knee surgery at Sion Hospital on Sept. 22, and I must be at the hospital then. I will also need to help my wife take care of her for a few days after the operation.

I want to start my leave on Sept. 21 and, if everything goes well, I expect to be back in the office to resume work on Oct. 5.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to complete my pending work before going on leave. However, I have spoken to my supervisor, Gautam Bhatnagar, about this issue. He has agreed to delegate my tasks to some of my team members. They have also agreed to this.

They have my mobile number and my email, and we have agreed to remain in touch while I am away. If anybody needs my work inputs for any pressing issues, I will make myself available.

I thank you in advance for approving my emergency leave application.

Yours Sincerely,

Arobindo Ganguly

Example 3

Subject: Parminder Singh - Sales Executive - Requesting One-Day Leave From Work

Dear Ms. Munde,

I am writing to request a day's leave from work tomorrow. We are celebrating my grand-uncle's 80th birthday, and the entire extended family will be present. The family function will begin early in the morning and take up the whole day. So, I will not be able to come to the office.

I have already completed my work tasks for tomorrow, and I will resume my duties the day after.

Here are my contact details:


Mobile phone: 91-5555334444

Please feel free to get in touch if you need me for any emergency.

Thank you for approving my one-day leave application.

Yours Sincerely,

Parminder Singh

Example 4

Subject: Raj Ganesan - Game Developer - Application for Casual Leave

Dear Mr. Jaichand,

I am writing to inform you that I will have to be out of the office on Oct. 3 and 4. I have to go to Ajmer for my cousin's brother's wedding. So, I would appreciate it if you can grant me a leave of absence on the above-mentioned days.

I will complete my pending tasks after my return on Oct. 5. I have spoken with my supervisor, Mr. Rana, and he said that a two-day delay will not interfere too much with our ongoing project. He has my email address and phone number in any case, and he will contact me if he needs any inputs from me.

I hope you will approve my casual leave application.

Thank you in advance.

With Regards,

Raj Ganesan

Example 5

Subject: Anjana Tiwari - Interior Designer - Application for Sick Leave

Dear Mr. Rawat,

I am writing to request sick leave for the entire next month. I was in a car accident yesterday evening and have torn the anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee. The orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed it has scheduled the surgery to repair the ACL tear two days from now. She has also recommended bed rest for at least two weeks afterward. Please see the attached medical certificate.

It will not be possible for me to work in the office or visit client sites during this period, and hence I hope you will grant me a leave of absence.

I wish to take my leave from the day of the operation, Sept. 10 up to Oct. 10. I hope to have recovered by then and I will resume my duties immediately.

If you want to get in touch with me before that on any matter, please contact me on 919090999 or at

Thank you for your consideration.


Anjana Tiwari

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