List Of Online Professional Courses And Certifications

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Published 3 April 2022

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In today's job market, employers may prefer candidates with professional certificates. Considering online professional courses takes less time and resources to complete than regular courses. Having a better understanding of courses can help you make an informed course selection. In this article, we explore the list of online professional courses and certifications with course details and the advantages of pursuing online courses.

List of online professional courses and certifications

Here is the list of online professional courses and certifications to help you advance your career:

Computer courses and certifications

Online computer courses can be a great choice to add to your resume. Here are some of the computer courses you can take to learn or enhance your coding and programming skills:

Responsive web design

The responsive web design certification course on Coursera can help you learn how to design and build interactive professional looking websites. You can learn to build web pages that can adjust to the user's different screen sizes. This course also focuses on adding navigation and other design elements to a web page. Apart from learning responsive web design, you can also learn skills like HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CCS).

JavaScript algorithms and data structures

The interactive learning platform, freeCodeCamp, offers JavaScript algorithms and data structures course that contains the basics of JavaScript, including variables, arrays, objects, loops and functions. During the course, you can also learn two different programming styles that are object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming (FP). The course also includes some challenges that you can complete to earn this certificate.

Python for everybody

Python for everybody is a beginner level course offered by the University of Michigan on Coursera. This course teaches learners the basics of programming computers, including data structures, networked application program interfaces and databases, using Python. The course takes around eight months to complete considering you are giving it three hours per week. This course covers Python 3 and during the course, you also work with HTML, XML and JSON data formats in Python and learn how to retrieve, process and visualise data with Python.

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Coding for entrepreneurs

This course, offered via Udemy, teaches programming fundamentals, including HTML, CSS, Django and Python. It can be useful for non-technical funders who work with developers and want to know more about the technical aspects of building a website or for entrepreneurs who plan to build an eCommerce site or launch a landing page for their project. The course includes 12 sections with 251 lectures of 44 hours and 54 minutes.

Professional cloud architect certification

Professional cloud architect certification offered by Google Cloud enables businesses to leverage Google Cloud technologies. After getting the certification, you can design, develop and manage robust, secure, scalable and dynamic solutions to accomplish organizational objectives. After passing the professional cloud architect certification exam of two hours, you can earn the certificate. The exam is available in English and Japanese languages and the exam format is multiple choice and multiple selections.

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Marketing courses and certifications

In these times, the internet is widely helping businesses get new clients and audiences. Here are some of the courses to understand marketing that can help you grow your business:

Advanced social media strategy certification

Hootsuite, a social media management platform, offers the advanced social media strategy course (ASMS) for managers, strategists and people who want to get a thorough understanding of building and scaling social media in complex organisations. The course duration is around 20 hours and includes video lessons, text-based learning and quizzes. You can pass the qualifying exam at the end of the course to earn the certificate. During the course, you learn to leverage specific social media strategy frameworks, create social media content, using social media listening and monitoring tools to benefit your business.

The complete MailChimp email marketing course

This Udemy course teaches students how to use the MailChimp email marketing platform to grow their client base and email list. This course might be helpful for professionals who are new to the MailChimp platform or small business owners working with email marketing strategy. You also learn to build high-quality email marketing materials to accomplish your business goals and increase revenue with email marketing during the course. The course duration is 4 hours and 44 minutes, including 36 lectures.

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialization

The search engine optimization (SEO) specialization course offered by UC Davis on Coursera is for people having at least two years of business experience. Through this course, you can learn to optimise your website for the best search engine result page (SERP) ranking. During the course, you learn the algorithm behind search engines, on-page and off-page SEO and gain some practical skills that you can apply to advance your career in digital marketing.

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Google Ads certification suite

Professionals who use Google Ads for their business can consider earning a certificate in any of the areas, including Google Ads search, Google Ads display, Google Ads video, shopping ads, Google Ads apps, Google Ads discovery, Google Ads measurement and smart campaigns. Google offers these courses through its skillshop platform and are available for beginners to advanced professionals. After this course, you can showcase your mastery of Google Ads by adding the certificates to your resume or using your knowledge to grow your business.

Fundamentals of digital marketing

Fundamentals of digital marketing, an online course offered by Google through Google Digital Garage, teaches the fundamentals of digital marketing to help grow your business or career in marketing. This is a free course, and the course duration is 40 hours. The course includes 26 modules covering practical exercises and real-world examples to help learn the practical use of the gained knowledge. Applying the gained knowledge from the course can help you reach your target audience or get a job in the field.

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Business courses and certifications

Following are some of the business courses you can consider:

Successful negotiation: essential strategies and skills

The University of Michigan offers this course through Coursera to help you improve your negotiation skills. This course might benefit entry-level professionals who want to learn to navigate discussions such as salary negotiations and mid and senior-level individuals who wish to refresh their understanding of negotiation techniques. With this course, you can learn about planning negotiation strategy, negotiation tactics and creating a contract. The course duration is approximately 17 hours. The minimum requirement to earn this certificate is to secure 80% in the final exam.

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Effective communications skills for business

This course, offered by Udemy, teaches important communication skills in domains such as public speaking, writing, presentation skills and media production. Since it provides an overview of many communication types and abilities, it may be useful for beginners or advanced professionals who want to learn effective communication principles and progress their careers. The course duration is 32 minutes and includes seven lectures in four sections.

Project management & other tools for career development specialization

UCI Division of Continuing Education offers this beginner-level course on Coursera. After completing this course, you can gain skills including project management, risk management, communication, negotiation, change control, change management and email writing. The course teaches you about project allocation, defining the project's scope, project management principles' application and communication. People interested in project management and who want to explore the field can take this course.

Business foundations specialization

Business foundations specialization is a series of courses offered by The University of Pennsylvania on Coursera. This specialisation includes six courses and teaches the foundation of core business skills in branding, marketing, financing, accounting and operations. This course might be a good choice for beginner business professionals or those wanting to transition into the business field from another industry. After this course, you can use your knowledge to start a new career, improve your own business or advance your career.

Key technologies for business specialization

Key technologies for business specialization is a series of courses offered by IBM on Coursera that provides a foundational understanding of the key business technologies. During the course, you learn about cloud computing, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. This specialisation can be suitable for people in business who want to understand or leverage these technologies in their own business, including professionals who want to upskill and students going to start their careers.

Advantages of pursuing online certification courses

The advantages of online certification courses continue to expand every day. Certificate programmes are usually more affordable than traditional classroom courses. Many courses are industry-specific, and you can benefit from an increase in one-on-one communication with the instructor. Once you earn your certificates, you may use them for marketing yourself to the groups, industries and businesses that matter to you. You can also include those certifications in your resume to gain an advantage over the competition and get the employer's attention.

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