9 Online Assessment Tools For Teachers (With Advantages)

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Published 28 May 2022

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Due to increasing technological advancement, education no longer confines itself to traditional classrooms. Online teaching requires new educational platforms and assessment tools for teachers because these tools help them track educational progress of students and provide students with learning resources. If you have an interest in becoming a teacher, knowing about the various online assessment tools can help determine features that best align with your preferred teaching style. In this article, we discuss what online assessment software is, explore the advantages of using one and list nine assessment tools a teacher might use in a classroom.

What are Online Assessment Tools?

Online assessment tools help assess and evaluate students' learning through quizzes, tests and questionnaires. Using these assessments, a teacher evaluates students' progress in different learning areas. These tools help teachers create tests based on curriculum and learning development needs. They allow teachers to track students' data for future reports, understanding how to encourage and motivate them to excel in their examinations. Apart from conducting tests, teachers can use these tools for various purposes, such as:

  • showing a student's progress to parents

  • understanding a student's response to the class environment

  • evaluating a student's abilities and skills in a particular subject

  • helping a student transition from one class to another

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Advantages of using online assessment tools

Here are a few advantages of using an assessment tool:

Quick results

Today, students expect quick results from their tests and exams. Teachers can provide results without waiting for a few days using an assessment tool. When you cut the wait time between exams and results, students can use that time to improve their learning skills. Also, you might find online tools that provide real-time results.

Saves manual efforts

Conducting an exam or assessment consumes a lot of time because a teacher has to prepare the question paper manually. From assigning seat numbers to selecting invigilators for the exam hall, conducting an offline assessment requires manual efforts. Often, educators manually evaluate the exam paper and display the result after the exam. An online assessment software helps in creating a bank of questions and allows teachers to conduct summative and formative exams.

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Environment friendly

When teachers use environment-friendly learning methods in real life, they can teach students to do the same. These tools help in saving paper and energy. When schools implement an environment-friendly approach, they save the energy used in manufacturing, fuels and raw materials.

Allow customisation of assessments.

Often, the traditional assessment comprises objective or subjective questions. While many schools use the same assessment technique, there are other ways teachers can evaluate their students. Using assessment tools, teachers can develop creative and exciting test modules. They can change the paper pattern of the examination and set the paper based on the theme, subject, technology and student's skills.

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9 Online Assessment Software

Here are some assessment tools to consider:

1. Eklavvya

Eklavvya is an online exam software for training institutes, single educators and schools. From conducting aptitude and competitive exam tests to hiring assessments and psychometric tests, Eklavvya lets you test students on a range of skills. What differentiates this tool from others is that it provides detailed analytical reports based on questions, performance levels and percentile of individual students. Using the AI-based proctoring feature, school teachers can conduct remote viva, video exams and admission tests. Teachers can even conduct and assess Olympiad tests using this intuitive tool.

2. MasterSoft

MasterSoft online assessment software helps schools and educational institutions redefine the traditional assessment process that helps teachers identify the learning gap of students. The tool features built-in business intelligence (BI) powered analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps analyse the area of improvement. Using this intelligence software, teachers can generate subject-wise and assessment-wise performance reports, student wise attainment details and class-wise progress reports. Based on the reports generated, they can ensure better learning outcomes.

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3. Mercer Mettl

Another powerful and popular online assessment software is Mercer Mettl. Its assessment technology provides a platform that helps teachers conduct high-stake examinations for universities, focusing on mid-term and end-term semester examinations. The tool caters to specific requirements, such as flowcharts, symbols, diagrams and equations. From test creation to scheduling and grading, the platform supports various question formats. One unique value proposition of Mercer Mettl is the remote proctoring that ensures a fair and secure test-taking experience for high-stake exams. The company boasts of using remote invigilation of a candidate using a webcam that is usually AI-based.

4. ProProfs online assessment software

ProProfs is a cloud-based online assessment software that helps teachers share fun and creative tests with their students. Instant feedback and automatic grading are two features that differentiate this tool from others. The tool offers a range of ready-to-use assessments across thousands of topics. These assessments help teachers assess student's skill and progress and help them create lesson plans. Interestingly, the tool lets you add a logo, background image and themes to the assessment. It helps you give your test a look and feel you want.

5. TestGrad

One popular web-based online assessment platform is TestGrad. Using this tool, teachers can create multiple tests to check students' proficiency across various subjects. Some noteworthy features of TestGrad include an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface that allows a teacher to operate multiple assessments procedures using a single platform. One unique value proposition is that it is available online and offline. Apart from assisting teachers, TestGrad works as a training and self-assessment platform for students. As the company values data security, it safeguards confidential data and uses encryption rules to prevent hackers from gaining access to the data.

6. NLET School

When teachers use NLET School, they are less likely to turn to other online assessment software. NLET provides an intuitive online examination system, which is web-based. The system eliminates the requirement of question papers, physical invigilator and exam schedule. It helps administrators and teachers to streamline the online test and quizzes. Their powerful assessment software makes it easier for examiners to shuffle questions and randomly change the sequence of questions to prevent cheating. With NLET School, teachers and schools can reduce the overhead cost of paper and printing question papers.

7. ClassMarker

ClassMarker is an online assessment software that allows teachers to create progress reports and online quizzes. The tool is an easy-to-use and customisable online testing solution for educators and trainers. One unique value proposition of the tool is that the program automatically corrects tests and quizzes, marks the tests and provides real-time reports. Teachers can share this real-time data with a student's family and even use it for directing their future lesson plans. Some common features include advanced test settings like multiple-choice, short answers, instant feedback, video quiz, time limit and public and private test access.

8. Edmodo

Edmodo is a powerful online assessment software using which teachers can create personalised tests, assessments and quizzes. Using Edmodo, teachers can create and share quizzes, assignments and other teaching material to enhance students' engagement. The student planner can help students and parents get quick answers to questions and stay current on class assignments and happenings. Apart from simplifying communication, Edmodo increases students' engagement with the class and beyond. What differentiates Edmodo from others is that it helps students create a personalised post and showcase assessment information to parents, instructors and classmates.

9. Google Forms

Many teachers prefer using Google Forms because of its ease of use. Using these Google Forms, teachers can create and automatically grade quizzes. Another reason teachers use this tool is that it allows students to answer the question using a drag-and-drop or type a short text answer. Using the software's bird's-eye view feature, teachers can understand frequently missed answers by an entire class. With a click of a mouse, you can share grades with your students.

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