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Published 11 May 2022

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Fine art uses imagination and expresses the creator's ideas or feelings with a primary focus on aesthetics or intellectual value. If your career path involves fine art or you want to develop this skill as a passion project, there are many online resources you can explore for flexible learning. Learning about fine arts courses online can help you improve your skills and pursue development opportunities on your own schedule. In this article, we explore different online fine arts courses, discuss key course objectives and review some skills you may gain after pursuing a course in fine arts.

What Are Online Fine Arts Courses?

Online fine arts courses are educational programmes that students can pursue over the Internet. They typically offer lessons through recorded or live video sessions, images, presentations, or text files. An online course in fine arts helps students with distance learning, offering the opportunity to pursue a course from anywhere in the world. Distance education eliminates the need to travel to and from an educational institute and often allows for self-learning. Online courses not only help you save time and energy, but are also more flexible than traditional learning environments.

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Career Opportunities In Fine Arts

Pursuing a fine arts course online allows can prepare you with the necessary skills and experience to qualify for a career in this field. You may find courses that focus on a particular area of fine art, such as painting, sculpture, sketching, animation, graphic design, music or film. Below are some career opportunities to consider in fine arts:

  • Visual artist

  • Illustrator

  • Printmaker

  • Musician

  • Photographer

  • Writer

  • Filmmaker

  • Choreographer

  • Animator

  • Cartoonist

  • Theatre artist

  • Actor

  • Creative writer

  • Video game designer

  • Art director

  • Sound engineer

  • Photographer

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Online Fine Arts Courses

From diploma to specialisation, here are some online fine arts courses you may consider pursuing:

Diploma in fine arts

Established in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), the National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) offers the One Year Diploma in Fine Arts online programme. The course covers topics like drawing, figure drawing, portrait and composition. The course also focuses on various techniques, like pencil shading, charcoal drawing, watercolour painting. In addition to practical classes, the course also involves theory lessons, like the introduction to Indian aesthetics, elements of art, contemporary artists of India and the importance of methods and materials.

Apart from the one-year diploma, NIFA also offers a Two Years Advance Diploma where a student gains an in-depth knowledge of the subject. This diploma covers topics like abstract art, landscape and realistic portrait.

Diploma in Fine Arts and Drawing Certification

The Diploma in Fine Arts and Drawing Certification is available on open online course provider Udemy. Included in the course are on-demand videos, downloadable resources, practice tests, assignments and a certificate of course completion. The duration of this online diploma course in fine arts is two months. During these two months, you explore 10 modules, like freehand sketching techniques, orthographic projection drawings and introduction to perspective drawing. The technical diploma course also introduces you to different career opportunities in the field of drawing.

Certificate in Painting

International Fine Art Academy (IFAA) offers the Certificate in Painting programme and is a one-year course. The institute has an affiliation with Raja Mansingh Tomar University in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The year-long certificate programme offers students lessons on creativity and technical skills that are required to become an artist. Practical classes include colour theory and composition, still life drawing, printmaking, applied arts and sketching. In addition to practical classes, the course also offers theory sessions on the history of painting.

Graphic Design Specialisation

The Graphic Design Specialisation course is a specialisation that offers students a chance to gain the fundamental skills required to be a graphic designer. Offered on the online course platform Coursera, the programme helps the students learn how to work in interface design. The list of topics also includes motion graphics and editorial design. Visual communication and branding communication are some of the skills you may develop by pursuing the course. The online course takes approximately six months to complete and the students earn a certificate upon the completion of the course.

Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialisation

Offered by on Coursera, Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialisation course helps students learn the fundamentals of digital photography. The course includes lessons on camera exposure and principles of composition. No prior experience is required to pursue this online course, which takes approximately six months to complete. Upon completion of the course, the students receive a Certificate of Specialisation from Michigan State University.

Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course

The curriculum of the Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course helps students gain or develop creative writing skills to compose appealing fiction, creative nonfiction, drama and poetry. The course offers the students a live online classroom experience where they learn to apply creative writing techniques efficiently. There are different modules in the course that enable the students to learn how to develop storylines, conceptualise a thought and create plots. The course also focuses on improving your techniques for writing with the help of idioms, similes, metaphors and dialogues.

The Art of Auditioning

The Art of Auditioning course is offered by Ekalavya which is a drama-based e-learning platform in India. The online programme offers comprehensive knowledge to prepare for an acting audition. There are several lessons in the course that focus on helping the students develop their technical skills to perform at auditions with confidence. In the course, there are 40 video lessons on ease of camera, preparing an audition scene, preparing the character, imagination and improvisation, memorising dialogues, audition guidelines and rehearsal methods.

Fundamentals of Film Direction

The Fundamentals of Film Direction is a course offered by Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). The course takes place between set dates, and students commit to four hours every day for five days. This intensive experience can help you develop a basic understanding of the art and craft of film direction while gaining insight into aesthetical aspects of film direction. Included in the course are topics like the language of cinema, film image and sound, continuity, montage and screenplay. Pursuing this course may also help you understand how a director communicates with the cast, crew and audience.

Cinematography for 2D Animation Essentials

Offered on Coursera, the Cinematography for 2D Animation Essentials course helps the students apply the different concepts of cinematography to animation. The course includes a 28-minute on-demand video that covers the basics of cinematography. The different concepts of cinematography that are covered in the course are frame compositions, rule of thirds, camera angles and panning and tilting in 2D. This certificate course helps animators enhance their shots to attract the attention of the audience.

The Ultimate Blender 3D Sculpting Course

Available on Udemy, The Ultimate Blender 3D Sculpting Course focuses on learning 3D sculpting by using Blender, a 3D program that you can download for free. The course offers lessons on retopology, texturing, UV unwrapping and rigging. The course starts with the basics of Blender and how to move around the scene and manipulate objects. After this, the sculpting starts where you learn about the different brushes in the program and how to animate your sculpture. The course includes 35 hours of content with 130 video lectures.

The Architectural Imagination

Offered by HarvardX on edX, The Architectural Imagination course covers the basic principles that are used to create architectural drawings and models. In the course, you learn how to read, analyse and understand different forms of architectural representation. Covered in different parts, the first part helps the students learn about the architectural imagination and explore perspective drawing and architectural typology. Various exercises in drawing and modelling may allow you to understand the aesthetic form of architecture. The online course takes approximately 10 weeks to complete.

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Skills You Can Gain From A Course In Fine Arts

Here are some common skills that you may gain after pursuing a fine arts course:

  • Attention to detail: These courses involve the development of observational skills and your ability to focus on refining your artistic works where detail is of value.

  • Time management: Pursuing an online course can help you develop time management skills, as you typically complete the lessons in your own time and learn to manage tasks and the stages of your artistic process independently.

  • Technical knowledge: Depending on the online course you choose, it may offer specialised knowledge you can apply to your art, like colour theory, composition, textures, proportions and visual framing.

  • Communication: Fine art courses can help you develop visual communication techniques that convey your message to an audience.

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