Top PHP Coding Tutorials and Courses For Beginners And Experts

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Updated 2 September 2022 | Published 13 December 2021

Updated 2 September 2022

Published 13 December 2021

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PHP is a basic programming language that coders usually learn at the beginning of their careers. There are several PHP (hypertext pre-processor) courses and tutorials available online, and it can be challenging to choose between them. Knowing about some reputable courses and what they offer can simplify your decision-making process. In this article, we discuss what PHP coding tutorials and courses are and share some popular certifications for your consideration.

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What Are PHP Coding Tutorials And Courses?

PHP coding tutorials and courses help learners understand basic web development. PHP is considered one of the best languages for beginners to learn, as it has many applications and many of its resources are available freely. Enrolling for an online PHP course can help you understand how content management systems work. New coders and learners usually learn PHP in combination with other coding languages like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. There are several online communities, forums, resources and tools to help learners master PHP.

PHP certifications are usually short-term courses that can help you learn the language. Completing a certificate course can act as an official certification of your skills and expertise in PHP. Earning such a certificate can improve your employability prospects and make your job application unique. Many web developers get more than one PHP certification to demonstrate their expertise in different specialisations and reflect their advanced knowledge. There are a variety of paid and free PHP certifications available in the market.

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How To Get A PHP Coding Certification?

Follow these steps to complete a PHP course and earn a certification:

1. Get the required education

Completing your senior secondary education, or 10+2, is usually the minimum requirement for enrolling in a PHP certification programme. Many graduate students also pursue such courses alongside their regular academic degree programmes. Beginner PHP courses usually do not require prerequisite knowledge of subjects. It is important to remember that many of these certifications are usually short-term courses that provide a basic understanding of the language. Students who have a bachelor's or master's degree along with such certifications may get better career opportunities than those who only complete the certification course.

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2. Select the right certification

There are a variety of programmes and platforms offering PHP certifications. Here are some factors that can help you decide which one to pursue:

  • Format: Determine the learning format of the course and see if it is convenient for you. While students may prefer visiting an institute and training in a classroom under expert supervision, working professionals may want an online course that they can manage easily with their job.

  • Duration: Depending on your goal and availability, choose a course that helps you decide your learning pace. Some beginner courses may last for just a few weeks, whereas expert and advanced certifications may be a few months long.

  • Availability: Enquire whether the learning material, exercises, tools and other information would be available after the course completion. It can be beneficial to have your own resources to refer to them in the future.

  • Expertise: Choose a skill level that aligns with your learning goals and skill levels. If the course description does not make it clear, enquire about its suitability from a company representative before enrolling.

  • Price: You can find PHP courses at all price points, ranging from free to thousands of rupees. Depending on your budget and requirements, select a course that offers the maximum benefits and knowledge in its price range.

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3. Build your expertise

Once you have registered for the course, start studying and completing modules. You may be required to complete short quizzes or assessment tests at the end of each module and your performance in these may determine your final grade. Some certification courses may not have assessment tests and simply evaluate your performance based on a practical assignment. Complete the modules and submit any projects or assignments before the due date to get your certification. Make sure you obtain a copy of your certificate and get the required registration number.

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Different Types Of PHP Coding Tutorials And Courses

Here are some PHP certification courses and service providers to consider based on your skills and requirement:

Zend Certified PHP Engineer

Zend PHP certification is one of the most well-known courses for coders in the world. Having this certification can help establish your expertise and skill levels to global employers. You can get this certificate by passing the required examination. The exam topics include:

  • PHP basics

  • Functions

  • Data format and types

  • Web features

  • Object-oriented programming

  • Security

  • I/O

  • Strings and patterns

  • Databases and SQL

  • Arrays

  • Error handling

Currently, the exam has 75 questions, and candidates get 90 minutes to answer them. It is important to note that Zend PHP certification is for coders with intermediate skills and expertise. The company also offers PHP courses and has a certified study guide to help learners prepare for the exam.

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PHP Developer certification

A comprehensive online certification course consisting of 40 hours of training material is available. Upon completing the course, professionals get a badge that can be helpful when applying for jobs on the website. This course is for beginner PHP learners and coders and focuses on the fundamental aspects of the language. Having a basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is the only prerequisite for this course. Here are some topics that the course includes:

  • Programming algorithms

  • Introduction to PHP

  • PHP fundamentals

  • Website creation

  • PHP with MySQL essential training

  • Ajax with PHP

  • MVC frameworks

  • Test-driven development

The course has several modules, and the instructors are leading experts in the industry. They include entrepreneurs, business leaders, engineering managers, content developers and tech experts with proven expertise in the domain. There is a monthly fee to access this course and you can complete all the modules at your own pace. You get the badge of completion after all the modules are complete.

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Coursera PHP certification

There are many PHP certifications available on Coursera for different expertise levels and specialisations. The instructors and creators of these courses are renowned professors from leading global universities. The learning platform separates all PHP courses into four skill levels, starting with beginners. Even if you do not have any knowledge about PHP or coding, you can start from this level. Here are some different modules and courses included:

  • Introduction to HTML and JavaScript

  • PHP vocabulary and terminology

  • PHP functions

  • Error resolution

  • Integration

  • Building web applications

  • Object-oriented programming

  • Building database applications

Most modules and lessons have integrated quizzes and assignments that test what the learner has understood. You can complete the course as per your availability.

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W3Schools PHP certification

With more than 30,000 certifications already issued, W3Schools has one of the most reputable PHP exams and certifications in the market. You get access to the study materials and content free of cost on the website and can complete the course at your pace. Before giving the main exam, you can also practice with W3Schools online quizzes and assessments. The company also offers paid courses and free courses in other programming languages. Here is a list of topics included in the PHP developer certificate course:

  • Introduction to PHP

  • PHP installation

  • Basic web operations

  • Object-oriented programming

  • PHP forms

  • PHP - Ajax


You require a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript before learning the course content. The exam consists of 70 multiple-choice questions, and learners get 70 minutes to answer them. A minimum pass percentage of 75% is necessary to clear this exam. If you score 95% or higher, you get a special mention on the certificate as well.

Udemy PHP certification courses

Udemy offers courses for PHP learning and development for different skill levels and learners get a certification for completing each level. These include specialised courses consisting of video tutorials, exercises and study materials from leading experts. Here are the different courses on offer:

  • PHP for beginners

  • PHP unit testing

  • Complete PHP object-oriented programming

  • PHP and MySQL

  • Modern PHP web development

  • APIs in PHP

The cost of each course can vary from time to time, but you can purchase them with a one-time fee. Once you purchase the course, you can complete it at your own pace and access the learning material. All courses on the platform have high ratings from learners and users.

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