Writing A Retirement Speech For Your Boss (With Example)

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Updated 19 January 2023

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Working for any organization usually involves witnessing the entry and departure of colleagues and managers. Sometimes, the departure can be for better opportunities and at other times it may be because of retirement. When your supervisor retires and leaves the company, you may prepare and deliver a farewell speech for them to commemorate their contributions to the company and wish them well. In this article, we discuss the things to include in a retirement speech for your boss and look at some frequently asked questions about writing a retirement speech, along with a useful example.

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What To Include In A Retirement Speech For Your Boss

When giving a retirement speech for your boss, you can include things that are relevant and relatable to both the manager and the team members, including yourself. Providing details and examples can make your speech more authentic, rather than just making generic statements. Here are some things that you can include in your speech:

Expression of gratitude

In your speech, you can express your gratitude for your manager's service, help and contributions to the company and the team members during their tenure. You can do this after the introduction, where you mention what your manager's leadership has been like and the positions they held in the company. You can express thanks on behalf of yourself, the rest of the team members, and the company.

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What you have learned from them

It is important to mention the things you and the team members may have learned from your supervisor. These can include skills, work ethics, best practices, discipline and other useful character traits that help you perform more effectively in your role. This can make them feel that their efforts have provided value to the team and the company.

Their leadership style

Talk about how your manager led the team and guided you at every step. There are different leadership styles. Think about which was the most dominant style in your supervisor. Determine whether they lead by example or if they were more like a coach, and whether they were visionary or gave full control to the assignees on a task. Try to give specific examples of instances where they have displayed these styles.

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What you may miss about them

There can be certain character and personality traits that you may really appreciate about your supervisor. They may have been a great mentor to you and guided you through difficult tasks or been patient and friendly. Mention what you would miss the most about them in both professional and personal aspects. This allows your manager to feel appreciated for the positivity, encouragement, and guidance offered to you during their time in the role.

Their impact and influence on the organization

Every manager may have a unique set of skills and qualities. They may be an excellent leader who can influence and inspire others to perform their best on the job. They may have implemented positive changes in the work environment and structure of the organization to help improve the business in terms of functionality, adaptability, growth, or revenue. Mention some of their most significant achievements and contributions and how they impacted others.

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Some light humor

Retirement or farewell speeches can be quite emotional. Hence, it is important to bring in some joyful moments too to allow everyone to laugh or appreciate the happy memories. If you had a good rapport with your supervisor, you can do this by sharing an inside joke to which both your manager and the team may easily relate.

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FAQs About Writing A Retirement Speech

Here are some frequently asked questions about writing a retirement speech along with answers:

How long should the retirement speech be?

This usually depends on how big your organization and the event are, how many employees are gathering for it, and the number of speakers who may be speaking. If you work for a multinational company, then there are likely to be a few more speakers apart from you. Here, try to keep your speech to a reasonable length of about 500 words or fewer. If it is a smaller organization and the farewell feels like an intimate affair with a small group of people where you might be the key speaker, you may go beyond that.

Can I use a presentation or slides to show pictures while speaking?

You can share some memorable pictures and videos during your speech. Some employees may even create a movie about their manager, showcasing the best moments and messages from their teams. You can also add some funny moments and background music to the video. You can also prerecord the team singing a farewell song for your supervisor and show that in the video. Try to make sure your slideshow is appropriate, professional, and positive, as other employees or senior-level team members may be present during it.

What topics should I cover during the retirement speech?

Since the farewell is about the manager who is leaving, try to keep the primary focus on them. Only talk about things that are related to your retiring supervisor, their accomplishments, their personal and professional qualities, and your experience with them. If a different employee is replacing the manager, you can talk about them briefly if it relates to the overall message that you are discussing within the speech.

Can I present flowers or a present to a manager before, during, or after the speech?

It is quite common to present flowers and presents to the retiring individual during or after a farewell speech. Usually, teams or employees do this collectively as a group. If you feel you have had a special rapport with your manager and would like to present an additional gift that is exclusively from you, you can either provide them with the gift when you're offering their retirement speech or you can do so privately if the gift feels more personal.

Example Of A Retirement Speech

Here is an example of a retirement speech that you may use to write one for your manager:

"Dear colleagues and seniors,

We have gathered here today to give a warm farewell to our supervisor, Mr. Ajay Lakhanpal, who has served the company in varying capacities during the last 15 years and set new standards while constantly bringing about positive changes in the organization. Mr. Lakhanpal's contributions have led to significant improvements in the company, impacting the morale and performance of many of us. Your vigor and passion for the job were an inspiration for all of us.

I remember, when we were working on the activewear project and I was still new to this position, recently graduated. My job was to prepare the complete business plan for the next six months. Having graduated from a top business school in the country, one would assume that would have been a simple task for me. I didn't want to get it wrong and disappoint him and the team. I felt cluttered with so many ideas that I couldn't understand how to write them down on paper.

Mr. Lakhanpal intuitively understood my dilemma and summoned me to his office. I felt so comfortable sharing the challenges I was facing in the project and in the role For the next few days, he spent several hours teaching me mind-mapping techniques to put my ideas in order and to improve my organizational and creative abilities. Presenting my ideas to him and getting validation gave me a confidence boost. You should know, I never stopped using all the skills and strategies that you have taught me. We are all sincerely grateful to have had a mentor like you through our journey in this company.

We understand you are now ready to move on to the next stage in your life and focus on family, friends, and other joys of retired life, but saying goodbye to a manager like you offers its challenges, of course. We wish you the very best for your life ahead and whatever ventures you may choose to pursue after this, and we sincerely hope that you would choose to keep us in your thoughts and communication. It has been an honor to work with and for you.

Thank you!"

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