Retirement Wishes For Your Colleague (With Tips And Samples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 25 October 2021

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A retirement wish is an informal goodbye message that can nourish your existing work relationship. When your colleague is about to leave your organisation, retirement wishes can help you express your sentiments towards them. Depending on your relationship, you can choose to send wishes in many ways, from humourous to emotional wishes. In this article, we discuss why to write retirement wishes for colleagues, review different ways to write one, list what to include in a retirement card and share sample retirement wishes for different emotions to help you send a heartfelt parting message to your colleague.

Retirement wishes for your colleague

You can wish for retirement in many ways depending on the nature of your relationship with your colleague. Here are some retirement wishes for your colleague:

Emotional retirement wishes

Here are eight emotional retirement wishes:

  1. I am sending my wishes for your new phase of life! Please keep sharing what you are up to, as I am looking forward to hearing your updates!

  2. Although you have retired from your job, you are always in my heart. Enjoy your retirement!

  3. You know this place may not be the same without you. Miss you already!

  4. We had the best time together. I already miss you a lot!

  5. It is hard to see you go, but I am happy about your new phase. I am sending a lot of good wishes your way. Keep in touch!

  6. Hearty congratulations on your retirement. Sad to know, we may not see each other every day.

  7. Who can I crack jokes with now? I am going to miss you very badly. Always keep in touch with me!

  8. You were more than just a colleague. I miss working together and wishing you a happy life ahead. Let us stay in touch.

Humourous retirement wishes

Here are eight humourous retirement wishes:

  1. You finally get time to sleep; goodbye to work!

  2. No night shifts, only night outs. Happy retirement!

  3. Happy to hear about your breakup. Enjoy retirement!

  4. I know you retired years ago from work, but now enjoy your official retirement!

  5. Now you have licensing to not work, nobody can ask you for updates. Celebrate your retirement!

  6. You have a new task, which is to eat, sleep, enjoy, repeat. Enjoy your retirement task!

  7. Goodbye to formals, hello to casuals. Have a relaxed retirement!

  8. When the job gives you savings, spend on retirement. Have some fun!

Inspirational retirement wishes

Eight inspirational retirement wishes include:

  1. Retirement is not a limitation. It opens the door of the library. Have a productive retirement!

  2. Do not just retire from work, instead prepare for new learning.

  3. Consider your retirement a new beginning, and you can experience a good time.

  4. Retire from your office job but never retire from your passion. Utilise your retirement!

  5. And in the end, you are not just counted years, but you have carried home a box of learning. I wish you a happy retirement!

  6. Retirement is a path to fulfil your dreams. Best wishes in your way!

  7. Retirement leads to a new beginning. Keep learning!

  8. Congratulations on your retirement. Have a good time with your family!

Why write retirement wishes for colleagues

Delighting your to-be former colleagues with some warm wishes is an effective idea as retirement brings a fresh chapter in their life. Warm retirement wishes help you show appreciation for their past works and give best wishes for the new beginning. Regardless of the reason for the retirement, a heartfelt parting message can leave a lasting impression. Consider showing your gratitude and encouragement with wishes to make their retirement enjoyable.

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What makes good retirement wishes

Retirement is a pivotal event with a mixture of emotions. It includes good deeds and the future plans of the to-be former colleague. Here are ideas to help you create effective retirement wishes:

Acknowledging hard work

You can consider acknowledging the hard work of your colleague and letting them know their efforts made an impact. Mention their actions and efforts to appreciate and make them feel important. You can express your admiration for their discipline and dedication towards their work. You can also include a few general achievements you want to share and acknowledge on a personal level.

Appreciating good behaviour

Consider appreciating the excellent behaviour of your colleague while writing wishes. It can be friendly and heartwarming to show that you liked or enjoyed their behaviour. You can describe how they cared for fellow employees and helped their teammates unconditionally.

Mentioning influences

Mentioning employees' influences on you can be heartwarming for them. Describe the activities of your colleague that influenced you to help them feel more appreciated. You can mention how their exceptional and consistent performances motivated you to improve yours.

Adding personal message

Good retirement wishes often include a personal message. You can write about your opinion of them, such as your experience working with them and what you have learned from them. You can add how their absence may affect you and how much you may miss them. Providing your colleague with a personal message can make them feel more special and boost their mood.

What to write on a retirement card

Because retirement may be a life-changing event, you can make your wishes extra memorable. Here are some of the essential things to include in a retirement card for your colleague:

Say congratulations

Start with a heartfelt congratulation on the retirement of your colleague. Show some excitement about their new life experience. You can mention a statement acknowledging their retirement plans if you know about them, such as spending time with family, relaxing or learning new skills.

Share memorable moments

Share a memorable moment and let your colleague know you may miss them. If you are a family member or close friend, mention what you remember most about their path to success. Share an exciting story of them that you may never forget. Recall the moment or tell a funny story about them that may make them laugh.

Compliment contributions

Give compliments for their contributions to the organisation. Tell them what you genuinely feel about their work. Show appreciations to support that their contributions make a difference and are worth recognising. Be authentic and specific while complimenting and precisely mention what they have done correctly. You can also say how their contributions benefit the company.

Write well-wishes

As your colleague moves into a new phase, you can include good wishes for their future success. Sharing small good wishes can make them smile. You can wish them a peaceful future, countless vacations, a great time with family or an amusing message. You might also tell about how you look for spending time with them again.

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Ways to write retirement wishes

Retirement wishes may include good wishes, emotional support and congratulatory notes. There are various approaches for sending retirement wishes. Some people welcome a humourous remark, while others love appreciations and compliments. Here are some types of retirement wishes you can offer your colleague:

  • congratulatory

  • funny

  • emotional

  • inspiring

  • appreciating

  • memories

  • futuristic

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Tips for writing good retirement wishes

Retirement can bring long-awaited plans and dreams into actualisation. Your retirement wishes on a card, email or text can express your joy at the accomplishments and expectations that retirement brings. Following are some tips for writing good retirement wishes:

Know your colleague

While writing a more personalised message, knowing the person well can help you bring some personal vibe to your retirement wishes. You can try looking at their favourite pastime, colour or hobby to personalise your wishes. You can spend some time with them and have a conversation over more personal things such as likes and dislikes, favourite memories and future plans to know your colleague better.

Consider the reason for retirement

It is essential to consider the reason for the retirement of your colleague. Knowing why your colleague is retiring can help you add the right emotion to your wishes. If their retirement is because of any consequence, you can send them inspiring wishes, while if it is to fulfil their dreams, you can send them best wishes and good lucks.

Keep the tone pleasant

Your tone of message decides how your colleague perceives your wishes. Retirement can bring a variety of changes in the retiree's life, so try to keep your message positive and inspiring. A pleasant tone of your wish can make your message memorable.

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