Top Short-Term Courses After 12th For Career Development

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Published 14 April 2022

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The desire to study in the best college and gain job-ready skills is prevalent in students, especially after finishing school. Many students also prefer completing short-term certification courses to develop specialised skills. Knowing about the best short-term courses to help enhance your knowledge and skill set can help you make better career decisions. In this article, we discuss some of the best short-term courses after 12th standard for students of different streams.

Top short-term courses after 12th

Here is a list of the best short-term courses after 12th standard that can help increase your skills and knowledge:


If you are interested in programming and coding, learning Python and gaining functional skills in this programming language can be helpful. Various free and paid certifications are available on online learning platforms and offer a range of Python courses, depending on your specialisation and level of skill. Python is the first choice for new developers and coders as it is relatively easy to understand. Due to its simple codes and faster readability, many software development companies hire skilled Python developers for developing software applications.

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React JS

Another popular software development course you can consider pursuing is React JS, which is an open-source JavaScript library that developers use to build user interfaces for single-page applications. This course can enhance your software development, programming, and technical skills. After enrolling in a suitable online course, you can gain relevant skills to develop the layers for various web and mobile applications. You can also become proficient in creating a reusable user interface or UI components.


If you are interested in gaining knowledge about web development, consider enrolling in an online course for Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP. PHP is an open-source scripting language that operates on the server-side and allows developers to create websites and applications. PHP courses have several specialisations, but beginners can start with a foundational course to understand its many elements and aspects. As you learn PHP, you can also choose your specialisation and pursue more advanced courses as per your interest.

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C programming

C programming is a general-purpose and commonly used computer programming language. Learning this language can be beneficial if you are want to work in the IT, technology and software industries. The C programming language is highly portable, and programmers use this for scripting system applications that form a considerable part of Windows and Linux operating systems. Gaining essential C programming skills can make you proficient in various roles of a software programmer, such as working on enterprise applications or designing games, graphics or complex websites.

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C++ programming

C++ is a general-purpose programming language that can be beneficial if you are an aspiring programmer, game developer or interested in developing operating systems and browsers. There are several online courses to boost your understanding of the programming language. The primary difference between C++ and C language is that C++ has more object-oriented features than its predecessor. This language is prevalent among programmers who develop graphical applications, like those running in Windows or iOS environments.

Total quality management

The total quality management or TQM course can be a good choice for aspiring engineering and management professionals to get practical training on efficient customer management through enhancing quality. TQM is a popular management and quality control concept that helps organisations, businesses, and individuals achieve long-term success through customer satisfaction. Enrolling in a TQM course after 10+2 can boost your employability prospects, as it equips you with essential job skills and enhances your understanding of core management practices. This course can also help you pursue management graduation or a master's degree in business management.


Kaizen is a Japanese term that means "change for the better" or "continuous improvement." Professionally, this term refers to continuously improving the work practices, efficiency and quality, all of which can lead to better personal and professional development in workplaces. If you are a management student, you may have already read about kaizen in case studies, but this can be a new concept for engineering and IT students. In lean business management, kaizen or rapid improvement enables efficient production methods. If this concept interests you and aligns with your professional goals, consider enrolling in this development course.

Digital marketing

As more business processes and customer experiences become digital, the importance of digital marketing has increased. Irrespective of the professional field you wish to enter, learning the basics of marketing and sales can help you perform your job effectively. You can learn several specialisations in digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and email marketing. If you learn digital marketing, you have various career options to consider, including digital marketing manager, blogger, entrepreneur or digital media specialist.

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Project management

Project management is essential for the success of any project, campaign and business. Practical project management skills can equip you with the tools and resources to ideate, plan, execute and control a project to achieve desired outcomes for all relevant stakeholders. Project management is usually one of the top sought-after skills for managers and leaders. Learning this skill can increase your chances of employment in industries like IT, marketing, manufacturing, construction, banking, healthcare and consultancies. The project management professional (PMP) is a popular certification in this domain.

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WordPress training course

WordPress is a leading content management system (CMS) globally that enables you to create and manage web pages and websites. Learning the functional aspects of this content management system can prepare you for website development or digital marketing jobs. You can also start your independent blog, website or online service and gain job-specific skills such as web development, web designing or search engine optimisation (SEO). Beginners can benefit from the many starter WordPress courses and gradually pursue more specialised courses about customisation, plug-ins and APIs.

English communication and writing

Strong communication skills are essential in all roles and industries. English language communicators or writers can get several employment opportunities in various sectors, such as education, NGOs, government and private organisations. Students with excellent English language skills can also work as freelance writers or trainers to educate and impart knowledge to other learners. This course is one of the best short-term courses for students as it helps you develop crucial soft skills that can benefit you in every role and profession. You can also pursue other creative careers or become a teacher of the English language.

Hotel management

There are various short-term hotel management certificates or diploma courses that can train you to become a hospitality and catering industry professional. You can also learn other relevant skills and expertise in hospitality marketing, food and beverage management and corporate communication. Such courses can also provide you with a comprehensive understanding of leadership principles, front office management and accommodation management. After completing this course, you can work at hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, and other travel establishments.

Event management

A diploma or certificate course in event management can prepare you for a career in the media and events industry. It can equip you with job-related skills to organise and implement a successful event. Taking this course can also enhance your communication, presentation and resilience skills. This strategic thinking also enables you to ideate, plan and execute an event creatively. The duration of the course varies with organisation and specialisation, but a good event management course provides you with comprehensive knowledge of advertising, budget planning and logistics.

Animation and web design

If you are interested in learning visual design and animation, you can pursue certification courses in these fields. This course can help you learn the basics of design, 3D animation, computer-aided designing, game design and product designing. You learn how to operate expert software and tools, alongside fundamental knowledge about visual principles and aesthetic design. After completing these courses, you can pursue a graduation degree as per your interest or even get some professional work experience. Most of these courses are short term and usually last for a few months.

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