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Updated 30 September 2022

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Marketing consultants are external advisors with expert marketing experience who provide various marketing services to boost a company's brand presence. These professionals conceptualise and implement different marketing plans, campaigns and initiatives to rebrand, upskill and help the company reach more customers. If you want to become a marketing consultant, you can benefit from learning about the essential skills that can help these professionals excel in the workplace. In this article, we discuss some crucial skills for marketing consultants and explore their importance in shaping you as a competent marketing professional.

Why are skills for marketing consultants necessary?

Skills for marketing consultants are necessary because they can provide them with professional insight and expertise into excelling at their jobs. When marketing professionals have the relevant skill set, employers can feel more confident hiring them. It also enables them to target competitive organisations and contribute to the job role using their professional knowledge and skills. Since their job requires them to perform several marketing activities, from copywriting to social media marketing, knowing the relevant skills can help them prepare accordingly. When these professionals have the right skill set, they can perform their daily duties effectively.

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Essential skills for marketing consultants

Here are some essential skills for marketing consultants:


Good marketing consultants have outstanding verbal and written communication proficiency, as their job requires them to communicate with relevant teammates and business stakeholders frequently. Since the position of a marketing consultant requires them to be collaborative at work, they can benefit from having excellent communication skills. Often, their role requires them to discuss new marketing strategies or ask for feedback on their marketing campaign. In these instances, they can benefit from communicating their needs effectively to their colleagues or mentors and networking with other employees effectively. Good speaking and listening skills can help these professionals perform their jobs efficiently.

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Copywriting refers to the art of writing persuasive copy to sell a company's products or services to its potential clients or stakeholders. The most effective copies are often the ones that can influence a person to buy a product or service without selling it straight away. Many marketing consultants can benefit from choosing the right words that can target a buyer's needs and emotions without making the copy look like blatant promotion of a product or service. These professionals can benefit from improving their writing and persuasion skills. Empathy can also help enhance your copywriting skills.

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Attention to detail

Marketing consultants measure the impact and success of their marketing activities, so they can benefit from having strong attention to detail. When these professionals focus on the little relevant information of a marketing campaign or a piece of their copy, they can improve their skill set and perform efficiently at their jobs.

Strong attention to detail also allows them to focus on the most relevant task and enhance their time management, project management and prioritisation skills. Since this job often requires marketing consultants to perform detailed research on the market, audience and industry trends, they can boost their productivity using this skill.

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Lead generation

Lead generation refers to identifying the potential target market and their needs during the research process and then aligning the marketing campaign to meet their needs and convert them to buying customers. With digital marketing, most lead generation and customer acquisition processes occur online. These professionals may benefit from understanding consumer psychology and performing online marketing practices that can help boost customer engagement and interest in the brand. There are many ways they attract their audience's attention, like through effective email campaigns or paid social media advertising. This often means that having relevant lead generation knowledge is essential for them.

Content management

Content management is another crucial skill for marketing consultants, as their job requires them to constantly update and manage their company's content across various digital channels. Depending on the specific marketing campaign, industrial practices and strategies they decide upon, they require excellent content management skills to ensure consistency.

Updating and managing various forms of content across mediums may increase the chances of users remembering and identifying certain brands. Marketing professionals often rely on software applications to distribute content and target the specific needs of their audience.

Marketing automation software

Having a working knowledge of various marketing automation software can help you save time and increase your efficiency at the workplace. There are various software tools in the market that these professionals rely on. The key advantage of learning these tools is that they can help systemise your workflow while boosting overall productivity. Knowledge of marketing automation software can help you automate simpler tasks like prospecting, lead engagement or identifying preferences. This strategy allows for more space and time to engage in creative processes, like capturing high intent leads.


One of the essential skills to excel as a marketing consultant is having excellent problem-solving abilities because these professionals often face several unexpected challenges and situations in the workplace. The market profession may often require professionals to stay active and strategise solutions to existing issues. Good problem-solving abilities also enable you to better understand common marketing practices and the audiences' preferences when testing and implementing various strategies and analysing their results.

Social media

Marketing consultants may benefit from the practical knowledge of social media and its algorithms to better identify market needs and create content that matches those requirements. Since digital marketing practices require you to promote a business on social media, an adequate understanding of these mediums can help you strategise and execute marketing campaigns successfully.

Expert knowledge of social media also allows you to tailor your content effectively and reinvent the brand when the market trends change. With data analytics, you can easily access information regarding the content that performed best and not-so-better while re-establishing their marketing efforts to boost their brand presence.

Marketing research

One of the essential aspects of a marketing consultant's job is that they require adequate knowledge and expertise in conducting marketing research and strategising the findings to fit into a comprehensive marketing plan. There are various ways these professionals conduct marketing research, like through surveys or competition analysis. You can benefit from having a solid understanding of various market research software to help automate the process and help you become more efficient at work.

Analytical thinking

Marketing consultants often have a solid analytical understanding of the market and industry trends concerning the business, which allows you to think through situations and apply the best strategy to boost the business. You can achieve the full strength of your marketing efforts if you have a sound understanding of the critical processes that comprise various areas of marketing.

Analytical thinking also enables these professionals to analyse a problem or issue at work and provide a better alternative to solve it. This skill helps them offer a holistic perspective on marketing strategies to ideate and execute plans that support their business goals.


Most marketing consultants require creativity to excel in their career because it allows them to think and provide innovative ideas and marketing strategies for brand promotion. Creativity ensures that they re-strategise and re-establish their marketing efforts as per changing market trends and industry practices.

When you are creative, they are more open to listening to new ideas and accept feedback to improve their marketing practices. This skill ensures you are curious to learn and discover new ways of executing the same campaign to appeal to specific audiences. Creativity helps marketing consultants grow into well-rounded professionals and boosts their competence.


Since marketing is often collaborative, marketing consultants can benefit from strong interpersonal and networking skills. With digital marketing, most networking events and practices occur online, so these professionals can benefit from identifying the platforms where their clients are most active and connecting with them organically.

Networking also allows them to build solid connections and nurture them as part of their marketing campaign to secure more reach and promote their service or product. When these professionals connect with other like-minded individuals, they can better explain the benefits of their offering and convince them to try or promote it.


Marketing consultants may serve as influential leaders who can successfully speak, write, engage and market their offerings to the right audience. Strong leadership skills can allow you to motivate colleagues and teammates to perform their duties effectively. This practice ensures that you can work collectively towards fulfilling company goals and objectives. Following leadership values and principles can help you effectively convey your ideas to relevant stakeholders and instil faith in the brand.

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