61 Team Appreciation Messages (And 5 Tips for How To Write Them)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 30 August 2021

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Showing appreciation to your team can help you strengthen workplace relationships. If done regularly, expressing your appreciation can positively affect the morale of your entire office. Different messages of appreciation may be appropriate for a variety of circumstances, so it can helpful to review a list of messages that you can send. In this article, we share 61 different team appreciation messages for you to consider.

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Team appreciation messages

Here are some short messages of appreciation that you can use to help construct your own personal messages to send to your team:

A thank you to one employee for a specific task

Here are some messages you can send to your team if someone performs well in a project task or other responsibility:

  1. Your contributions to this project have been invaluable. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. I am so lucky to work with you because you can bring innovative ideas and a fresh perspective on the project.

  3. Thank you for your meticulous work on this project. We could not have done it without you.

  4. You have elevated this project with your hard work and great ideas. Thank you for your contributions.

  5. I truly appreciate the time and effort you have put into this project.

  6. I appreciate your perspective on this project.

  7. We owe a lot of the success of this project to you. Thank you.

  8. I appreciate your guidance and encouragement on our latest project. I would not have been able to do it without you.

  9. You have made this project possible with your hard work.

  10. I am always impressed by the superb work you do, and this time is no exception.

  11. Please allow me to express my gratitude for the extra time and effort you put into this project.

  12. It was not easy, but I knew I could count on you.

  13. Your work on this project is impressive.

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A thank you to a team member for continued work

Explore these messages you can deliver for extraordinary work that is ongoing:

  1. I wanted to express my gratitude for your contributions to this team.

  2. Your attention to detail is an asset to this team.

  3. Thank you for working so hard on this team. Our success is in part because of you.

  4. Your team recognises all your hard work, and we thank you.

  5. I am so glad to have the opportunity to work on this team with you.

  6. Your enthusiasm and dedication to the work are an inspiration to your teammates.

  7. You are consistently a powerful member of this team, and we appreciate all that you do for us.

  8. Your contributions have made such a difference on this team.

  9. Our team has grown so much because of your contributions. Thank you for all your help.

  10. I believe your team can succeed because of your help.

  11. You are a wonderful coworker and a joy to have on our team.

  12. You motivate others to improve because of your dedication and your hard work.

  13. I am inspired by the hard work you do for our team.

  14. Your leadership is an asset to this team and an inspiration to others.

  15. Your team depends on you, and you always come through. Thank you for being such a team player.

  16. I feel very lucky to have the chance to work with you.

  17. Your team continues to improve because of your influence.

  18. Your hard work is the benchmark of success for this company.

  19. This team is lucky to have you as a member.

A thank you to your team

For a sincere message of thanks, use these examples as inspiration:

  1. This team continues to impress the company and remains a leader in its department.

  2. I appreciate everything this team has done to complete this project on time.

  3. I want to show my appreciation to you all for your hard work on this project.

  4. I want to thank your team for their hard work and dedication.

  5. This team is an inspiration to the rest of the company.

  6. Thank you for working as a team to accomplish this task.

  7. This team is a joy to work with.

  8. Your work as a team continues to move this company forward.

  9. This team's dedication and hard work have paid off, and we thank you for all that you have done to accomplish this task.

  10. Without this team, our company would not be where we are today.

  11. We appreciate the hard work of this team.

  12. I want your team to know how much I appreciate all their hard work.

  13. This team's speed, efficiency and accuracy are commendable.

  14. Thank you to your team for their dedication to innovation.

  15. This team is an asset to our company.

General messages of appreciation

Here are some general messages you can share to show your appreciation:

  1. I appreciate your hard work.

  2. You are the best at what you do.

  3. You have a talent for attention to detail, and it shows in your work.

  4. You continue to amaze us with your talent and dedication.

  5. Thank you for being an amazing coworker.

  6. I can always count on you.

  7. I am so lucky to have such an amazing coworker.

  8. You continue to impress us with your dedication and hard work.

  9. I want to tell you how much I appreciate all you do.

  10. I want you to know I see and appreciate all the hard work you have done.

  11. Thank you for continually raising the level of performance and achievement.

  12. Thank you for your support.

  13. Thank you for being not only a great coworker but a true friend.

  14. I am so grateful for your insight.

How do you appreciate teamwork?

Your team performs vital roles to help grow and maintain your business. Recognising your team's hard work can help preserve your relationship with your team and motivate them to continue their positive contributions. Sending a note can show them how much you value their work. Consider the following when saying thank you for great teamwork:

Sending the message

There are a variety of formats that you can use to send a message of gratitude. For example, email may be the easiest way to send a message to your team, and they will likely receive it immediately. This may be appropriate for a quick and efficient expression of your gratitude. However, a handwritten note can be more meaningful and it may be more appropriate for expressing your thanks concerning a larger task or project.

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To whom you can address the message

If you are congratulating a team on a combined project, you may address the note to a specific team and deliver it to the team leader to be shared with the group. However, if you are showing staff appreciation, you can deliver individual messages to the members of the team. This is a more personalised approach and can show individual team members that you recognise their contribution to the project.

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What to include in your message

When writing a message to express gratitude to your team, consider what recent actions you have seen from the team that you want to thank them for. Specificity can provide helpful feedback for the team. By letting them know what you appreciate about their work, you can help them understand what you expect from their work in the future. You can also include specific information about how their work contributed to material growth in the company, showing your team members they have a vital impact on the company.

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Provide a reward

Depending on how big the task was or how often you express gratitude for great teamwork, you can give a reward along with your message of thanks. These rewards can be monetary, like cash or gift cards. You can provide a smaller reward, like paid lunch or a small token of your appreciation. These rewards can motivate your team members to continue to improve their performance. They can also show your team members how much you appreciate their hard work.

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Tips for writing a heartfelt message of appreciation

Here are some tips that you can remember when writing your own messages of appreciation:

  • Keep it short. A small message is better than letting someone's hard work go unnoticed. You can just write a few lines to express your gratitude.

  • Make it genuine. An authentic message of appreciation can go a long way, and it is most impactful when it is an honest representation of how you feel.

  • Be specific. Being specific can reinforce your appreciation because it shows that you pay attention to their work and that you know the details of what they do for you.

  • Use a friendly tone. A note of thanks can engender goodwill between you and the team member or the team. Keep a friendly tone to show that you are approachable and genuine in your thanks.

  • Be work-appropriate. You can make sure your message is appropriate for work by only writing notes of team appreciation for work activities, and refraining from mentioning any unprofessional jokes or language. This allows you to maintain a positive work environment.

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