What Are Achievements in Life? (With Three Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 1 July 2022

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In a job interview, the hiring manager may ask you to describe achievements you have made throughout your career and life. Your response can emphasise your contributions to your industry and commitment to your passion, which can impress the employer. Learning the definition of life accomplishments and how to communicate them to an interviewer can enable you to represent yourself well as a job candidate. In this article, we answer the question, 'What are achievements in life?', list the steps to discuss them during the hiring process and provide examples.

What Are Achievements In Life?

If you are wondering, 'What are achievements in life?', they are actions that you took that had positive impacts on you and your profession. They can exemplify your technical skill, dedication and perseverance. When you talk about your accomplishments to an employer, you can show that you can be a competent employee because of your previous experiences.

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How To Discuss Your Achievements In Life In An Interview

Follow these steps to tell the hiring manager about successes you have made in your personal or professional life:

1. Show your personality

Interviewers ask about your achievements to know more about your personality. You can demonstrate how you prioritise tasks to reach a goal and evaluate your progress to determine your success, which may be qualities that the company values in its employees. Assure the employer that you are confident about the work you produce while being humble and dedicated to improving your skills.

While the words you use to describe your accomplishment are important, the delivery of your answer can make a lasting positive impression on the interviewer. Exude confidence while you speak to show that you are proud of the actions you took. Talk about your personal and professional values that guided you to advance your career. For example, if your achievement was that you wrote a thesis that received the highest rating in your class, then you can mention that your values were self-motivation, work ethic and accountability. The employer can anticipate that you can apply those values to the job.

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2. Highlight your qualifications

Consider discussing an accomplishment that illustrates your qualifications for the job you are pursuing. The hiring manager may feel more confident in hiring you after they learn about a contribution you made to another company. You can also tell that you possess the soft and technical skills and the prior experience to perform well in the position.

For instance, if you are interviewing for a teaching role, then you can state that your greatest achievement was coordinating a lesson plan that improved students' academic performance and boosted engagement. Now the interviewer knows you are skilled at creating a productive learning environment for children.

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3. Demonstrate your persistence

Your journey towards reaching a goal may have included challenges, and the hiring manager may expect you to be transparent about what you encountered as you respond to the interview question. Be sure to emphasise the positive result you experienced once you conquered those challenges. The employer can discover that your persistence and skill set worked in your favour, and you can maintain a positive tone for the conversation as you celebrate the highlights of your life.

For instance, suppose you are a candidate for a content writer position, and your achievement was increasing a client's website traffic by 15%. You can explain to the employer that it took time for you to develop a brand voice that resonated with the client's target audience, but your attention to detail and expertise in the field allowed you to develop copy that attracted consumers to the landing page.

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4. Deliver a thorough answer

Use specific details when explaining your life achievements during an interview. You can make it easier for the hiring manager to visualise your contributions and the positive impact. You can also help keep your answer concise, yet thorough.

Provide background information, such as the events that motivated you to establish a goal. You can recall the actions you took to help the vision become a reality and your techniques for putting your plans into action. Devote most of your response to the aftermath of your hard work, allowing the interviewer to understand why the achievement is so important to you and your career.

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Examples Of Achievements In Life

Before your job interview, it may be beneficial to review sample responses so you can contemplate how to describe your achievements in life. Here are three examples to reference:

Example 1

Here is an example answer by an academic adviser:

'My proudest achievement is creating social media pages for the department I worked in at the university. As an academic adviser, it was my responsibility to help recruit and retain the students who chose to study marketing. I learned that students preferred looking for course information online rather than coming to the office or emailing advisers. The department also lacked a social media presence, so it was challenging to raise awareness about classes and school events. That is why I created an official page for the department on three different platforms.

I published content that informed students about career opportunities with a marketing degree and tips for internships. Within the first month, we had 200 followers. By the sixth month, we had 1,000 followers, including alumni, current students and faculty members. The department also experienced a 12% increase in enrolment. To ensure that future managers of the accounts could sustain and grow the followings, I created a style guide that outlined the colour scheme and brand voice for the digital content. Three years later, the department has 10,000 followers on social media.'

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Example 2

Here is an example answer by a volunteer:

'An accomplishment that I am most proud of is orchestrating an activity that encouraged young children to get active. For the past five years, I have volunteered at a nonprofit organisation that hosts after-school programmes for students in lower primary and upper primary. The counsellors and I noticed that the students were reluctant to play activities within the gymnasium and outdoors, and they did not socialise much with other students who were outside of their classes.

I suggested we create an obstacle course that could inspire them to work together and use their energy. We used balls, jump ropes and exercise equipment in the course, requiring students to split into teams and figure out how to overcome each part. Whichever team reached the end of the course first won a prize. Once we introduced the activity to the students, they looked forward to playing it every day. By the end of the programme, I discovered that the children had made new friends, and they enjoyed physical activity more than ever.'

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Example 3

Here is an example answer by a software development manager:

'The biggest highlight of my career was the first product I helped create as a software development manager. We had just signed a new client, a global camera company that was expanding to offer photo editing software that was compatible with mobile devices. This was the first project I led in my new role, and the client ordered a tight deadline. I recruited the best software developers and engineers I knew to work on the product. I also knew how important it was to the firm to satisfy this client, and that motivated me throughout the process.

I designed a communication schedule to update the client and check in with my team to ensure we were meeting our objectives. The client adjusted our budget midway through development, which required us to deviate from our initial plans, but we were able to maintain our productivity and finish testing the product early. Once the client released the product, it received 100,000 downloads within the first two weeks. The client trusted the firm and my team for projects exclusively after that.'

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