What Is a Job Advertisement? Everything You Need to Know

Updated 9 July 2022

A job advertisement is a formal description of a vacant position in a company containing the nature of work, qualification, skill requirements and other important details related to a particular job. The purpose of a job advertisement is to attract employees by describing the benefits of the job. Human resource managers create job advertisements for various roles in the company to hire suitable candidates. In this article, we focus on understanding what a job advertisement is, its structure and the various ways in which you can successfully promote it to hire the right candidates.

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What is a job advertisement?

To understand the answer to, "What is a job advertisement?", it's beneficial to review its definition. A job advertisement is an announcement of a particular work position. The role of this role is to inform candidates about the job vacancies through various platforms and encourage them to apply for the job. It describes the nature of that job and provides information about the company. A well-written job advertisement helps the organisation target potential candidates. Posting the advertisement on the right platforms and promoting it properly gives you a better chance of reaching the right candidates and finding outstanding talent.

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How to write a job advertisement

The layout comprises the following key elements:

1. Craft the job title

The job title or job heading is the first key element of a job advertisement. Try to make it clear and engaging. Use job-related keywords and be specific while writing the job title.

2. Write the job location

Include the job location below the job title. It is one of the important criteria job seekers consider as it allows candidates to know the working options, such as remote, flexible or office work. This allows candidates to know whether the company requires them to relocate, commute to the office or if they can work from home. Mentioning location allows candidates to know whether you are hiring for a small or specific area.

3. Include details about the company

Talk briefly about your company, its functioning and services, including additional information about how long the company has been functional, its vision, mission and a description of the work culture. This gives the candidate an insight into what it will be like to work at your organisation.

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4. List the job description

A job description is a brief paragraph that serves as an introduction to your job advertisement. Try to keep it clear and engaging. Make the tone formal and authoritative. A typical job description includes the job-related expectations from an employee, their work responsibilities, the qualification required to apply for that post, skills, relevant experience and the impact of the position within the organisation.

5. Share benefits

This includes the advantages of working at the organisation. Many companies offer additional perks that encourage candidates to apply for the post. You can include 4 to 5 benefits in the job advertisement, such as,

  • Salary range

  • Paid time off

  • Health/Medical insurance

  • Retirement benefits

  • Flexible schedule

6. Provide qualifications and skill requirements

Job advertisements often specify the qualification and skills required for the particular post. Mention the previous job experience, certification course and technical requirements for the job role. Include general soft skills that are required by the position, such as time management, communication skills and attention to detail.

7. Explain the application process

It is helpful for candidates if you mention how to send the application and the documents required. You can ask candidates to apply via email or by any other method that is more convenient to you. Provide instructions about the format, layout of the cover letter, application letter and the references to send.

8. Add your contact information

Add your contact details so that candidates can contact you if they have any additional questions or experience any difficulties in sending the application. Provide the address of the company, contact number and email id of your human resource manager. This helps the candidate reach out to you in case they have any queries about the application.

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Where to post a job advertisement

Once you draft a job advertisement with all details, post it on various platforms to reach a wide number of candidates. There are many easy and cost-effective ways to post your job advertisement. Note that the style of job posting may vary depending on the platform you choose. Here are the different platforms where you can promote your job advertisement:


Newspapers can be an effective medium to reach people and find the right candidate for a company. The dedicated listing pages in newspapers can be one of the primary places where people look for jobs. Keep the advertisement short, around 100 words. Since there is limited space in the newspaper, put copywriting skills to use, including only key points and the logo of your company, to attract candidates. You can follow the steps below to publish your job advertisement:

  • Select the city where you wish to post a vacancy

  • Choose a popular newspaper

  • Select the date and day of publishing

  • Submit the draft of the job advertisement

  • Make payment

Career websites

Many reputed job search websites allow you to easily post job openings and help you attract more people to your job advertisement. You can also specify the location, type of industry, salary details and other important details you want candidates to be aware of about the company or job. Many candidates are active on these websites, which gives you a wide pool of talent to choose.

Partnerships with colleges and universities

Campus interviews are an established part of most colleges or universities. You can partner with reputed colleges to post your job advertisement on the notice boards or under the “recruitment' button on official websites. Also, most universities organise job fairs and expos for their students where you can find quality talent for your company. You can hire students, mostly freshers and offer them an internship or direct employment depending on their skills, interests and experience.

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Job advertisement sample

Here is a job advertisement sample to review:

Required Experienced Marketing Executive

Pinnac Media Private Ltd., Kalyan, Mumbai

Job Description:

Required experienced marketing executive who can oversee and manage the execution of different marketing strategies for a company. The key responsibilities are:

  • Design, maintain and supply content for the organisation's website

  • Formulate strategies to build lasting digital connection with customers

  • Monitor company presence on social media

  • Launch advertisements to increase brand awareness

  • Interact with prospective clients and convincing them of digital proposals

  • Understand their advertising needs and suggesting appropriate digital Advertising Plans

  • Prospect for new business warm calls through our lead generation programs

  • Plan, prepare sales presentations for prospects and clients

  • Develop winning proposals

  • Identify and develop a strong understanding of client's core objectives and challenges

  • Set up virtual meetings with prospects and clients

  • Take part in industry and networking events

  • Work as client relationship person after client converts

Qualification and Skill Requirement:

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing or related field

  • Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts

  • Experience with business to customer social media and content generation

  • Strong creative and analytical skills

Experience Required:

Minimum 3 to 5 years experience.

About Us:

Pinnac Media Pvt. Ltd. is a brand-marketing firm since 1990, which has a fully integrated marketing department. We aim to create and develop marketing connections among the brand's selected media platforms and manage those connections. Our company is an integral part of the ongoing process of building and shaping a brand that stands out from its competition. We're on an unstoppable journey of growth and are constantly on the lookout for people who want to go beyond and change their careers for the better.

Why Work With Us:

We are a renowned organisation across the country that rewards its employees. We appreciate the hard work and dedication and offer compensation accordingly. A few benefits we offer are:

  • Dental insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Professional development assistance

  • 8-hour shift

  • Weekend availability

  • Advancement opportunities

  • Mentorship

  • Paid training

How To Apply:

If you are interested in our advertisement, kindly visit our website at: www.pinnac.org.in and fill the application available on the website. For more information, contact us at 020-00001234.

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