How To Answer "Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?"

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Updated 13 September 2022 | Published 6 June 2021

Updated 13 September 2022

Published 6 June 2021

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Many hiring managers prefer knowledgeable freshers with good grades as interns because freshers bring enthusiasm and new perspectives to a workplace. Some panel members ask this question to judge your confidence, communicating skills and knowledge about the company. In this article, we give you tips for giving a convincing response and provide some model answers for different employers.

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How To Answer The Question "Why You Should Be Hired For This Internship"

Use the following tips to prepare your answer and adjust it to your situation:

  1. Research the company: Take your time to study the company's profile, its product, vision and mission. You can use this information to align your goals with the aims of the employer and get a positive start in the interview.

  2. Mention all your skills: Try to specify any extra skills you may have acquired in your school or college days and elaborate on how they can be useful to the company's business.

  3. Highlight your experience: Even if you do not possess professional experience, you can mention any volunteering jobs in a similar field related to the company's business.

  4. Show genuine appreciation for the company: Mention that you are interested to work in a reputed organisation like theirs by pointing out the qualities of the company that appeal to you the most.

  5. Mention your qualities that fit best in the company: Showcasing your qualities and personality can be helpful if you see yourself aligned with the work culture of the employing organisation. Example qualities include hard work, devotion, meticulousness, ambition and desire to get more knowledge.

  6. State your goals: Try to specify your goals and state how working with the hiring company can help you achieve them in the future. This step shows them that you have a proper plan and are willing to follow it through.

  7. Maintain good etiquette: Punctuality, professional attire, straight posture and proper body language can help you express your opinions firmly and answer other questions with confidence.

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Example Answers

In the following sections, we provide some model answers for your reference:

Model answers for "Why you should be hired for this internship" in a marketing company

"I like the marketing job because I like to take on challenges. I have done this job on a small scale in my school days. I used to collect donations for army wives and convince donors about the importance of this charity. They gave me a medal and certificate for my achievement of collecting maximum donations, as mentioned in my portfolio. I will consider it a great privilege if you select me for this internship, because I have always wished to work in a reputed MNC like yours. This opportunity will allow me to progress and get global experience."

"I wish to learn marketing because it was one of my favourite subjects in my MBA program. I have learned the theory, but I want to know more about its practical application. i hope to get this experience in your company. I am also a huge fan of your product and will be happy to work on my favourite product."

"I like to interact with many people and I believe that marketing is the best career choice for this quality. Although I am a fresher, I can learn and pick up skills rapidly. Given an opportunity for this internship, I will show my tenacity, honesty and enthusiasm."

Model answers for "Why you should be hired for this internship" in an engineering company

"I have been passionate about cars since my childhood. I created a car model in my school days and secured second prize when I used it in my Mars Rover project. I have an innate curiosity about the functional parts in a car and how they are manufactured. If I get this opportunity, it will allow me to fulfil my dream of designing and manufacturing an innovative car one day. I will work sincerely and prove my talent, which will exceed your expectation."

"I want to be part of a huge organisation and contribution to its progress. I am ready to learn robotics and advance my work in AI. However, unless I get practical experience, I cannot fulfil my dreams. So, it will be a dream come true if you consider me for this prestigious job."

"I have learned theoretical concepts in mechanical engineering, and I wish to know more about machines. My curiosity drives my ambition, and I will be more than happy to devote it to your esteemed organisation. I will work sincerely and prove to be the right person you are searching for."

Model answer for "Why you should be hired for this internship" in a chemical company

"Chemistry is my favourite subject, which is why I worked in the R&D department of a chemical factory in my last semester. I have completed a project on the chemical reactions of halogen compounds for which I received a distinction. Your organisation already works with halogens and noble gases. So, I wish to work in your organisation, because my talent and interests are aligned with those of your company."

Model answers for "Why you should be hired for this internship" in human resource development

"I wrote a human resource development exam in the last semester of my MBA program, and I am expecting very good marks. I have consistently scored first class in administrative services. I am a good team member and organiser. I planned and executed an event for entrepreneurship development in my college campus and got a tremendous response. Therefore, I sincerely believe that I am suitable for this internship."

"I believe that HRD is a core department in an industry and I wish to learn how it works in a global organisation. I am great at communicating and connecting with people and I wish to capitalise on my abilities. I will be truly grateful if you consider me for this opportunity and give me a chance to prove myself."

"As I am completing my graduation in human resources, I wish to have a sound foundation in HRD. I can progress fast and utilise the guidance of your experienced and learned managers to connect employers and candidates with the correct skill sets. I work hard and have experience in office work. So, I think I can make a valuable contribution to your revered organisation."

Model answer for "Why you should be hired for this internship"

in a financial organisation

"I have graduated in commerce and I am studying for a postgraduate degree in finance. I have a keen interest in financial matters and I keep myself updated on knowledge about the global economy, banking sector and share market. I also manage my parents' stocks and my predictions have resulted in consistent, high profits. I have also passed the chartered accountants examination. So, if you provide me this opportunity, you will get an experienced hand and I will get practical experience in large-scale financial transactions."

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Model answer for "Why you should be hired for this internship" in digital marketing

"I am a very social person. I use all the popular social media platforms and I have more than a hundred thousand followers on each of them. Collectively, we have run campaigns on various events like flood relief and spread awareness about epidemics with a turnaround time of a few hours maximum. I am confident that I can make your product popular on all platforms and increase sales if you hire me for this internship."

Model answer for "Why you should be hired for this internship in an animation company"

"I am an artist at heart. I love to sketch and make animated movies using traditional media. I have excellent drawing skills and have achieved distinction in my elementary, intermediate and master's exams. I have just begun to learn Maya and 3D max as a hobby. Therefore, as a motivated and skilled individual, I believe that I am suitable for this internship."

Model answer for "Why you should be hired for this internship" in an IT company

"I started coding when I was 12 years old. My passion for programming made me enrol for the bachelor's degree program in computer engineering. I have seen and used your open-source projects, and the level of sophistication, software architecture and clean code is unbelievable. I would love to follow my passion, improve my coding skills, and create complex system architectures for server operating systems by starting my career in your organisation with this internship."


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