14 Artistic Jobs To Pursue For A Rewarding Career

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 December 2021

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Pursing an art major involves learning about fine arts, design and media arts. After completing an art degree, you can delve into animation, graphic design, fine arts and other related areas. If you want to pursue a career in arts, knowing more about different artistic jobs can help you choose the right career path. In this article, we discuss 14 artist-related jobs and explore the national average salary and primary duties of each job.

14 Artistic jobs

If an artistic career path interests you, choose from the following artistic jobs:

1. Art teacher

National average salary: ₹19,051 per month

Primary duties: An art teacher is a professional responsible for teaching students to draw, paint and create sculptures. These professionals work to teach artistic concepts. Using their skills, art teachers develop the colouring, drawing and painting techniques for creating beautiful paintings. Based on the student's learning aim, an art teacher plans various lessons on art and history. They also provide instructions to students on using various media such as oil, acrylic paints, watercolour paints, graphite and coloured pencils. These professionals can work in a school or give home tuitions to students with an interest in art and painting.

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2. Illustrator

National average salary: ₹17,790 per month

Primary duties: Illustrators are artists who create two-dimensional images that best represent a concept. They create images and illustrations for children's books, clothing items, posters and animations. Technical or scientific illustrators use descriptions of products for creating visual images and designs. Using their illustrations, these professionals convey a feeling and meaning of a message. An illustrator simplifies complicated ideas and presents them in an easily understandable manner. They can work in large corporations or book publishing agencies.

3. Art director

National average salary: ₹6,14,102 per year

Primary duties: Art directors are responsible for creating and managing visual style in product packaging, magazines, movie and television productions and newspapers. These professionals develop various ad campaigns by coordinating with other members of-the-art department. They design brand-specific initiatives that appeal to the audience. An art director reviews and approves designs, photography and graphic developed by other art team members. They also develop detailed timelines and budgets for a project.

4. Animator

National average salary: ₹21,308 per month

Primary duties: An animator creates two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) animations and visual effects of a film, video games, television production, mobile applications and computer graphics. They create still images or frames to create illusions of movement. These professionals use various software to create special effects, including pixilation and stop-motion. Before finalising a design, an animator creates a storyboard to illustrate a pre-planned narrative. They are responsible for negotiating design solutions with stakeholders and clients.

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5. Artwork manager

National average salary: ₹45,657 per month

Primary duties: Artwork managers are professionals responsible for planning, directing and coordinating all activities in the art department. Using their knowledge and skills, an art manager finalises the kind of artwork that a project requires. Often, these professionals interact with the client to take their requirements and opinions related to the work they want. A part of their workday involves presenting animations, photographs and graphics to their clients. Many art managers are responsible for hiring, training and supervising animators, artists, illustrators, cartoonists and other employees within the art department.

6. Make-up artists

National average salary: ₹16,872 per month

Primary duties: These are professionals with artistic skills that use cosmetic products to enhance and alter the client's appearance. These professionals specialise only in make-up and use concealer, foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and liner products. Using their artistic skills, these professionals emphasise certain physical features of the client through their cosmetics. Often, they work with actors for film or theatrical production or in salons.

7. Painter

National average salary: ₹17,956 per month

Primary duties: A painter is a professional who creates art on various surfaces, like wood, paper, canvas or on the side of a building. They use oil paints, watercolours, acrylic or combine different paints to make lifelike paintings. These professionals may work on a series of paintings or a single piece. A painter may work for an art company, museum or may work independently. Often, these professionals display their artwork in online and offline exhibitions to earn extra income.

8. Tattoo artist

National average salary: ₹13,158 per month

Primary duties: Using needles and inedible and non-toxic inks, a tattoo artist makes a tattoo on a client's body. They create images or write words on the client's body by injecting ink and other pigments. A part of their workday involves keeping up with the latest trends in tattooing while maintaining new safety and health procedures. After creating a tattoo, these professionals cover recently tattooed areas with sterile dressings. These professionals are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean environment by adhering to state and central government regulations.

9. Graphic artist

National average salary: ₹19,975 per month

Primary duties: A graphic artist creates artwork for advertisement and book jacket covers. These professionals combine art and technology to create visually communicative designs. They use typical art forms, such as sketching and painting, to create designs that compel the target audience to purchase a product or read a magazine. They meet with clients to discuss their design projects, create a concept design and take inputs from the client and get approval. A part of their job role involves staying updated on new trends and designing software to remain competitive.

10. Fashion designer

National average salary: ₹19,674 per month

Primary duties: Using their artistic abilities, fashion designers sketch various footwear designs, clothing and accessories. They sketch design, select patterns and instruct how to create a product they design. Many fashion designers design various accessories such as scarves, hats, belts, handbags and hosiery. The design process, from conceptualisation to final production, may take many months to complete. A part of their workday involves participating in various fashion shows to showcase their work to potential audiences. During the fashion show, they can pick models, determine the price of every garment and arrange ways of presenting each garment.

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11. Industrial designer

National average salary: ₹16,857 per month

Primary duties: Industrial designers use their artistic and design skills to create products and concepts based on clients' demands. These professionals combine business, art and engineering to develop concepts for manufactured products. Using computer software, they develop virtual models of unique designs. Often, an industrial designer works with specialists such as engineers to validate if their design concepts are as per the requirement. Often, they present their design and showcase their prototypes to clients for getting approval.

12. Jewellery designer

National average salary: ₹16,004 per month

Primary duties: A jewellery designer works with different precious metals such as gold, diamond, silver or gemstones to create wearable art pieces. These professionals produce a design for mass production or may make customised jewellery commissioned by their clients. A part of their workday involves consultations with clients and discussing their range of options to plan new jewellery designs. Before finalising a design, these professionals make a decorative detail using a mould. To make designs as per the client's requirement, a jewellery designer solders, fabricates and polishes jewellery designs.

13. Hairstylist

National average salary: ₹18,156 per month

Primary duties: Hairstylists or hairdressers are professionals responsible for cutting, colouring, bleaching and styling hair. Using chemical straighteners, they curl or straighten hair and apply extensions to lengthen hair. These professionals showcase and sell various hair care products and cosmetics. They ensure clients with scheduled appointments receive service promptly. A part of their workday involves staying up-to-date with the latest hairstyling trends and offering services based upon them. Often, they collect payments for the services they provide.

14. Floral designer

National average salary: ₹19,403 per month

Primary duties: A floral designer uses creativity and design knowledge to make flower arrangements as per customer requirements. They assemble dried or silk flowers attractively according to the occasion or celebration. A part of their workday involves ordering flowers and greenery from the wholesaler. They also educate customers on care instruction for flowers, such as optimum room temperature and watering. These professionals collaborate with event planners and interior designers to supply daily, weekly or monthly business requirements. Based on the occasion, these professionals help a customer select flowers, ribbons and other accessories.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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