12 Associate In Marketing Jobs (With Salaries And Duties)

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Updated 3 March 2023

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Obtaining an associate degree in marketing can allow you to build a strong understanding of marketing techniques and strategies you can later use in your career. An associate degree offers greater flexibility and helps you quickly begin your career in an entry-level marketing job. Understanding the different roles available to candidates with an associate degree in marketing can help you decide if this is the right career path for you. In this article, we list popular positions for associates in marketing jobs along with average salaries, job duties and responsibilities.

Popular Roles For Associates In Marketing Jobs

You can apply for these popular entry-level roles available to associates in marketing jobs to begin your marketing career:

1. Market Research Assistant

National average salary: ₹2,65,169 per year

Primary duties: A market research assistant collects product data from multiple sources and analyses it to forecast business trends. They compare past and current trends using the right tools to set future expectations, helping the management make strategic business decisions. The market research assistant collects data on consumers, competitors and marketplace trends to provide senior managers with actionable insights. They are skilled in written communication as they present the data as easy-to-understand presentations and reports. Besides analysing data, they also perform reliable market research SWOT analysis, before launching a new product or expanding to new geographical locations.

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2. Retail Sales Associate

National average salary: ₹2,18,141 per year

Primary duties: A retail sales associate handles all sales activities in a retail store, including greeting customers, offering assistance, answering queries, suggesting the right products and providing critical product information. They demonstrate excellent customer service and selling skills to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience. Besides these primary responsibilities, retail sales associates also handle other duties like keeping the selling floor stocked, assisting in the display of merchandise and operating cash registers.

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3. Event Coordinator

National average salary: ₹2,28,244 per year

Primary duties: An event coordinator assists an event planner in ensuring the successful completion of an event. The duties of the event coordinator vary based on the type and nature of the event. Some common responsibilities of event coordinators include managing event set-up, and coordinating with exhibitors, vendors and other stakeholders during all stages of the event. They also ensure that the team adheres to the budget and avoids project overruns. Once the event is over, they work with the event manager to analyse key performance areas and identify items to optimise at future events.

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4. Customer Relationship Manager

National average salary: ₹2,46,784 per year

Primary duties: Customer relationship managers are excellent communicators who improve brand value by building long-lasting relationships with key customers. They implement customer relationship management (CRM) policies that help companies retain existing customers, gain new ones and improve the overall satisfaction levels of customers with the organisation. CRM managers implement programmes that help organisations resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently. They work with senior managers to plan the long-term and short-term customer satisfaction strategy of the organisation. They also work on implementing programmes that help increase revenues by cross-selling and upselling.

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5. Social Media Specialist

National average salary: ₹2,59,552 per year

Primary duties: Social media specialists handle the social media strategies of a company. They plan, implement and monitor the social media channels of a company to improve brand awareness, increase customer reach and drive sales and revenues. As part of the role, they identify the right social media platforms that suit the marketing needs of the company. They create content calendars and stay up to date with the latest social media best practices, tools and technologies. They work with copywriters, SEO specialists and graphic designers to create engaging and informative content that appeals to the target audience.

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6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Analyst

National average salary: ₹2,92,725 per year

Primary duties: The SEO analyst's responsibilities include closely monitoring and reviewing website content, identifying optimising strategies for improved search results, supervising content creation and building links. They monitor website traffic and develop the right SEO strategies to increase the organic reach of websites. A key responsibility of the SEO analyst is to conduct a comprehensive keyword research using the right tools to generate new keyword ideas. Besides carrying out on-page and off-page optimisation, they also generate content ideas and communicate those to the copywriting team, execute paid search campaigns and keep up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and practices.

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7. Digital Marketer

National average salary: ₹2,82,800 per year

Primary duties: The primary responsibility of a digital marketer is to oversee the performance of the digital marketing campaigns of an organisation. They develop and implement various digital marketing strategies to promote the company's social media platforms, websites and other online channels. The digital marketer ensures that the website of the company is easy to navigate and user-friendly and work on converting website traffic into online sales. They create and upload images and copy for the organisation's website, handle email marketing campaigns and provide accurate reports of existing digital marketing campaigns, to demonstrate an effective return on investment (ROI).

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8. Advertising Sales Representative

National average salary: ₹4,27,771 per year

Primary duties**:** Advertising sales representatives communicate with potential clients and sell them advertising space on various channels and platforms. The responsibilities of an advertising sales representative include identifying client needs, researching competitors' advertising strategies and creating an efficient advertising strategy for clients. They connect with potential clients through various mediums, like emails or cold calls. They contact and convert potential clients, follow-up on existing clients and track sales and report to their managers. As part of their role, advertising sales representatives attend trade shows, sales meetings and other training workshops.

9. Public Relations Officer

National average salary: ₹3,11,964 per year

Primary duties: Also called media specialists, public relations officers work on promoting their clients in various media outlets. They develop public relations (PR) strategies and campaigns for their organisations and ensure that the company maintains a positive brand image among the public. The public relations officer prepares keynote speeches, press releases and other promotional material for the company. They are also responsible for responding to information requests from the media and arrange interviews with senior management executives of the company.

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10. Marketing Associate

National average salary: ₹3,13,947 per year

Primary duties: A marketing associate plans and implements the marketing and advertising activities of a company. They are familiar with market research and analyse customer behaviour to identify the right marketing plans. They oversee the daily administrative tasks of the marketing department to ensure that all marketing and advertising campaigns run smoothly. The associate also conducts market research to identify new revenue opportunities, gather and analyse customer behaviour data from various sources to optimise future marketing campaigns. A strong understanding of marketing techniques, market research methodologies and customer behaviour helps to succeed in this role.

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11. Email Marketing Specialist

National average salary: ₹3,20,478 per year

Primary duties: An email marketing specialist is a type of digital marketer who focuses on building email lists, creating marketing emails, nurturing and qualified leads via email communications. The primary goal of the email marketing specialist is to increase brand awareness, convert leads into customers and build long-lasting customer relationships. They use email automation software to create and design email newsletters. They collaborate with the design team to create engaging graphics for email newsletters and work with copywriters to create effective copy. Besides sending emails, they also track and monitor performance to optimise future email marketing campaigns.

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12. Merchandiser

National average salary: ₹3,49,108 per year

Primary duties: A merchandiser is a retail professional who oversees product displays and monitors inventory levels in retail stores. They submit extensive weekly inventory reports to the product procurement team for efficient inventory maintenance. Besides handling inventory, the merchandiser also collaborates with the other members of the retail sales team to create attractive floor displays and displays best-selling and promotional products prominently. They assist the warehouse team members in keeping the warehouse organised for easier product accessibility. Other duties of the merchandiser include analysis sales figures, market trends and customer behaviour to anticipate product needs and stock the inventory accordingly.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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