8 Popular AWS Certifications To Consider Pursuing

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 13 July 2022

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Amazon Web Services issues certifications to professionals who demonstrate specialised knowledge, skills and abilities in working with their infrastructure, web-based resources and tools. These certifications verify knowledge in a wide range of topics while indicating certificate holders' thorough understanding of specific elements of cloud computing. Knowing more about the different certifications available can help you choose one that suits your needs and prepare effectively for a certification test. In this article, we examine what AWS certification is and list eight popular AWS certifications and their benefits.

What Are AWS Certifications?

AWS certifications validate a professional's cloud-computing knowledge and skills. AWS provides certifications for IT professionals in a variety of roles and at various levels of skill. As a solutions architect, developer, DevOps engineer or SysOps administrator, earning an AWS certification can help you progress your career.

AWS certification can add merit to your technical understanding and skills in working with cloud-computing infrastructure. The certifying authority also provides a free test guide, practice questions and other study materials when you decide to pursue a certification. It also offers free exam preparation courses that explain the format of the exam and provide study tips.

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8 Popular AWS Certifications

You can benefit from a wide range of expert insights, resources and programmes as you progress toward achieving AWS Certification. Whether you are just starting or adding another certification, AWS can help you effectively validate your cloud expertise. Listed below are some different ‌AWS certifications that can be of use to you.

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate credential verifies a candidate's cloud computing core abilities. The demand for this qualification is considerably high in the technology industry. Candidates for this certification are required to have at least one year of practical experience with the Amazon Web Services platform. Knowledge of AWS infrastructure, networking technologies and security features is also crucial. Here are some benefits of this certification:

  • It gives you a good foundation for using AWS cloud computing platforms.

  • It is easier to clear, compared to the Solutions Architect Professional certification.

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2. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate certification verifies a candidate's knowledge of AWS architecture‌. Professionals who use AWS to run applications can benefit from earning this credential. While it is not mandatory, getting an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate certification may prepare you for more difficult professional examinations.

AWS updates the SysOps Administrator - Associate exam to reflect changes to the AWS platform. The latest exam format also contains lab questions that require the test taker to complete tasks in the AWS Management Console or AWS Command-Line interface. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator candidates require at least one year of experience working with the platform. Here are some benefits of pursuing this certification:

  • It effectively prepares candidates for advanced professional certifications.

  • It has high utility and serves to advance the career of any professional working with the AWS platform.

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3. AWS Certified Developer - Associate

You can demonstrate your mastery of AWS services, architecture and best practices by earning an AWS Certified Developer - Associate certificate. If you have some practical experience creating cloud computing solutions with AWS, the AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification may be an excellent place to start. Starting with the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam may be an excellent option if you wish to obtain multiple certifications in this specific domain.

AWS Technical Essentials, Developing on AWS and Getting Started with DevOps on AWS are among the courses the certifying authority recommends to help candidates prepare for the Certified Developer test. Free study resources and practice questions for the test are also available online. Here are some benefits of pursuing this certification:

  • Professionals who already use the AWS platform can find this credential useful for accelerating career growth.

  • Professionals who want multiple certifications in cloud computing and peripheral domains may find this certification to be an ideal start.

  • The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate credential is becoming increasingly popular and in-demand.

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4. AWS Certified Security - Speciality

Data security is a major challenge across all cloud computing operations. There is a growing demand for cloud security specialists and employers may find this certification to be the best indicator of a professional's competence in this domain. The AWS Certified Security certificate, like several other AWS speciality certificates, is apt for experienced IT professionals. Candidates are required to possess a minimum of five years of IT experience and at least one year of AWS experience to appear for the test.

The exam covers topics such as how to respond to security breaches, how to build and implement security monitoring systems and how to troubleshoot secure network architecture. Because security issues touch several aspects of cloud computing, this specialised certification has a greater scope than others. Here are‌ some benefits of pursuing this certification:

  • This is the AWS certification with the broadest range of specialities.

  • Cloud security expertise is in higher demand than ever before.

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5. AWS Cloud Practitioner

If you are new to cloud computing, earning an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate can help you understand the basics of the platform. This certificate is a good choice for professionals who want to understand AWS fundamentals rather than build technical knowledge and obtain a cloud certification. You can learn how to discuss its architectural principles, the financial value it provides users and the security features it offers. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is relatively easy to clear. Here are some benefits of pursuing this certification:

  • It is only necessary to have a basic understanding of the AWS platform to appear for this exam.

  • This certification is the most basic and least expensive one among all AWS certifications.

  • This certification provides an excellent starting point for pursuing associate certificates.

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6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

After you have mastered the AWS platform, you can exhibit cloud-computing expertise by earning the AWS Solutions Architect - Professional credential. It is the most thorough AWS certification available and is apt for cloud architects. Candidates for this certification require at least two years of experience designing and deploying cloud infrastructure on AWS.

Professional certification as a solutions architect has no prerequisites‌. Attaining this certificate requires candidates to develop a thorough understanding of almost every aspect of the AWS platform. As a result, obtaining one or more associate certifications before taking one of AWS' most difficult evaluations is ideal. Here are some benefits of pursuing this certification:

  • This certification is in high demand.

  • Average incomes among professionals who hold this certification are quite high.

7. AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty

The AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty certification verifies a professional's skills in creating, delivering and maintaining machine learning solutions for organisations. It is the most specialised certification available for machine learning experts. The AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty certification verifies a candidate's ability to use AWS to design, train and deploy machine learning models. To get this certificate, you require at least two years of experience in a data science or development role on the AWS platform using machine learning. Here are some benefits of pursuing this certification:

  • Developers and data scientists can benefit the most from pursuing this credential.

  • Expertise in machine learning is in high demand across many sectors and industries.

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8. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification is for DevOps engineers who have managed AWS infrastructure before. It can be a suitable option for professionals in charge of operations development. Earning the Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional credential, like all AWS professional certifications, necessitates an extensive understanding of the platform, its features and its utility. It differs from the Certified Solutions Architecture - Professional certification because it has a limited scope in comparison.

This exam typically tests a candidate's ability to create and manage continuous delivery systems, automate security controls and design tools to automate operational activities. Professionals who want to pursue the Solutions Architecture - Professional certification are required to get a DevOps certification first. Candidates for the certificate require at least two years of experience managing and maintaining web service installations. Here are some benefits of pursuing this certification:

  • This credential can improve the employability and earning potential of DevOps engineers significantly.

  • This credential is beneficial for pursuing other professional certification in solutions architecture.

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