20 Best Computer Science Jobs in India (With Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 2 August 2021

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As computer technology becomes more prevalent in business spheres worldwide, there has been a corresponding growth in computer science job opportunities. Those looking for a career in this field must have a broad knowledge of their specialisation and keep up with the latest technology trends and programming languages. Learning more about this field may help you discover which job is the best option for you. In this article, we learn more about the best computer science jobs in India, along with their salaries and duties.

What are the highest-paying computer science jobs?

The highest-paying computer science jobs in India are those that require specialised technical and non-technical skills. Aside from a thorough knowledge of computer hardware, all the best jobs require high-level skills in multiple, in-demand programming languages, operating systems and current technology trends. They also require advanced education, excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities and good communication, interpersonal and collaboration skills. Ultimately, the salary you receive may depend on the company for which you work, your job position, your work duties, your skills, your experience and your location.

20 best computer science jobs

A computer science major enables you to work in the following positions:

1. Mobile application developer

National average salary: ₹3,35,328 per year

Primary duties: Mobile application developers create functional concepts and designs for mobile applications according to customer requirements. They write clean, well-organised code for the applications, test their features and interfaces and identify any malfunctioning issues. They optimise the applications by debugging them and fixing performance issues.

2. IT project manager

National average salary: ₹4,15,304 per year

Primary duties: IT project managers plan, budget, develop, organise and manage IT projects from start to completion. They oversee and coordinate the project-related work of IT and administrative professionals. IT project managers analyse user needs, provide developers with technical specifications and offer solutions and tips to resolve technical issues.

3. Information systems manager

National average salary: ₹4,70,460 per year

Primary duties: Information systems managers maintain the efficiency and security of IT systems and networks. They devise technology plans to meet an organisation's computer and software needs. Information systems managers also install and update software and resolve technical issues.

4. System engineer

National average salary: ₹5,56,297 per year

Primary duties: System engineers are responsible for the installation, configuration and testing of operating systems. They evaluate existing systems to ensure structural integrity. System engineers plan automation to increase the efficiency of systems and provide technical guidance to the IT support staff.

5. Network security engineer

National average salary: ₹5,83,693 per year

Primary duties: A network security engineer is responsible for testing, configuring and safeguarding hardware and software systems. They monitor these systems to prevent viruses, malware, hacking and other cyber threats. Network security engineers also take preventive steps against future threats, resolve the problems that arise and provide technical support to company staff, clients, suppliers and customers.

6. Information security analyst

National average salary: ₹5,88,382 per year

Primary duties: Information security analysts create, implement and monitor IT security systems to prevent cyberattacks and security breaches against computer networks and websites. They decipher and investigate reports about security violations and install firewalls, data encryption and other security software to safeguard sensitive data. Information security analysts also research data security trends.

7. Front-end developer

National average salary: ₹6,07,759 per year

Primary duties: A front-end developer is responsible for planning, designing and developing websites. Using a variety of markup languages, they create aesthetic websites that are functional and consistent in design. They ensure the website pages are responsive and meet user experience requirements.

8. Software engineer

National average salary: ₹6,45,186 per year

Primary duties: Software engineers create software programs, applications and systems that enable the digital world to function. Keeping project expenses, deadlines and safety factors in mind, they use engineering principles to research, plan, design, develop, test and debug software projects. Software engineers create and update design documentation and training manuals and modify and improve existing software programs.

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9. Java developer

National average salary: ₹6,49,785 per year

Primary duties: Java developers write code for Java-based web applications, websites and software programmes using the Java programming language. Apart from working on software development, they may carry out software analysis, testing and debugging. They may also update the code as needed.

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10. Database administrator

National average salary: ₹6,68,895 per year

Primary duties: Database administrators are responsible for data resource management, which includes designing, implementing, controlling and securing database systems. They develop standards, policies and procedures to store, transform and retrieve data. Additionally, they analyse user needs and conduct data authentication, capacity planning and performance monitoring. Database administrators also oversee database backup and recovery.

11. Data scientist

National average salary: ₹8,31,930 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists gather, organise, analyse and interpret large amounts of data to help businesses make crucial decisions. They identify and select valuable data sources, automate the data collection method and process the collected data. They identify trends and patterns, use data visualisation techniques to create presentations and build machine learning algorithms and predictive models.

12. DevOps engineer

National average salary: ₹8,57,709 per year

Primary duties: DevOps engineers oversee the entire process of developing, testing, delivering and updating software. They coordinate between IT operations and software development to supervise and facilitate code releases. They safeguard systems against cyberattacks, identify and resolve technical issues and help make project management decisions.

13. Machine learning engineer

National average salary: ₹9,31,189 per year

Primary duties: Machine learning engineers are responsible for researching, designing and creating artificial intelligence programmes and algorithms. They train machines to learn from experience and take self-directed actions. Machine learning engineers use statistical data modelling to detect patterns and analyse machine learning outcomes.

14. Cloud engineer

National average salary: ₹9,70,698 per year

Primary duties: Cloud engineers manage an organisation's cloud-based systems and processes. They design, install, manage and maintain cloud software and cloud-based systems. They also code cloud applications and processes for various cloud-based services. Additionally, cloud engineers resolve any cloud-related technical issues.

15. IT security specialist

National average salary: ₹9,98,838 per year

Primary duties: IT security specialists design, build, implement, monitor and maintain efficient and scalable security systems to protect the data, communication systems and technical assets of organisations. They test and monitor network systems and supervise the correct functioning of firewalls, VPNs and other network security tools to prevent cyber attacks. They encrypt data transmissions and put up firewalls to conceal confidential company information.

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16. Security systems engineer

National average salary: ₹10,20,111 per year

Primary duties: Security systems engineers are responsible for the security of computer systems and infrastructure. They install, configure, test and maintain security software. Security systems engineers also monitor and evaluate the installed systems and infrastructure to protect them from security threats, breaches and intrusions.

17. Data engineer

National average salary: ₹10,61,302 per year

Primary duties: Data engineers are responsible for building and managing an organisation's data ecosystem. Under the guidelines of an organisation's business requirements, they create customised data systems and data pipelines. These enable an organisation to access, transport, organise, transform and analyse data.

18. Site reliability engineer

National average salary: ₹11,87,888 per year

Primary duties: Site reliability engineers work on software systems to make them reliable, scalable and capable of withstanding potential failures. They keep development projects within budget and review software codes and operational processes. Site reliability engineers also monitor systems to identify and resolve problems.

19. Software architect

National average salary: ₹12,22,027 per year

Primary duties: Software architects design and build software programs, applications, interfaces, frameworks and systems. They determine the design and technical specifications, such as platforms and coding standards. They coordinate, oversee and evaluate all software development phases, from planning to final delivery.

20. Enterprise architect

National average salary: ₹12,27,469 per year

Primary duties: Enterprise architects are responsible for designing an organisation's IT infrastructure to benefit its business strategies and operational goals. They maintain and update the organisation's hardware, software and enterprise services. An enterprise architect follows current IT trends and technologies and adopts the ones that can improve the organisation's business processes and aid its future expansion.

Do computer science jobs pay well?

Computer science careers can pay well depending on your specialisation, expertise, experience and qualifications. With the rapid growth of India's startup economy, the demand for skilled IT professionals is on the rise. Some jobs, such as those related to cybersecurity, systems engineering, cloud engineering and software architecture, offer high annual salaries.

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What are the best jobs for computer science students?

The best jobs for computer science students are those they find challenging, rewarding and which have career growth potential. A career in computer science allows you to work in a wide range of industries. You can choose to find a position in a company that matches your interests. For example, you can do software development or cybersecurity for a fashion company, automobile company, environmental company or pharmaceutical company. By working for a company whose product or goals you align with, you may feel more satisfaction and motivation in your work.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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