14 Careers In Cloud Computing (With Salaries And Duties)

Updated 7 November 2023

Cloud computing is the distribution of computing services over the internet, or the 'cloud', to provide quicker innovation, adaptable resources and scalable economies. Due to the increased demand for cloud technology, a career in cloud computing could provide a lifetime of invaluable learning opportunities and impressive pay. If you have an interest in cloud computing and any relevant qualifications, it is helpful to explore your job options before you start applying. In this article, we list 14 promising careers in cloud computing, along with their average salaries and expected job responsibilities.

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14 Careers In Cloud Computing To Consider

You can explore the following careers in cloud computing and choose the one that best fits your interests and requirements:

1. Cloud Network Engineer

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National average salary: ₹2,74,592 per year

Primary duties: Cloud network engineers are network experts who transfer established functions and networks to private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures, assisting businesses to maximise their adaptability and productivity. Most cloud network engineers work for senior information technology (IT) personnel or a business representative, such as the director of cloud operations. They set up, configure, support and maintain cloud networks and offer other cloud services such as design, administration, documentation, integration, monitoring, troubleshooting and security.

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2. Systems Administrator

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National average salary: ₹2,88,290 per year

Primary duties: A systems administrator maintains, configures and ensures the stability of computer and network systems, particularly those with multiple users, such as servers. These administrators organise and implement local and wide area networks to ensure businesses have all the Wi-Fi and network connections required to access and use their data. They understand the software and hardware used to connect networks and servers and can assist with problem-solving when networks go down. They can also use their programming skills to identify weaknesses in various network configurations.

3. Cloud Engineer

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National average salary: ₹3,50,830 per year

Primary duties: Cloud engineers design, expand and enhance cloud infrastructure. They use cloud architecture to create cloud solutions for businesses, support programming efforts to create new cloud features, move current on-premise applications into the cloud, and manage cloud networks. Additionally, they identify problems, deploy and debug systems, offer maintenance and assistance to cloud clients and execute new cloud initiatives. A cloud engineer works with different IT professionals and teams to develop optimal cloud solutions and maximise the technology's benefits.

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4. Back-End Developer

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National average salary: ₹7,16,916 per year

Primary duties: Back-end developers are specialists who create and manage the technologies that process data and conduct actions on websites. They operate on the server or cloud side of the web application, establishing the logic that connects the front-end interface with the various functionalities required by the client. Back-end developers handle data storage, security and other hidden server-side operations. They establish links between the many management applications a website or client uses and guarantee that the applications on the website perform and save all their computations and functions correctly.

5. Java Cloud Developer

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National average salary: ₹7,69,060 per year

Primary duties: A Java cloud developer organises, designs, creates and administers Java-based, cloud-native applications. To incorporate Java into enterprise software, applications and websites, these programmers work with other software engineers. They create business apps that run in the cloud, design solutions based on customer requirements, and effectively deploy solutions. Java cloud developers conduct research, provide recommendations and integrate solutions to address architectural and development issues and guarantee that designs adhere to performance, security, usability, dependability and scalability standards.

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6. Full-Stack Developer

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National average salary: ₹8,08,435 per year

Primary duties: Full-stack web developers create software for both the client and the server. They create web stacks by working on the front and back ends of the website. A broad skill set and in-depth knowledge of how front-end and back-end development interact, communicate and connect are prerequisites for understanding the full stack. Besides being experts in HTML and CSS, full-stack developers have server and browser programming skills. They use web programming languages and server languages to build the entire stack for a website or application.

7. Front-End Developer

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National average salary: ₹8,57,050 per year

Primary duties: A front-end developer ensures that website users can interact seamlessly with web pages. They collaborate with customers to understand the functionality, graphics and media they want users to gain access to. They develop the appearance of a website using a combination of design, technological and programming skills. Additionally, they debug a website by performing comprehensive testing to ensure every feature works properly.

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8. Development Operations Engineer

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National average salary: ₹8,70,693 per year

Primary duties: A DevOps engineer collaborates with IT developers and business operations specialists to enhance communication between those who develop software and those who decide how to use those solutions in the workplace. They manage code releases, create software to interact with internal back-end systems and use programming languages to integrate cloud-based solutions across many platforms. They investigate and fix technological problems, offer technical assistance, conduct root cause analyses for production faults, track client feedback and create tools to enhance the user experience. To enhance automated solutions, they collaborate with research and development teams.

9. Data Scientist

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National average salary: ₹9,03,464 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists examine data to extract useful information. They typically receive a collection of data from a client or business, which they then organise and analyse to determine what useful information it contains. Usually, the client specifies a question or initiative they want to explore using the data. The data scientist then develops a strategy and builds models to gather accurate and clean data about the client's users' behaviour. They use statistics and machine learning to provide clients with answers to their questions and aid them in making better decisions.

10. Security Engineer

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National average salary: ₹9,10,279 per year

Primary duties: A cloud security engineer handles the security controls that safeguard the data in the cloud. To guarantee that the most recent and trustworthy safety precautions protect the data, they design, install and test new security features, including firewalls, breach detection systems, encryptions and password protection. They plan computer and network upgrades as necessary and fix issues involving IT software. They collaborate with other experts to resolve security issues by analysing the situation and taking prompt action to stop significant security breaches. Security engineers also conduct assessments, evaluate risks and test security systems.

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11. Platform Engineer

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National average salary: ₹10,75,390 per year

Primary duties: A platform engineer plans, directs and manages the development and deployment of new cloud-based web platforms. They develop reusable, headless platforms on which others can build applications and host them online. They participate in all stages of software development, from the initial concept to the finished product and platform presentation. Platform engineers contribute to the platform's functionality and user features. They create a process and supervise the work of software application developers.

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12. Data Engineer

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National average salary: ₹10,77,237 per year

Primary duties: Data engineers gather, maintain and transform raw data into information that data scientists and business analysts can understand. Their ultimate objective is to make data accessible and enable businesses to use data to analyse performance and make improvements. Data engineers create systems for collecting high-quality data and use algorithms and coding to create pathways for data extraction. They help create a database, design its architecture, and manage it to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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13. Cloud Consultant

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National average salary: ₹11,55,927 per year

Primary duties: Cloud consultants educate businesses on available cloud computing services, assisting them in identifying their cloud computing requirements and making optimal decisions for their operations and business strategy. They help companies enhance their operational procedures, improve data access and increase operational effectiveness. They can act as customer service representatives for current clients and as salespeople for potential customers. A cloud consultant responds to customer concerns and offers guidance on setting up, maintaining and effectively using a business's cloud computing capabilities.

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14. Cloud Architect

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National average salary: ₹13,09,940 per year

Primary duties: A cloud architect oversees a company's cloud computing strategy, which encompasses cloud adoption plans, cloud application design and cloud management. They create solutions individually for the client to handle specific problems with the existing system and boost productivity. They collaborate with programmers and user interface designers to ensure they incorporate all facets of the solution into their finished output. The cloud architect oversees the entire team and is ultimately accountable for the client's satisfaction.

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