Top Careers In Geriatrics (With Duties And Salaries)

Updated 19 January 2023

Geriatric patients have a unique combination of medical and social demands in reference to health care. The word geriatric refers to the aged population in terms of the unique healthcare knowledge and practices that physicians consider while caring for these patients. Learning about the many occupations available in geriatrics might assist you in finding fulfilling careers in geriatrics committed to assisting the aging population. In this article, we discuss nine careers in geriatrics to consider and see various skills essential for elderly care.

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9 Careers In Geriatrics To Consider

Consider the following nine careers in geriatrics if you are interested in working with the elderly population:

1. Geriatric Physician

National average salary: ₹35,042 per month

Primary duties: Geriatricians are physicians who have completed further training in the treatment of elderly people. They are especially skilled in caring for, treating and diagnosing elderly persons. They may also work with other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, pharmacists, social laborers, and other family doctors, to fulfill the particular requirements of their patients. Geriatricians often work in or with nursing homes, hospitals and academic medical centres. They may take part in and contribute to research initiatives aimed at gaining a better understanding of geriatric care.

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2. Geriatric Social Labourer

National average salary: ₹16,388 per month

Primary duties: Through counseling and advice, geriatric social laborers assist older people and aging populations. They are healthcare providers who collaborate with elderly patients, their communities, and caregivers to enhance their quality of life and advocate for their requirements. Geriatric social laborers oversee the care and resources of old people and assist them in overcoming health issues associated with aging. These social laborers can also assist older persons in managing changes in their socioeconomic situations and living conditions.

3. Geriatric Nurse

National average salary: ₹19,875 per month

Primary duties: Geriatric nurse practitioners are advanced-level nurses who manage lower-level nurses, supervise nursing practices, and design nursing care systems. They use their advanced training and expertise to conduct routine operations and examinations, administer drugs, diagnose and treat health problems and establish care plans. Geriatric nurse practitioners may collaborate with doctors or healthcare administrators to ensure that specialized care gets to older patients.

4. Geriatric Pharmacist

National average salary: ₹16,462 per month

Primary duties: Pharmacists who specialize in geriatrics have the expertise and an awareness of the pharmaceuticals that older persons often require. Seniors may require many kinds of prescription medicine to address various problem areas related to their health. Geriatric pharmacists counsel their patients and inform them of any drugs that may be required and also recommend viable substitutes. They collaborate closely with physicians and nurses to ensure that their patient's specific care and treatment regimens are thorough and their medications are appropriate.

5. Eldercare Assistant

National average salary: ₹29,088 per month

Primary duties: Eldercare assistants assist senior patients or residents with routine duties such as cleaning, washing, and keeping a high degree of personal hygiene. They also assist elderly people by cooking nutritious meals and helping them in following any special diets prescribed for their health. Apart from doing practical and necessary chores, eldercare aides sometimes support geriatric residents by engaging them in activities, games, or tasks that keep them busy and psychologically active. Eldercare assistants may also do cleaning tasks to keep patients' environments clean.

6. Physician Assistant

National average salary: ₹19,347 per month

Primary duties: Physician assistants are professionals who specialize in the care of older people by administering treatments and care. Additionally, they may prescribe drugs, take medical histories, conduct tests and request laboratory testing for subsequent interpretation. Physician assistants with a focus on geriatric care may work in hospitals, private offices or clinics. They may help with mobility exercises, end-of-life care, health evaluations, discharge planning, and treatment of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. These healthcare professionals collaborate with other care providers, such as nurses and social laborers to provide patient-centric care.

7. Geriatric Physiotherapist

National average salary: ₹19,645 per month

Primary duties: Physical therapists that specialise in geriatrics assist older patients with mobility, strength and flexibility. This may be in reaction to an accident or to offset the physical consequences of aging. These healthcare professionals construct therapeutic routines and treatments for their older adult patients by combining standard physical therapy approaches with specific knowledge of aging joints, ligaments, and bones. They may also give expert guidance to help their patients maintain their exercise routines or lifestyle habits on their own. Their methods are often gentler and better adapted to the requirements of aging bodies.

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8. Patient Representative

National average salary: ₹29,302 per month

Primary duties: These professionals assist their elderly clients in navigating the health care system. Additionally, they assist senior patients with insurance administration and promote communication between patients and caregivers, health care professionals, and other organizations. Patient representatives may accompany patients to appointments or make regular hospital visits. Certain individuals possess certifications or have prior experience working in the healthcare field, which qualifies them for the position. Patient advocates are to possess excellent communication skills to successfully understand their patients' issues and queries. They often have a thorough understanding of health insurance rules and procedures to assist their clients.

9. Hearing Specialist

National average salary: ₹27,120 per month

Primary duties: Audiologists diagnose and treat individuals with hearing and ear issues. They function in health care settings such as clinics and hospitals, where they conduct hearing evaluations to determine a patient's hearing ability and to identify any hearing or balance problem. Individuals in this position usually interact with the elderly when their hearing deteriorates, provide aids and conduct specific medical tests. Occasionally, audiologists perform their services at assisted living facilities.

Essential Skills In Geriatrics

Elderly care skills refer to the abilities that may assist you in achieving success in the aged care industry. This may include assisting older people with cooking, cleaning, dressing and washing. Certain caregivers offer these services in the comfort of their patient's homes. It is an essential task that enables older individuals to get personal freedom while getting critical home care. Aged care services combine nursing and supporting aid with domestic assistance to ensure that older individuals take their medications on time, eat their meals regularly and help them maintain good habits to enhance physical and mental health.

As elderly care integrates several aspects of support work, caregivers require a variety of abilities to perform their daily tasks. These professionals may require more specialized abilities depending on the individual function, but most often possess fundamental interpersonal supporting skills while working with the elderly. The following are some abilities that a geriatric caregiver may use:


Empathy is a necessary skill for an aged care provider. Elderly patients may prefer to discuss any difficulties or concerns about their health or well-being with their caregivers. This is a critical component of developing trust and companionship and may assist patients in revealing their requirements. Patients may be more willing to express their feelings of illness when they feel heard and valued. Empathy is a critical trait for aged care professionals, as patients may feel more secure with a caregiver who is interested in their growth and pleasure.


Candidates for aged care may work with clients who communicate in a variety of ways. They may choose to be completely non-verbal or they are unable to hear or talk. Employees require to be aware of this and communicate with the customer using their preferred way of communication. This may take some time and patience.

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Technical skills

Candidates may utilize data entry software to analyze or store patient data and preferences. These duties require technological competence to distribute clients and track time. This is especially critical for senior-aged care personnel who may be controlling a team. Team leaders may manage rotations and shift patterns, track patient care routines and provide monthly reports for their colleagues using a computer.

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Health care skills

A caregiver may offer prescriptions, injections, or basic health care techniques, depending on the patient's requirements. Caregivers may possess extensive knowledge of healthcare processes and hygiene practices to promote their patient's health and prevent physical and mental health issues. Caregivers also look for early signals or typical symptoms of diseases and communicate them to the patient's doctor.

Problem-solving skills

Caregivers may work around a patient's preferences to deliver the necessary care. They may consider making adjustments to meals or routines to ensure maximum patient comfort. They may compute the most comfortable way to accomplish everyday duties around their patients. Problem-solving is a critical ability for team leaders, as they may work around tight deadlines or trade shifts with colleagues to guarantee that each patient gets critical treatment consistently.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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