13 Popular Dairy Industry Careers (With Duties And Salary)

Updated 19 March 2023

The dairy industry contributes significantly to the country's economy and keeps food supply chains operational. Working in the dairy industry allows you to contribute to an important part of many people's daily lives. Professionals interested in a career in this domain have a wide selection of opportunities to choose from and knowing more about the different types of job roles in this domain can enable you to find a position that matches your skills and interests. In this article, we examine a list of dairy industry careers along with their key responsibilities and national average salaries.

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13 Popular Dairy Industry Careers

Dairy science and animal husbandry students can pursue a wide range of dairy industry careers with their academic qualifications. Many dairy science majors ‌own or manage farms after graduation. Others may pursue careers in nutrition, genetics or animal health, or enroll in veterinary or graduate school programmes. If you are looking for a job in the dairy sector, you may consider the following popular options:

1. Farmworker

National average salary: ₹15,546 per month

Primary duties: A farmworker is a professional who works on a farm as a labourer. They conduct responsibilities that a farm owner or farm management team allocates to them. A farmworker's responsibilities can be broad, requiring them to complete a variety of chores around the farm. Their duties can also be highly specific, requiring them to learn skills pertaining to the operation and maintenance of farm equipment. A farmworker is responsible for administering fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides to crops and livestock. They may operate agricultural machinery under the direction of a rancher, head farmer or an agricultural manager.

2. Assembly Line Operator

National average salary: ₹13,010 per month

Primary duties: An assembly line operator works on a production line, completing a sequence of processes for manufacturing a variety of items, like bottles and containers. This enables the assembly line to manufacture large quantities of products in a short span of time, with each assembly line operator completing their tasks and passing the product up the line. A professional on an assembly line may perform hands-on work or supervise the mechanical execution of one or more phases of production.

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3. Dairy Clerk

National average salary: ₹14,464 per month

Primary duties: A dairy clerk works in and maintains a market's dairy department. They may help unload dairy deliveries from multiple sources and stock them on shelves for sale to end users. A dairy clerk may also create an inventory of products on shelves, update prices to reflect changes and assist customers who are looking for products that they are unable to locate on their own.

Some primary duties for these professionals include managing transportation of stock, storing stock in appropriate areas, monitoring store shelves and arranging them according to stock tags. They also coordinate with teams, prepare store displays, manage merchandise and assist with the pullout of out-of-code products. Their documentation duties may include preparing records for damaged goods and maintaining inventory logs.

4. Veterinary Technician

National average salary: ₹20,462 per month

Primary duties: A veterinary technician is a professional who assists with the care and treatment of animals that are sick or injured. They usually operate under the supervision of competent veterinary professionals, aiding them in making basic assessments and diagnoses, sample collection and animal examination. A veterinary technician that specialises in working with specific types of animals such as cows, can provide appropriate care for them. Assisting veterinarians, monitoring vital signs, obtaining and testing blood, stool and other samples and preparing animals for surgery are all responsibilities of veterinary technicians.

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5. Sales Representative

National average salary: ₹18,364 per month

Primary duties: A sales representative sells an employer's or client's product or service, often in a wholesale setting. They may work in outside sales contacting potential customers or in inside sales making sales calls or delivering sales messages from their home or a company-owned facility. They typically have comprehensive knowledge of the products their company or brand offers, helping them to effectively pitch goods and services to potential consumers and convincing them of the advantages of purchasing from their brand.

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6. Nutritionist

National average salary: ₹20,758 per month

Primary duties: A nutritionist gives nutritional advice to clients to improve or maintain their health condition. They may assist clients who have unique dietary limitations or preferences, in creating meal plans and following nutritional standards to meet their dietary needs. Nutritionists may also specialise in animal nutrition, assisting farmers in developing nutrition regimens for livestock, to improve their health and yield.

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7. Dairy Manager

National average salary: ₹20,556 per month

Primary duties: A dairy manager is a mid-level or senior-level supermarket employee who is in charge of a dairy department. They ensure that goods for sale are available at all times and guide the decisions of staff members as they stock and price goods. Dairy managers establish schedules and procedures pertaining to their department's operations, to provide high-quality customer service.

8. Quality Control Inspector

National average salary: ₹20,164 per month

Primary duties: A quality control inspector inspects products and manufacturing facilities to verify whether they meet internal and external regulatory requirements. Taking samples and running tests to verify product quality is a crucial part of their job. A quality control inspector on a dairy farm may also inspect animals' living quarters and the equipment that producers use for milking and producing dairy products.

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9. Farmer

National average salary: ₹14,277 per month

Primary duties: A farmer is an owner or operator at a farm, who works to develop and harvest farm resources for sale. They may work on the farm alone, with family members or may hire staff to help with responsibilities that are part of the routine operation of a farm facility.

A farmer may own a multi-farm enterprise or specialise in a certain type of farming, such as dairy farming. Repairing malfunctioning vehicles and machinery, managing farming activities, supervising farm workers, creating harvesting or breeding methods and liaising with clients are some of the additional responsibilities that a farmer may have.

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10. Farm Manager

National average salary: ₹55,287 per month

Primary duties: Farm manager is a senior role in the farming industry. These professionals are in charge of managing a farm's daily operations. They may supervise maintenance and operational activities personally and assign responsibilities to other staff members who work in an agricultural facility. Farm managers can specialise in certain types of farms like crop farms, dairy farms and poultry farms. They may also manage operations which involve multiple types of farms and rearing operations.

Common duties of a manager at an agricultural facility include analysing existing operations and recommending improvements, preparing plans and schedules for planting and harvesting and ensuring that staff members understand productivity expectations. They may visit different divisions to inspect crops and livestock and also to perform tests on soil and water. Managers schedule repairs, maintenance and replacement processes for farming equipment and machinery. They also supervise the marketing and sale of products from farms, like fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat and grain.

11. Veterinarian

National average salary: ₹40,211 per month

Primary duties: A veterinarian is a medical doctor who specialises in the treatment of animals. They typically focus on working with either small or large animals. Routine checkups, medicine administration and blood testing are some ‌services a veterinarian may provide for their clients independently.

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12. Veterinary Surgeon

National average salary: ₹53,612 per month

Primary duties: A veterinary surgeon is a professional who specialises in performing invasive and non-invasive medical procedures on animals. They examine animals in need of surgery to determine potential risks and devise treatment plans. They also discuss future medical complications in detail with animals' guardians to explain the need for surgery, the expected outcomes of the procedure and any potential hazards. Prior to surgery, a veterinary surgeon may administer anaesthetic and other pharmaceutical drugs to animals to keep them calm and sedated.

13. Herd Manager

National average salary: ₹39,271 per month

Primary duties: A herd manager oversees the care of a herd of livestock to keep the cattle healthy and maintain production levels. They may respond in the event of disease within a group of cattle, to minimise the spread and provide care to those cattle affected by the disease. They may also oversee the sale and purchasing of cattle to maximise profitability for the farm.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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