Diesel Mechanic Job Description (Key Skills And Duties)

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Updated 26 January 2023

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Diesel mechanics work in the automotive industry, primarily focusing on the domain of diesel engines. They perform functions such as diagnosing diesel vehicle malfunctions and repairing them. If you plan a career in diesel mechanics, learning about their primary responsibilities, salary and necessary skills can be helpful. In this article, we discuss the diesel mechanic job description, understand their primary responsibilities, explore their key skills and learn how to become one.

Diesel mechanic job description

Understanding the diesel mechanic job description can increase your chance of getting a job as a mechanic. A diesel mechanic is a professional that specialises in the repair and maintenance of diesel-powered vehicles and appliances. They might spend most of their days evaluating automobiles, finding issues and fixing them as necessary. Their responsibilities include performing diagnostic tests on automobiles, test driving vehicles and keeping detailed records of the vehicles they service and repair. A diesel mechanic's job description also includes doing routine maintenance.

Sample job description of a diesel mechanic

Here are some sample job descriptions of a diesel mechanic:

Sample job description one

Wavewood corporation is looking for an experienced diesel mechanic with good communication skills. The candidate must have two years or more experience as a diesel mechanic and must be able to inspect, keep up and repair diesel engines. Must have experience in construction vehicles and material handling equipment and maintenance of equipment history cards. Only candidate with a diploma or related qualification can apply.

Sample job description two

ABC motor is seeking an experienced diesel mechanic with good attention to detail. The candidate is expected to have at least three years of experience in operation, maintenance and repair of prime or standby power generators for large commercial properties. Candidate must be able to diagnose and repair diesel engines, large packaged generators and alternator units and test electrical components along with taking equipment readings with various meters. Must be able to work with the team, follow the written and verbal instructions and have a problem-solving attitude.

Candidates with senior secondary qualifications and a training program certification in power generation diesel engine mechanics are eligible to apply.

Primary roles and responsibilities of a diesel mechanic

Following are the primary roles and responsibilities of a diesel mechanic:

  • conducting diagnostic testing on automobiles

  • examining the findings of diagnostic tests

  • replacing vehicle engines, steering systems, gearboxes and braking systems, among other things

  • inspecting the lighting systems of automobiles

  • test-driving automobiles to evaluate their performance

  • carrying out preventative maintenance on service trucks

  • keeping detailed records of all vehicles that they service

  • strictly following the inspection protocol checklist

  • keeping track of inventory

  • maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace

  • conducting inspections on diesel machinery and vehicles to detect for signs of possible deterioration or upcoming issues

  • diagnosing malfunctioning diesel equipment to determine the source of the problem

  • repairing defective or non-functional equipment to a working state

  • interacting with customers and asking questions to assist in diagnosis to make repairs more efficiently

  • explaining defects to vehicle owners in simple words and also explain the work that they have done and what to look out for subsequent repairs

How to become a diesel mechanic

Here are the most common steps to become a diesel mechanic:

1. Complete your education

You can complete your senior secondary education from any recognised institution. Though it is not mandatory, employers prefer candidates having a diploma in diesel mechanics or any automobile related field. You can consider pursuing a one or two-year diploma from recognised government institutions or industrial training centres. Pursuing such education can ensure that you possess the relevant skills required for the diesel mechanic role.

2. Gain relevant skills

Employers usually emphasise practical abilities than a formal educational qualification for a diesel mechanic. If you want to impress your employer, you can prefer to get some specialised training in working with diesel engines. You can accomplish such training during your schooling by enrolling in a vocational school or through an internship or entry-level job that includes working with more experienced mechanics and learning from them.

3. Earn related certifications

Including one or more certificates on your resume can demonstrate your expertise in such fields, which can be beneficial if you have just started working. While you can prefer to focus primarily on diesel engines, extra certifications in related mechanical specialisations might help your resume become more noticeable. Having a certificate in diesel mechanics can also open up great opportunities such as engine mechanic, machine operator, pump operator and automobile mechanic.

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4. Build a resume

For the diesel mechanic role, you can prepare a resume that can highlight your most impressive and relevant skills and previous work experiences that apply to this job role. Consider creating customised resumes for each job listing for which you are applying. Consider giving special attention to your skills and previous experiences that closely align with the posting. You might include your learnings from past works and internships and all the certifications if you accomplished any.

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5. Apply for diesel mechanic job role

After creating your resume, you can look for diesel mechanic job roles in your preferred location. You can search on the various job listing sites and job portals such as indeed. Consider including terms related to work expertise you have during your job search, such as vehicle repairing, ITI diesel mechanic and machinery servicing. You can also reach out to employers directly through emails or through their websites.

What are the primary skills of a diesel mechanic?

Diesel mechanic roles require a specific skill set, particularly related to tools and automobiles. Following are some of the primary skills of a diesel mechanic:

Problem-solving skills

The primary task of any mechanic is to determine the root cause of a machine's malfunction and then repair it. Sometimes the solution is simple, but in other circumstances, it may require strong problem-solving abilities. Employers often look for self-motivated mechanics who can find answers on their own, irrespective of how much time it may take.

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Attention to detail

While repairing a vehicle, it is crucial to pay close attention to the smallest of details. This can enable you to repair a vehicle correctly the first time, avoiding the need for clients to bring their vehicle back in. Such customer service is likely to result in increased customer satisfaction, which can lead to more repeat business.

Communication skills

Most of the time, as a diesel mechanic, you may require interacting with a customer to understand their concerns and then describe to them while repairing their vehicle. Usually, customers want to know exactly what you do to their vehicle and how much and for what you are charging them. You may also require answering any of your customer's queries. In such a situation, the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, can be essential to satisfy your customer from your service.

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Technical ability

To accomplish everyday repair and maintenance tasks properly, having technical knowledge is very important for a diesel mechanic. Usually, the machinery they work on are expensive and it is necessary to perform work properly to prevent making any costly errors. Having proficient technical skills can also help get jobs easily and may also result in higher pay.

Analytical skills

Even when a diesel mechanic uses electronic diagnostic equipment to diagnose a diesel engine problem, analysis is important to properly determine the cause of the malfunction. Whether it is a small or a large vehicle, diesel mechanics require the ability to thoroughly examine and diagnose such diesel-powered automobiles to identify the root cause of the malfunction. To correctly analyse diesel engine faults, mechanics require strong analytical skills and may rely on their past knowledge and experience, along with their hands-on expertise in this field.

What is the average salary of a diesel mechanic?

The national average salary of a diesel mechanic is ₹18,005 per month. The average salary may vary depending on the location of the job. There are many factors, including experience in the field and hiring organisations, that can significantly influence the average salary of a diesel mechanic.

Salary figures show data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing the article. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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