14 Family And Consumer Science Jobs (With Salaries)

Updated 27 December 2022

The home economics industry offers services and develops products to support people's development and improve their lives. It focuses on all aspects of life such as finance, nutrition, health, fashion, hospitality and cleaning, so the breadth of the field offers opportunities for a wide range of professionals. If you want to get into the family and consumer science industry, there are many roles that may suit your profile and offer different development opportunities. In this article, we explore 14 family and consumer science jobs with their salary information and lists of their primary duties.

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What Are Family And Consumer Science Jobs?

Family and consumer science jobs focus on improving the lives of people by offering products and services that make things easier or more enjoyable. Jobs in family and consumer science may focus on the production, marketing, research and distribution of products. The industry also employs professionals to manage and develop businesses, such as finance managers and consultants. Since the field is so broad, if you have experience in another industry, you are likely to find a job in family and consumer science that suits your profile.

14 Family And Consumer Science Jobs

If you want to get into family and consumer science, there are many areas that offer interesting jobs to suit your education and experience. Here are 14 jobs in the family and consumer science industry:

1. Food Technologist

National average salary: ₹20,118 per month

Primary duties: Food technologists research, develop and analyse food and drink products to ensure they comply with strict safety and quality standards. They may work with dieticians and nutritionists to analyse and record the nutritional information of products for packaging and documentation. They may also work with organisations to review existing products and ensure that companies are being transparent about their nutritional information to consumers. They have a thorough knowledge of legislation, food science, labelling regulations and nutritional requirements.

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2. Nanny

National average salary: ₹16,241 per month

Primary duties: A nanny visits the homes of clients to care for children and pets while their guardians are out of the house. Depending on the structure of their service, they may also complete household activities, prepare meals and clean the house. It is important for nannies to be engaging and friendly with children and know how to manage behaviour and properly supervise younger children. This job generally has a high demand in both rural and urban areas and can offer flexible hours and the opportunity to build strong relationships with clients.

3. Financial Planner

National average salary: ₹36,549 per month

Primary duties: A financial planner helps individuals and businesses to make financial strategies to meet their development goals and improve their portfolios. They may manage finances directly and work with accountants to manage funds or only produce plans, proposals and strategies based on data. They can also handle more complex finances like assets, stock portfolios, property and pensions. Financial planners build friendly relationships and loyalty with their clients and can find lucrative opportunities through commission-based contracts.

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4. Event Planner

National average salary: ₹19,822 per month

Primary duties: Individuals and businesses employ event planners to organise social and professional events and manage events on the day. These events may include conferences, weddings, concerts, conventions, trade fairs and funerals. Planners manage the budget, venue, staff hire and supplying food and decoration. They may also manage the event on the day, such as coordinating the staff and organising set up and clear up. Some planners form strong bonds with their clients and may offer discounts to returning customers.

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5. Dietician

National average salary:17,896 per month

Primary duties: A dietician is responsible for planning meals and nutritional diets for patients and clients. Some dieticians work privately for individuals to plan diets that fit their developmental goals or health requirements. Others may work in healthcare, preparing meals in hospitals for patients that are nutritious, promote recovery and comply with dietary needs, allergies and restrictions. They may work as part of a team of nutritional aides or nutritionists to research meals and deliver plans to chefs and culinary professionals who work to prepare meals.

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6. Teacher

National average salary: ₹19,450 per month

Primary duties: Teaching roles are a part of the family and consumer science industry because they support the development of both children and adults taking classes. Elementary school teachers offer broad knowledge, whereas college teachers often have the specialisation to teach a specific subject. High school teachers blend them both by having a particular specialism but also by having a pastoral role where they offer advice and guidance for student welfare.

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7. Technologist

National average salary: ₹24,327 per month

Primary duties: A technologist is a technician who researches, develops and manufactures garments and clothing for brands. Technologists work to enable the mass production of cost-effective, high-quality and marketable products that fit with the brand's vision. Senior garment technologist and technician work involves researching and designing garments to fit market trends, creative ideas and client briefs. They provide technical support for the production of clothing, so they require in-depth knowledge about manufacturing processes and design limitations.

8. Hospitality Manager

National average salary: ₹27,191 per month

Primary duties: A hospitality manager supervises operations and manages teams of staff in restaurants, venues and hotels. These teams can include wait staff, caterers, cleaners and any hospitality roles that serve customers or perform maintenance at a venue or event. They hire staff, manage budgets, arrange maintenance of equipment and keep accurate records and documentation of the hospitality matters at a venue. Hospitality managers may also deal with customer complaints and work to improve customer experience by proposing and implementing new policies, measures and services.

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9. Personal Trainer

National average salary: ₹17,001 per month

Primary duties: Personal trainers and fitness instructors help individuals with diet and exercise through supervised sessions, workouts and meal planning and group activities. Some work with individuals personally to help them meet health goals like weight loss or professional goals such as acting roles, modelling opportunities or sports competitions. Other personal trainers may work with local gyms and clubs to put on group activities or specialised classes for a particular exercise. The ability to consider individual requirements and restrictions and give scientifically grounded health advice for a range of ages, skill levels and body types is essential for this role.

10. Counsellor

National average salary: ₹19,270 per month

Primary duties: Counsellors provide talking therapy, meetings, mental health support and guidance for individuals who are suffering from mental health issues. Counsellors can find work in private practices, institutions such as schools and universities, or online by providing video or telephone counselling. They may work with a broad range of clients or choose to specialise in a particular age category, such as children or seniors. Counsellors can support people through particular stresses, such as grief counselling, or work with them to achieve personal, professional or academic goals.

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11. Customer Care Specialist

National average salary: ₹16,235 per month

Primary duties: Customer care specialists manage the relationship between business and client by resolving issues, and managing and responding to customer service requests. Resolving issues can involve making agreements with clients, recording their dissatisfaction and recommending solutions, such as dispatching replacements or offering advice. They may respond to phone queries, email requests, in-person requests and discussions on social media. These specialists may also report on the results of customer surveys and feedback forms, propose policies as a result and train new team members.

12. Interior Designer

National average salary: ₹21,921 per month

Primary duties: Interior designers propose and implement design plans to make indoor spaces more attractive, functional and safe. They maximise space in smaller areas and take advantage of natural lighting, ventilation and heating to make comfortable and aesthetically pleasing areas. They can also help clients to improve their spaces on tight budgets and try to translate their customer's vision into the space through frequent consultations.

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13. Housing Assistant

National average salary: ₹44,725 per month

Primary duties: Housing assistants maintain properties, resolve housing issues and help tenants with their day-to-day activities. This can involve working in private properties with cleaners, caterers and maintenance crew or working directly with tenants in a care home or complex. Housing assistants typically work in a customer-facing role, providing friendly service to people in need. It can also involve addressing complaints and issues on-site, like trespassing, vandalism and theft.

14. Hotel Manager

National average salary: ₹22,406 per month

Primary duties: Hotel managers oversee the operation of hotels and make arrangements to provide for customers and staff. They develop policies and proposals to provide services, manage teams of employees, train and monitor staff welfare and maintain the site. Hotel managers liaise with suppliers and retailers to supply the hotel with quality goods and may deal with customer complaints directly in some circumstances.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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