36 Flexible Jobs To Consider (Their Duties And Salaries)

Updated 17 August 2023

There are many positions that offer flexible schedules, allowing you to complete your work at a time that works best for you. Jobs that offer this flexibility can be beneficial if you are still completing your education or you have family obligations that often require your attention. Learning more about jobs that offer flexible scheduling can make it easier for you to find the position that best matches your skill set and goals. In this article, we list 36 flexible jobs for people who desire a better work-life balance.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

21 Flexible Jobs To Consider

The following 21 flexible jobs can make it easier for you to design your own schedule while increasing your skill set and providing for yourself and your family:

1. Sales Representative

National average salary: ₹60.28 per hour

Primary duties: Sales representatives promote a company's products or services to a specific target market. They identify potential leads, contact those leads either by phone or email and meet with other sales representatives to discuss better ways to locate leads. They may also educate their prospects and deliver sales presentations.

2. Researcher

National average salary: ₹75.51 per hour

Primary duties: Researchers examine information from a range of sources to help individuals and organisations make more informed decisions. They collect information on new trends and use it to create reports and presentations. Researchers may work in a variety of industries, including marketing, medicine and environmental science.

3. Video Game Designer

National average salary: ₹90.56 per hour

Primary duties: Video game designers design and construct video games, including their storylines, characters, layouts and visual effects. They often work with artists and programmers to ensure that the game functions properly. They may also experiment with different themes and genres and arrange focus groups to test their game designs on different audiences.

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4. Graphic Designer

National average salary: ₹99.94 per hour

Primary duties: Graphic designers use art and technology to create visual designs for books, websites, magazines and advertisements. They may work for individual clients or for brands and produce artwork using graphic design software. They may also edit their existing designs and incorporate requested changes into their final designs.

5. Plumber

National average salary: ₹101 per hour

Primary duties: Plumbers repair and install piping systems in homes or businesses, including toilets, bathtubs, showers and other appliances. They may also clean drains, replace broken pipes to prevent water leakage and assess the design of plumbing systems. Plumbers might also make sure plumbing systems comply with environmental laws and regulations.

6. Virtual Assistant

National average salary: ₹102 per hour

Primary duties: Virtual assistants provide a variety of virtual administrative services to companies from remote locations. They may answer phone calls, forward emails, respond to instant messages and handle customer service requests and complaints. These assistants might also manage online records and calendars.

7. Photographer

National average salary: ₹107 per hour

Primary duties: Photographers take high-quality photographs of people, landscapes, animals and objects. They may meet with their clients to discuss their preferences and take a variety of photos for special events like weddings, graduations and company gatherings. They may also edit their photographs to showcase certain details or create a specific effect.

8. Voice Over Artist

National average salary: ₹108 per hour

Primary duties: Voice over artists create commercials, audiobooks, documentaries, educational videos, video games and other media. They use different voices to design characters, tell stories and communicate important information. These artists use a variety of recording equipment like microphones and are typically responsible for reading from a script.

9. Video Editor

National average salary: ₹116 per hour

Primary duties: Video editors review video and audio footage and organise that footage into a final product. They assemble raw video footage and upload it to a software system, which they might then use to input audio and create special effects. These editors may also improve faulty footage, correct lighting issues and meet with directors and producers to showcase the final edited footage.

10. Social Media Manager

National average salary: ₹125 per hour

Primary duties: Social media managers plan and create social media posts to help brands increase their online presence. They design social media campaigns, create engaging content for multiple platforms and analyse social media metrics such as the total number of users who interacted with or shared a post. They may also research different strategies to increase and retain followers.

11. Blogger

National average salary: ₹129 per hour

Primary duties: Bloggers write blog posts and edit and promote web page content. They may use their blogs to advertise products and promote their other content. Many bloggers specialise in a specific subject or niche, such as travel, marketing, finance or technology.

12. Bookkeeper

National average salary: ₹129 per hour

Primary duties: Bookkeepers help provide businesses with accurate financial data. They document daily financial transactions, review various business accounts and reference bank statements to confirm accuracy. They might also prepare monthly reports to summarise the business's current financial position.

13. Home Health Aide

National average salary: ₹139 per hour

Primary duties: Home health aides help care for patients in their own homes. They may prepare meals for them, perform basic housekeeping like laundry service and sweeping and shop for food for them. They may also help them bathe and educate their families on how to care for them on their own.

14. Tutor

National average salary: ₹139 per hour

Primary duties: Tutors help students learn new concepts and complete their assignments outside of a traditional classroom setting. They may specialise in a specific age group or subject, such as mathematics or engineering. A tutor might help their students develop better study habits to prepare for tests and provide more detailed instruction.

15. Web Designer

National average salary: ₹144 per hour

Primary duties: Web designers create websites using their knowledge of design and computer programming. They may plan the layout of the website, create web page content, test the site's functionality and insert new photos, graphics and video clips. They may also format web pages and edit the photos on a designated page.

16. Personal Trainer

National average salary: ₹153 per hour

Primary duties: Personal trainers help their clients achieve their desired fitness goals by creating exercise routines for them and ensuring that they adhere to those routines. They motivate individuals and groups and lead them in activities such as stretching, running and strength training. They may make recommendations to help them further improve.

17. Computer Programmer

National average salary: ₹157 per hour

Primary duties: Computer programmers write, modify and test computer code for a variety of applications. They update existing errors in computer software, rewrite programs for different operating systems and identify and fix errors in code. They may also write technical guides to the software programs they design and implement new security features.

18. Auditor

National average salary: ₹160 per hour

Primary duties: Auditors ensure that a company complies with internal policies and procedures by analysing data and checking the accuracy of financial reports. They might use spreadsheets to collect and preserve information and generate reports. They may also gauge a company's level of financial risk and prepare new reports and financial statements.

19. Dietician

National average salary: ₹167 per hour

Primary duties: Dieticians advise their clients on healthy eating habits using their knowledge of human nutrition. They help create diet plans and design nutritional programmes to help people manage diseases and become healthier. They may also review the latest food and nutritional science research and design educational materials about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

20. Massage Therapist

National average salary: ₹231 per hour

Primary duties: Massage therapists work in a range of settings and provide massage therapy services to their clients. They manipulate their muscles to relieve pain, reduce stress and increase relaxation and well-being. These therapists may also recommend other treatment options to their clients, depending on their treatment goals.

21. Data Scientist

National average salary: ₹578 per hour

Primary duties: Data scientists collect and analyse big data to help companies make more informed decisions. They may identify various data analytics problems and search for opportunities to use data to make improvements to company systems. They may also review databases to locate trends and patterns and prepare their findings for further analysis.

15 Additional Jobs Offering Flexibility

Here are 15 more jobs that may offer a high degree of flexibility:

  1. Recruiter: ₹86.17 per hour

  2. Hairstylist: ₹96.86 per hour

  3. Digital Marketer: ₹98.72 per hour

  4. Electrician: ₹98.98 per hour

  5. Welder: ₹104 per hour

  6. Music Director: ₹113 per hour

  7. Videographer: ₹122 per hour

  8. Writer: ₹124 per hour

  9. Makeup Artist: ₹137 per hour

  10. Dancer: ₹141 per hour

  11. Cloud Engineer: ₹210 per hour

  12. Journalist: ₹350 per hour

  13. Tattoo Artist: ₹344 per hour

  14. Quality Assurance Analyst: ₹562 per hour

  15. Database Administrator: ₹581 per hour

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