14 High-Paying Non-Technical Jobs (With Salaries And Duties)

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Updated 5 March 2023

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A non-technical job is one that requires little technical knowledge or tech skills. These jobs can be beneficial for professionals who want to pursue careers outside of the technology field. If you are interested in one of these careers, it might be helpful to research some of these high-paying career options. In this article, we discuss 14 high-paying non-technical jobs that you can consider, including their salaries and responsibilities.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

14 High-Paying Non-Technical Jobs

Here is a list of 14 high-paying non-technical jobs along with their primary duties:

1. Content Manager

National average salary: ₹47,083 per month

Primary duties: Content managers oversee an organisation's traditional and digital content. They spend their time creating or enhancing a company's brand image through content. A content manager publishes materials for the business' websites, blogs, and social media and may also create traditional content, like newsletters, flyers or calendars. Some of their daily responsibilities include planning, editing, writing, and occasionally uploading and updating content online. If the business has a content team, the manager might work together with the team to develop marketing strategies.

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2. Marketing Manager

National average salary: ₹56,485 per month

Primary duties: Marketing managers lead a company's marketing team. Their primary goal is promoting a brand and what it sells. Marketing managers develop strategies to attract new customers while creating awareness for the organisation. Their daily responsibilities include designing marketing campaigns, creating advertising contracts and staying up-to-date on marketing trends. They may also evaluate how their strategies perform. Using this information, they create reports, analyse the data and develop new strategies.

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3. Sales Manager

National average salary: ₹42,134 per month

Primary duties: A sales manager leads sales for an organisation's sales team. They hire and train members of the team and make sure that everyone meets sales quotas. Sales managers also spend much of their day motivating their team and assisting them with any potential setbacks. These managers might also create sales goals for their team, individual goals for each team member and develop sales plans. Other daily responsibilities might include tracking sales quotas and collaborating with the marketing team to organise and promote a company's products or services.

4. Project Manager

National average salary: ₹1,32,503 per month

Primary duties: A project manager oversees the progress of certain events or item development. They typically manage the project from its development to its release. These managers make sure that the project team completes an event or item by a designated deadline. They use several project management techniques to develop and schedule project milestones. They also use tools to manage their daily responsibilities. These responsibilities include creating project deliverables, developing product ideas and meeting with company stakeholders. They may also meet with other team leads to discuss how they can collaborate on an event or project.

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5. Editorial Manager

National average salary: ₹71,965 per month

Primary duties: Editorial managers oversee the production of written productions like books, magazines and newspapers. They may also manage the creation and distribution of these materials. This might include printed material, online content or hybrid publications. Their daily tasks may include generating theses for issues of magazines or specific articles. Editorial managers might also take responsibility for assigning projects to staff or freelance writers, monitor deadlines and assess the quality of the writers' work.

6. Documentation Manager

National average salary: ₹52,613 per month

Primary duties: These managers oversee an organisation's documentation process and the steps involved in storing and organising essential files and forms. Many documentation managers use software to keep information secure and accessible. Documentation managers work in a range of industries, like health care and insurance. Their daily responsibilities include determining requirements for certain documentation for departments and roles. They also create forms and organisational structures. A documentation manager may also take responsibility for training employees on how to use appropriate documentation systems to submit forms or track information.

7. Construction Manager

National average salary: ₹85,220 per month

Primary duties: Construction managers oversee building projects and manage construction sites. This includes all phases, from its development to its completion. Construction managers are professionals who make sure that their construction team completes their projects by the deadlines. They might make sure that the team follows safety regulations while on the construction site. Construction managers have multiple daily responsibilities. These include selecting materials and equipment, managing the construction workers and getting any necessary licenses and permits for the construction project. They may also write reports and resolve building or site issues.

8. Investment Banker

National average salary: ₹77,092 per month

Primary duties: Investment bankers are professionals who advise their clients on financial decisions and assist individuals or businesses with investments. Their job is to help people make money through a variety of means. These bankers also advise their clients on the best time to make investments. They have several daily responsibilities, including researching the market, giving clients financial advice and negotiating large acquisitions. They may also do a lot of risk analysis for their clients.

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9. Business Analyst

National average salary: ₹51,033 per month

Primary duties: Business analysts are professionals who evaluate a business's strategies and processes. Their goal is to help a company improve its business. These improvements include products, services and systems. Their role is often to determine sales patterns, compare competition and improve operational expedience. They spend much of their time developing reports, creating budgets and performing analyses for the business. These analysts frequently speak with company clients or stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the business's vision.

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10. Historian

National average salary: ₹98,263 per month

Primary duties: Historians study history, including the culture, geographic region or industries. They produce books and other material based on their research to help educate others. Historians can work independently as authors, and others may choose to work for universities, government agencies or historical societies. Their daily responsibilities include travelling to historic sites, interviewing people about core events in history and reading primary sources from the past. Some historians may write books and scripts for documentaries or act as historical consultants for other creators like movie producers.

11. Truck Driver

National average salary: ₹26,011 per month

Primary duties: Truck drivers operate large trucks to transport or deliver goods. The drivers haul a variety of products depending on which industry or job they are working. They might transport anything from food and chemicals to machinery or materials. These drivers can work for a company that oversees multiple truckers or they can work as independent drivers. Some of their daily responsibilities include loading and unloading trucks, driving extensive distances, analysing road maps and signs and inspecting their truck.

12. Midwife

National average salary: ₹23,477 per month

Primary duties: Midwives help people during birth and pregnancy. They might practise independently or work with hospitals, obstetrics practices and birthing centres. Some midwives specialise and may assist in home births or focus on helping their patients find alternatives to traditional pain management. Their daily responsibilities might include taking vital signs during pregnancy, advising their clients on birth options and prenatal care options or developing birth plans. They also might work closely with their patient's doctor to provide care during childbirth.

13. Pediatrician

National average salary: ₹98,564 per month

Primary duties: A pediatrician monitors the health of infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. They might own their own practices or may work for a medical centre, clinic or hospital. Their daily responsibilities include examining patients, performing blood tests, diagnosing conditions and prescribing medication or treatment. They also take responsibility for educating their patients' parents and legal guardians about how to administer the medicine or treatments. If their patients have specific complicated health issues, general paediatricians refer their patients to a specialist.

14. Registered Nurse

National average salary: ₹25,125 per month

Primary duties: Registered nurses (RN) are medical professionals who assist sick or injured patients. They care for individuals and try to prevent further pain or injury. RNs work in hospitals, clinics, schools and doctor's offices. Some of their daily responsibilities include assisting patients' health, keeping medical records up-to-date and giving patients medicine. They might also prepare patients for tests or surgeries. Registered nurses also observe patients and try to make them comfortable during their recoveries.

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