8 Highest-Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad (With Salaries And Tips)

Updated 12 June 2023

A job outside a teacher's country of citizenship can provide exceptional career, networking and skill development opportunities. Many companies look abroad for qualified educators and, in particular, English teachers. Learning about these foreign teaching jobs and understanding what skills, experience and qualifications may be necessary can help you decide whether it is a suitable career for you. In this article, we list the eight highest-paid teaching jobs abroad, provide their salary information, discuss why it may be interesting to apply for these jobs and share some tips on how to do so.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

8 Highest-Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad

Examining the highest-paid teaching jobs abroad and their benefits is essential before deciding to relocate. Typically, in countries where English is a foreign language, they offer language teachers special work visas, exchange programmes and permits. Deciding on which country you want to move to may depend on a number of factors, such as the salary, climate, local culture, cost of living and level of safety. Below are eight high-paying overseas teaching jobs that may be of interest to you.

1. English Teacher in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

National average salary: 71,109 AED per year

Primary duties: In the UAE, English teachers provide lessons to students of all age groups. Their role includes planning lessons, grading assignments and teaching students how to speak and write the language fluently. They can work in public, private and international schools. They can also work in private institutes where they typically teach English to migrants and international students. Further information about the qualifications and training requirements for teachers is available on the government's official website.

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2. Teacher in Canada

National average salary: 39,894 CAD per year

Primary duties: In Canada, teachers can work at all school levels, including kindergarten. They prepare lessons as per the curriculum, adapt their teaching methods, assign and evaluate homework, oversee examinations, participate in staff meetings and support students requiring additional assistance. Candidates can find information about the necessary qualifications, eligibility requirements and possible career paths for teachers through government sources.

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3. English Teacher in Singapore

National average salary: 42,763 SGD per year

Primary duties: In Singapore, English teachers can work in schools, colleges, private coaching centres and language institutes. In addition to teaching, they typically give lectures, answer queries, grade tests, offer guidance and motivate students through a range of educational activities. Candidates can learn more about a teacher's role in this country by visiting official government websites.

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4. Primary School Teacher in the United Kingdom (UK)

National average salary: 27,038 GBP per year

Primary duties: In the UK, primary school teachers, also known as junior school teachers, provide lessons to students from 5 to 11 years of age. They prepare teaching material, organise the classroom, plan lessons, discuss student progress with parents or carers, ensure student safety and organise events. Candidates can find more information about the role and jobs available through the government's official sources.

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5. High School Teacher in Australia

National average salary: 88,973 AUD per year

Primary duties: A high school teacher, also known as a secondary school teacher, provides lessons to students from 13 to 18 years of age. These teachers prepare lessons, design teaching material, give homework, assess student progress, organise extra-curricular activities and manage study trips. This role requires strong communication, leadership, motivation and organisational skills. More information about this role is available on the government's career information website.

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6. Daycare Teacher in Ireland

National average salary: 24,488 EUR per year

Primary duties: These teachers work with young children at daycare facilities and preschool institutes. They require knowledge of early childhood development and educational models. In contrast to other teaching jobs, daycare teachers design activities that introduce children to new hobbies, encourage age-appropriate behaviour and develop their abilities. This role requires pedagogical skills, patience and a passion for working with young children.

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7. English Teacher in New Zealand

National average salary: 64,001 NZD per year

Primary duties: In New Zealand, English teachers provide lessons to students in primary, intermediate and secondary education. They follow the prescribed curriculum to help pupils improve their English language skills. Some educators have the Teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages certificate and can design learning material, teach courses, present lessons, give assignments and monitor the progress of migrants and international students. This role requires strong organisational, interpersonal, flexibility and problem-solving skills. Candidates can gain more information about these roles from official government sources.

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8. English Teacher in Japan

National average salary: 5,342,243 JPY per year

Primary duties: English teachers in Japan provide lessons to students in public and private schools and private language academies. They may also work as personal tutors. These teachers help students of all ages read, write and speak English fluently. They plan lessons, report on student progress, prepare teaching material, assign homework and, when necessary, provide extra classes. To become eligible for teaching roles in Japan, fulfilling specific certifications may be necessary. In addition, having strong interpersonal skills, knowledge of the Japanese language and an outgoing personality may help teachers thrive in this role and country.

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Key Reasons To Teach Abroad

Here are some key reasons to apply for teaching jobs abroad:

  • Higher salaries: Due to the difference in exchange rates and labour market conditions, a teaching job abroad can significantly improve your salary. Some jobs offer interesting salaries but require specialised skills, as is the case for language and special education teachers.

  • International exposure: Highlighting the jobs and experience obtained in a foreign country may improve the quality of your resume. It may also result in more employment, promotion and networking opportunities.

  • Skill development: Besides strong language and teaching skills, working in a foreign country requires other faculties, including communication, persuasion, networking and cultural skills. Working abroad can also help you learn new skills and promote your professional development.

  • Personal and professional growth: Living and working outside your country can be an educative and meaningful experience. A teaching job abroad can lead to personal growth, career development and new perspectives.

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Tips For Getting A Teaching Job Abroad

Below are some useful tips to follow when considering a teaching job abroad:

  • Secure the necessary visa and permits. Employers may prefer candidates with the necessary work visas and permits to expedite the hiring process. Ensure you are eligible and have the required paperwork before applying for overseas jobs.

  • Prepare the required documents. When applying for jobs abroad, providing the required documents along with your resume and cover letter may be important. Include documents, such as your passport, visa application status, identity card and letters of recommendation, so potential employers can easily find them and confirm the authenticity of your job application.

  • Join expatriate groups. Join expatriate networking groups on social media platforms and professional websites. Share information about the type of job you are looking for and your preferred location to get recommendations.

  • Perform due diligence. Sending talented people to work abroad is a lucrative business in many countries, resulting in some risky operations, such as those lead by fraudsters and scammers. If you want to use third-party services to look for a job or obtain your visa, perform due diligence and check the authenticity of the company you want to hire.

  • Look for part-time roles or internships. If you are unable to find full-time teaching positions in your countries of choice, look instead for short-term employment opportunities. These include part-time roles, internships and contract positions.

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