Highest Paying Data Science Companies In India (With Jobs)

Updated 3 September 2023

Data science is the study of using tools and algorithms to analyse large volumes of unstructured data and extract meaningful information. Many companies hire candidates with knowledge of data science to enhance the productivity of their internal operations and optimise sales funnels. Learning about the different data science job roles can help you decide the right career option for you. In this article, we discuss what the highest paying data science companies are like and list job roles that you can pursue in this field.

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What Are The Highest Paying Data Science Companies In India Like?

By learning about the highest paying data science companies in India you can understand the skills and qualifications required to get a job in this field. Some common examples of companies that hire candidates with experience in data science are e-commerce platforms, software companies and analytics firms. They pay competitive salaries and other benefits to data science professionals. These salaries may vary depending on the size of the company, location or skills, qualifications and work experience of candidates.

Many data science companies hire skilled and experienced professionals for inventory and sales forecasting, assessing market trends, analysing customer behaviour and measuring the impact of businesses. From interpreting complex data into easy-to-understand information to targeting potential customers, data science professionals assist companies in many ways. They also help companies in decision-making processes and business operations.

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9 Data Science Job Roles

Here are the common job roles in the highest paying data science companies in India:

1. Data Analyst

National average salary: ₹5,43,110 per year

Primary duties: A data analyst is responsible for collecting and analysing data that companies can use to improve their business operations and productivity. Their primary duties include collecting unstructured data from different sources, using statistical methods to analyse data and converting it into a structured and understandable form.

These professionals use data to analyse industry trends. Data analysts also prepare and send reports to their management team. They often collaborate with professionals like programmers to address errors related to data. They also use diagnostic analytics to identify the cause of a specific situation. By using predictive analytics, they discover the most likely outcomes and help businesses take relevant actions.

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2. Quantitative Analyst

National average salary: ₹4,01,688 per year

Primary duties: Quantitative analysts are finance professionals who help businesses make effective financial decisions. They use statistical and mathematical calculations to develop complex models. These models can help in managing risk and finding the right investment options. They are also responsible for implementing effective strategies to assess risks and improve the profits of the company.

Quantitative analysts perform financial analysis and develop visual information to help companies understand potential risks and challenges. They may collaborate with senior management and assist them in pricing analysis and investment strategies. Their job also involves researching and evaluating current industry trends.

3. Statistician

National average salary: ₹7,86,391 per year

Primary duties: Statisticians are responsible for helping businesses solve complex problems by applying statistical and mathematical theories. They collect and analyse data to help in decision-making. Statisticians may collaborate with other professionals to find effective solutions to specific problems. They often explain complex statistical information to team members.

The day-to-day duties of a statistician also involve gathering data through experiments and polls, using effective mathematical rules and theories and developing mathematical models. Statisticians may use various software and tools for data analysis. Some statisticians travel and supervise surveys to gather data.

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4. Database Administrator

National average salary: ₹7,24,628 per year

Primary duties: Database administrators create and monitor company databases such as user accounts, statistical surveys and customer records. They ensure the safety and security of databases and manage backup solutions in case of system failure. Their day-to-day duties include securing organisational data, designing database models, solving concerns related to database performance and creating new user accounts.

Database administrators test alterations to the database and keep end users updated about the changes. They assess database systems to find slow responses, update antivirus programs on servers and develop policies related to database security and management.

5. Business Intelligence Analyst

National average salary: ₹7,24,741 per year

Primary duties: Business intelligence analysts are responsible for preparing financial and market intelligence reports by analysing data and optimising metrics. They use their knowledge of business intelligence tools and technologies to develop data-driven strategies. The primary duties of a business intelligence analyst include devising and using data-gathering methods, analysing data and instituting new policies and procedures.

Business intelligence analysts review collected data to identify possible anomalies. They may also collaborate with management professionals to ensure the effective implementation of data analysis methodologies. Other responsibilities of a business intelligence analyst are analysing the cost benefits of projects, preparing reports and presentations and recommending effective solutions to improve the performance of systems.

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6. Machine Learning Engineer

National average salary: ₹8,43,496 per year

Primary duties: Machine learning engineers are IT professionals who work in the field of artificial intelligence. They design self-running software programs to automate predictive models. Their primary duties are creating algorithms for the independent functioning of machines with minimal human intervention and maintaining machine learning systems. They perform statistical analysis and machine learning experiments to ensure the proper functioning of data models.

Machine learning engineers analyse large amounts of data and find possible solutions to solve complex issues related to AI systems. They use their software engineering skills to develop machine learning software and applications according to the client or customer requirements.

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7. Data Scientist

National average salary: ₹9,99,700 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists are IT professionals who interpret large amounts of raw and unstructured data. They use their statistics, computer science and programming knowledge to provide understandable insights to a company. Data scientists are responsible for gathering, extracting, processing, storing and managing data. They often clean large sets of data to improve their accuracy.

Their day-to-day tasks involve predicting future trends through statistical algorithms and preparing reports with clear information for the senior management. Data scientists assist organisations in decision-making by developing data-backed strategies. They may work with other technology professionals to solve data-analytics problems.

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8. Data Modeller

National average salary: ₹12,33,724 per year

Primary duties: Data modellers are IT professionals who document a software system design in the form of an easy-to-understand diagram. They are responsible for ensuring the accurate representation of the data, developing and maintaining conceptual data models and implementing a data visualisation toolkit. They typically design and develop models for small projects. Data modellers document important changes related to solution design and end-user training.

They may work as a project leader and manage a team of junior modellers. They report data modelling results to their senior management and stakeholders. Other duties of a data modeller are understanding the data flows of companies and identifying areas where they may require improvement.

9. Enterprise Architect

National average salary: ₹12,55,644 per year

Primary duties: Enterprise architects maintain information technology systems, networks and structures of organisations. They ensure the IT structure of an organisation aligns with its business goals. Enterprise architects assist companies in the effective utilisation of their IT assets. Their primary responsibilities include monitoring the implementation of architect systems, finding new IT solutions and upgrading enterprise hardware and software systems.

They help companies minimise expenses and improve information sharing. Enterprise architects often educate and train employees on using the IT products of an organisation. They also find areas for improvement in the existing IT systems and develop policies regarding the use of IT assets.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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