13 Highest-Paying Jobs In Delhi (With Salary Information)

Updated 19 September 2023

Every location has jobs that offer a higher salary than others. While there are many job opportunities in Delhi across a range of industries, some roles offer a higher salary due to the required qualifications, skills, and experience and demand for qualified individuals. If you are looking for a high-paying job in Delhi, learning about the available options can help you determine if you have the necessary qualifications to pursue them. In this article, we list 13 of the highest-paying jobs in Delhi, and outline the average salary and primary duties for each.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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Highest-Paying Jobs In Delhi

Here is a list of the highest-paying jobs in Delhi for people with different specialisations:

1. Chartered Accountant

Average salary: ₹3,18,965 per year

Primary duties: Chartered accountants provide financial services to businesses, government bodies and individuals. These services include taxation, wealth management, budgeting, costing, risk analysis and auditing. While some chartered accountants work for organisations, others may act as consultants for companies or provide their services independently. Some of their primary duties include providing tax planning advice, analysing the risk of investment options, coordinating with auditors and preparing financial statements. They also communicate with clients, train junior staff and provide financial advice.

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2. Marketing Manager

Average salary: ₹4,37,976 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers lead the marketing activities for organisations. They are responsible for developing marketing plans and overseeing their execution. These campaigns help to position the brand in the market, and promote the organisation's products and services. Marketing managers lead teams of marketing executives and associates who execute marketing campaigns. They work closely with sales and product managers to ensure everyone communicates the same message to customers through different mediums. Their primary duties include conducting market research, developing campaigns, allocating budgets, creating content and managing teams.

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3. Professor

Average salary: ₹5,83,460 per year

Primary duties: Professors are academics who work in schools, colleges or universities and are responsible for educating students. They design a curriculum for students, identify appropriate study materials, conduct lectures and create test papers. Professors often conduct research in their fields and publish scholarly papers or books.

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4. Machine Learning Expert

Average salary: ₹5,89,774 per year

Primary duties: Machine learning experts are individuals with a specialisation in computer science who develop and design machine learning algorithms that use data to make predictions. They find new ways of processing data through algorithms. They study business objectives and create algorithms that can help organisations achieve them. They work with large amounts of data to identify trends and patterns, supervise the collection of data, test its quality, suggest ways of improving data acquisition and find online data sources. Machine learning experts also test algorithms to determine their application in real problems, identify errors in execution and find ways to overcome them.

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5. Lawyer

Average salary: ₹5,90,130 per year

Primary duties: Lawyers have the option to specialise in civil, corporate or criminal cases. One of their primary duties is providing legal advice to their clients. They represent their clients in court and present facts about the case to judges. Their responsibilities include drafting legal documents, conducting research on cases, overseeing settlements and protecting the rights of their clients.

6. Project Manager

Average salary: ₹6,98,573 per year

Primary duties: Project managers are responsible for the execution of the projects they undertake. It is their responsibility to ensure that the project team follows the predetermined plan and achieves deliverables. They manage their team's performance, track progress and take corrective actions when necessary. They are responsible for documenting project stages and allocating resources within budgets. It is also their responsibility to foresee problems that may arise during the project and prepare contingency plans to manage them.

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7. Call Centre Manager

Average salary: ₹7,80,355 per year

Primary duties: Call centre managers ensure that their call centres operate smoothly. They hire, train, and manage call centre staff and ensure a high level of customer service. They source call centre equipment, allocate resources, plan schedules, perform cost-benefit analyses and monitor the targets that senior management set. When customers are unhappy with the resolution they receive, call centre managers try to resolve the issue before it escalates. They also monitor the performance of their team, conduct performance reviews and organise further training for employees with high potential.

8. Full Stack Developer

Average salary: ₹8,11,706 per year

Primary duties: Full stack developers provide end-to-end engineering services by working on the front- and back-end of websites and applications. They work closely with technology, product and design teams to create software solutions for companies. They evaluate products, identify bugs, offer suggestions for improvements and modify website or application features as required. Full stack developers have in-depth knowledge about different operating systems, databases, proxies, third-party applications and version control systems. Their duties also include staying up to date with developments in programming languages, server apps, frameworks and new development-related tools.

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9. Product Manager

Average salary: ₹8,45,724 per year

Primary duties: Product managers identify the needs of customers and create products to meet those needs. They conduct market research, study competitors, create unique selling propositions, develop product strategies and explain the vision of the products they develop to stakeholders. They work closely with cross-functional teams to create products, distribute them and collect feedback for product improvement. Their primary duties include pitching product ideas to senior management, working with engineering, and design teams to develop products and ensuring products address customer's needs.

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10. General Manager

Average salary: ₹9,01,205 per year

Primary duties: General managers oversee the overall operations of the organisation they work for, and are responsible for maintaining the revenue and profits. They manage the performance of multiple departments and create strategies for growth along with departmental managers. In some organisations, general managers may oversee the recruitment of new employees and conduct the final interview rounds. Some other duties include setting company-wide policies, budgeting, and expense management, performance assessment and financial evaluation.

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11. Data Scientist

Average salary: ₹9,04,215 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists collect large amounts of structured, and unstructured data from different sources and analyse it. They use machine learning tools, and algorithms to clean the data, organise it and validate it for interpretation. They then study the processed data for trends and patterns that can help them identify problems in organisations or industries. Data scientists can also use this data to create solutions and present them to stakeholders in presentations. They may work closely with engineering, and product teams and use their findings to improve products.

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12. Management Consultant

Average salary: ₹13,68,097 per year

Primary duties: Management consultants work with consulting firms and provide advisory services to clients to help them develop their businesses. They may help organisations improve one area of their operations, such as revenue generation or market share or work on improving the overall health of the business. They study industry trends, conduct market research, interview employees and collect data. Management consultants may provide their services independently.

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13. Investment Banker

Average salary: ₹17,31,211 per year

Primary duties: Investment bankers work with the banking division of organisations and help them raise capital. They identify investment opportunities for their clients. They may work with private companies or government institutions and offer financial advice. Investment bankers are responsible for guiding companies during mergers and acquisitions by doing thorough research on the other company and the proposal. Their duties also include managing initial public offerings, and private equity placements, overseeing corporate restructuring and discovering potential investors for their clients.

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