13 Highest-Paying Jobs In Mumbai (With Salaries And Duties)

Updated 19 September 2023

Individuals with different qualifications, educational backgrounds and interests might want to work in Mumbai for various reasons. While some may favour the culture of the city, others might prefer the wide availability of job opportunities. If you are seeking a high-paying job in Mumbai, learning about the various options can help you prepare yourself for the position. In this article, we provide a list of the highest-paying jobs in Mumbai, share the average salaries and outline the primary duties of each role.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

List Of Highest-Paying Jobs In Mumbai

If you are looking for jobs, here is a list of the highest-paying jobs in Mumbai that you can consider:

1. Judge

Average salary: ₹5,76,484 per year

Primary duties: Judges are individuals with the authority to preside over legal matters and pronounce their judgement. Before doing this, they carefully evaluate all the aspects of a case, conduct thorough research and study available related texts. Depending on the sentences in similar cases in the past, judges give their decision, which may include awarding compensation, ordering arrest, issuing search warrants, reviewing decisions by lower courts or granting bail.

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2. Sales Manager

Average salary: ₹6,06,852 per year

Primary duties: Sales managers contribute to revenue growth in organisations by helping companies acquire new clients. They set sales targets for their teams, research competitors' strategies, study the market and develop sales plans. Sales managers are responsible for their team members' performance and conduct periodic performance reviews, set goals for each member according to their strengths and organise training as necessary. One of the most important duties of sales managers is nurturing client relationships to build a base of loyal clientele, lower acquisition costs and establish lasting relationships with existing customers.

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3. Corporate Lawyer

Average salary: ₹6,17,601 per year

Primary duties: Corporate lawyers work with organisations and advise them on legal aspects, such as employment policies, labour laws and licence requirements. They often collaborate with organisations from their inception, guiding them about legal requirements. Corporate lawyers might represent law firms or be a part of an organisation's legal team. It is their responsibility to ensure that all transactions comply with corporate laws, evaluate legal documents, including contracts. They also oversee the legal aspects of processes, such as mergers and acquisitions.

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4. Account Manager

Average salary: ₹7,04,513 per year

Primary duties: Account managers liaise between the organisation they work for and its clients by answering questions, solving customers' issues and helping them achieve results. It is their primary duty to maintain strong relationships with the company's clients. Depending on the nature of the business, account managers might be responsible for upselling and cross-selling the organisation's products to existing customers. They keep clients abreast of the efforts the organisation takes through progress and sales reports. Successful account managers can retain existing client accounts and continue generating revenue from them.

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5. Call Centre Manager

Average salary: ₹7,19,668 per year

Primary duties: Call centre managers ensure the smooth functioning of call centre operations. They handle equipment sourcing, develop staffing plans and design duty rosters for their teams. These managers closely monitor every team member's performance to identify training needs, conduct performance reviews and organise retraining as needed. They are responsible for ensuring that their team can deliver high levels of customer service to callers. When customers are unhappy with the service they receive, it is the call centre manager's duty to intervene and take corrective action.

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6. Marketing Manager

Average salary: ₹7,22,256 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers oversee all the marketing campaigns for the organisation they work for. They create plans, design strategies and supervise the execution, and analyse the results of marketing campaigns. They work closely with the branding and sales teams to develop the most accurate messages for the company. It is their duty to ensure that the sales, branding and product teams convey the same ideas to customers. Other responsibilities of marketing managers include planning marketing budgets, allocating resources, studying competitors and examining the latest marketing trends.

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7. Content Marketing Manager

Average salary: ₹7,32,385 per year

Primary duties: Content marketing managers handle the complete content strategy for brands. They are responsible for distributing content for the organisation through different channels. While they create the editorial calendar and help to generate content ideas, some other duties include monitoring the quality of content, educating team members and following the latest industry trends. They collaborate with the design team to create marketing collateral, social media posts, videos and graphics to add to their content. These managers analyse the performance of the organisation's content periodically through engagement and conversions, and identify areas for improvement.

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8. Nurse Manager

Average salary: ₹8,01,525 per year

Primary duties: Nurse managers are medical specialists who have undergone training and can perform nurse duties, and also manage a nursing team to deliver high levels of patient care. They work closely with doctors to understand a patient's condition and learn about the type of care the client needs. They oversee the activities of nursing staff, identify areas for improvement, create staffing schedules and hire new members for their team. When patients have complaints about the nursing services at a hospital, nurse managers accept responsibility and take corrective action.

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9. Radiologist

Average salary: ₹8,43,108 per year

Primary duties: Radiologists are healthcare practitioners who use radiology procedures, such as magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and X-rays, to treat medical conditions. Depending on a patient's symptoms and medical history, radiologists recommend the most suitable procedures for them. During the procedures, they explain the processes to the patient and discuss how each aspect is useful for diagnosing their condition. Based on their observations, they create reports, discuss results with physicians and suggest the next steps of treatment.

10. Business Consultant

Average salary: ₹8,91,689 per year

Primary duties: Business consultants collaborate with business owners and offer suggestions for improving the company, and solving issues. They might specialise in particular business functions or offer general advice. They study companies' existing performance, analyse current trends, identify areas for enhancement, gather data and develop growth strategies for their clients. If businesses require assistance in executing projects or expanding their operations, business consultants may create detailed plans and oversee the company's performance throughout their implementation.

11. Data Scientist

Average salary: ₹8,93,883 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists clean, organise and analyse large amounts of information, and interpret it to identify solutions to business challenges. They use statistical tools and machine learning algorithms to process the data to derive inferences. These individuals collect vast amounts of data from different sources and identify trends, and patterns. They might then compare this information with historical data to determine the cause of issues and develop solutions. Some other duties include testing the quality of information gathered, developing custom data models, creating reports about their findings and training junior data scientists.

12. Professor

Average salary: ₹9,96,566 per year

Primary duties: Professors are academicians who work in colleges or universities and teach students in their respective fields. They might often conduct in-depth research in their area of expertise and publish scholarly articles, and journals. Within their classrooms, professors create curriculums for students, identify learning material, conduct lectures and administer examinations. They develop tests, grade students, offer constructive feedback and help learners by creating improvement plans. To facilitate effective learning, professors might organise field visits, conduct experiments or invite guest lecturers to their classes.

13. Machine Learning Engineer

Average salary: ₹10,46,421 per year

Primary duties: The primary responsibility of machine learning engineers is to create machine learning algorithms and systems that data scientists can implement. These engineers test the effectiveness of the algorithms and train or retrain them as needed. For this, it is also necessary for machine learning engineers to stay up to date about the latest developments in the industry. Some of their additional duties include running statistical analyses, analysing the quality of data sets, optimising existing databases and testing algorithms to identify areas for enhancement.

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