9 Holiday Part-Time Jobs (With Salaries And Primary Duties)

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Updated 5 February 2023

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To supplement income during the holiday season, many professionals may consider looking for a part-time job. Companies often hire temporary employees to accommodate for the additional workload of this busy time of year. The roles include retail, customer service and transportation and learning about these positions can help you find one that suits your interests. In this article, we explore nine holiday part-time jobs, including their average hourly salaries and their primary responsibilities, explain how to get a part-time job and review tips to help you get hired.

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9 Holiday Part-Time Jobs

Holiday part-time jobs are seasonal job opportunities. They typically require minimal experience and can give you extra income during the holiday season. Here are nine jobs for you to consider during the holidays:

1. Photographer's Assistant

National average salary: ₹15,117 per month

Primary duties: A photographer's assistant acts as a creative professional. They perform supportive tasks for photographers. Their responsibilities may include assisting a photographer with taking photos or helping them communicate with clients. Assistants may attend large events alongside a photographer and help them manage their equipment. Other duties include booking appointments to set up photoshoots, working with lighting and processing client payments. Usually, photographer's assistants work in retail stores or at specific events during the holiday season festivities.

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2. Retail Sales Associate

National average salary: ₹15,432 per month

Primary duties: Sales associates are customer service professionals. In a retail setting, they focus on selling company products and services to customers. Usually, in retail stores, they help customers find products they are looking for and process payments. Other duties might include answering customer questions about what the company offers, resolving customer complaints about a product or service and recommending products based on customer requirements. These representatives might also inform customers about holiday promotions and process refunds or exchanges.

3. Customer Service Representative

National average salary: ₹20,033 per month

Primary duties: Customer service representatives respond to calls, emails and live chats from customers who want help or information about a company's products and services. These business specialists often explain company offerings to a customer and answer their questions about the product or service. Part of their daily responsibilities includes resolving customer problems and complaints, processing payments and handling returns or exchanges. These professionals might work in a call centre or at retail locations. It is also possible to find a customer service representative position working from home.

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4. Bartender

National average salary: ₹16,446 per month

Primary duties: They are hospitality professionals with an in-depth understanding of common beverage recipes at bars, hotels, restaurants and other facilities. They often establish professional relationships with customers to provide them with quality service. Primary duties of a bartender might include mixing and blending beverages, creating recipes, recommending beverages and ensuring the quality of products they serve. They might also maintain, clean and organise the bar.

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5. Server

National average salary: ₹14,584 per month

Primary duties: Servers serve food and beverages at restaurants, resorts, hotels and other facilities that serve food and beverage to customers. They aim to create an enjoyable experience for customers by providing quality services and food. These hospitality professionals often take food and drink orders, serve orders according to customer requests, check with customers during their meals and resolve customer concerns. They might also process payments if required.

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6. Merchandiser

National average salary: ₹24,763 per month

Primary duties: Merchandisers manage inventory at retail stores. These are sales professionals who stock products for a company, like bakeries, beverage companies and other stores. Their responsibilities include managing product inventory, ordering products as required, stocking shelves, creating product displays and answering customer questions. They also work with store managers to encourage them to feature the company's products in their stores.

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7. Warehouse Associate

National average salary: ₹15,315 per month

Primary duties: A warehouse associate receives and arranged the shipment of goods from one facility to another. Their primary responsibilities involve retrieving packages from a distribution centre. Then they deliver them to a designated shipping area where they can also receive product shipments from the manufacturer. When they receive the shipments, they might inspect them for accuracy, manage product inventory, make sure someone correctly labelled the packages and fill out follow-up documentation before shipping them. Their responsibilities might also include reporting concerns like damage or inaccurate product information to management.

8. Tax Preparer

National average salary: ₹41,808 per month

Primary duties: Tax preparers work during the holiday season as accounting professionals. They help people and businesses prepare and file their income taxes. Tax preparers usually work from early winter until the early spring. During this time, they help their clients meet filing deadlines. Some of their primary responsibilities might include communicating with clients and setting up appointments to discuss their annual financial activity. They might use specialised software to complete forms according to tax laws, submit these returns on behalf of their clients and also recommend tax products and services.

9. Delivery Driver

National average salary: ₹19,141 per month

Primary duties: Delivery drivers transport items during the holiday season from one location to another. These transportation professionals usually deliver to residential and commercial areas. Companies hire drivers to help them manage the increase in product sales during the holidays. A delivery driver's primary duties include loading and unloading their vehicles, driving vehicles to a product's destination and making sure consumers or clients receive the correct packages. They take responsibility for handling packages with care to prevent damage, collecting signatures if necessary upon delivery and keeping their vehicles clean, organised and maintained.

How To Get A Part-Time Job?

Part-time jobs can allow flexibility in your work schedule. Sometimes, you might specify your schedule based on the company's requirements and your availability. Follow these steps to learn how to get a part-time job:

1. Review your availability

Consider how often you want to work each week when you get a part-time job. Taking the time for this step can help you effectively organise your search and apply to jobs that fit your criteria. If you have availability in the morning, jobs that ask for morning staff may be a good option for you. The same is true if you are seeking a job that supports you working in shifts. This is sometimes an ideal option, so you can balance this job with your other obligations.

2. Update your profile and resume

An important step for any job search is updating your resume and online portfolios. Customised resumes and cover letters for each position can help show your commitment to finding work. These documents contain all your achievements, project and qualifications. When you find a job you are interested in, modify your resume and cover letter to list your relevant qualifications. This is a good time to reach out to your references, too. Let them know of your intent to apply for part-time work so they can expect a call if required.

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3. Search for and find a preferred listing

You can find job listings on the Internet, in local papers and on some social media sites. You can search for jobs that interest you by applying filters and using appropriate keywords on these platforms. It is sometimes helpful to research a company's corporate culture to ensure it matches your values. If you have the time, visit a local business that you enjoy and ask if they have any part-time positions available.

4. Apply for the position

After you find a relevant listing, it is time to apply for the role. Make sure your documents highlight your relevant qualifications and show why you are a good fit for the position. Emphasise past projects and what you think you can contribute the best to the organisation within your cover letter.

5. Follow up on your application

After you apply, it is important to follow up on your application. Businesses are extremely busy, especially during the holiday season. They receive many applications, so to help show initiative and eagerness, call or email the company to ask about your application. Wait for the specified waiting period to pass if they mentioned one in the job listing. It is helpful to maintain a polite tone in your inquiry.

Tips For Applying For Part-Time Work

Applying for a part-time job is just as important as applying for full-time work. It is important to show the same level of interest and devotion. When applying for part-time work, follow these tips to improve your chances of success:

  • Show commitment. Show on your cover letter and, during your initial interview, why you are passionate about the role and working for the company.

  • Discuss your working hours. Candidates who are honest about their schedules are usually preferable to companies. Be honest about when you want to work so they can create a schedule that satisfies your requirements.

  • Prepare for the interview. You can take mock interviews and arrive early to show your eagerness to prove yourself as a suitable candidate.

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