How To Make Money From Home For Students (With 13 Jobs)

Updated 18 August 2023

Students pursuing graduate or post-graduate courses can apply for many jobs to make money from home. These opportunities are a great way to gain hands-on experience, earn money to pursue a hobby or sign up for professional certificate courses and make connections. Exploring these jobs and knowing what position best suits your schedule can help you make an informed decision. In this article, we show how to make money from home for students by exploring 13 work opportunities.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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How To Make Money From Home For Students?

Below is a list of 13 jobs to help you find out how to make money from home for students:

1. Social Media Coordinator

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National average salary: ₹2,58,964 per year

Primary duties: A social media coordinator establishes and maintains an organisation's online presence on various social media channels. These individuals devise and implement marketing strategies in collaboration with teams, including product development and sales. They perform in-depth research on a brand's target audience to develop relevant and rewarding social media campaigns. Their responsibilities also include working with content development team members to optimise content and monitor customer engagement, staying up to date with the latest social media technologies and building influencer networks on social media.

2. Video Editor

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National average salary: ₹2,61,971 per year

Primary duties: A video editor can work in various industries, such as the internet, motion picture and television. These individuals know how to use graphics, footage and audio to convey a story in a compelling way. This role's responsibilities include developing storyboards, preparing scripts and editing photos and videos. Video editors often collaborate with an editorial team to develop consistent and comprehensive content. Discussions with producers and directors to decide the style of video layouts and editing are other essential aspects of this job.

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3. Graphic Designer

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National average salary: ₹2,63,085 per year

Primary duties: Graphic designers can find jobs in various industries, such as print or digital media and marketing. These individuals create aesthetically pleasing images. A graphic designer knows how to use image-editing software tools and may also be a proficient photographer. Talking to clients to understand their requirements and making changes to designs based on their feedback are some of their responsibilities. Designers collaborate with other creative experts to develop visually appealing content and establish guidelines for logos and branding materials.

4. Web Designer

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National average salary: ₹2,67,712 per year

Primary duties: Web designers focus on programming and aesthetics to create layouts for websites. They write the code and ensure web pages are navigable. Their responsibilities include talking to clients, preparing website templates according to their requirements and refining designs. They also run tests to verify the functionality of a website's features. Web designers define colour schemes for, make backups of and maintain websites and work with software and marketing team members to ensure that there are no bugs in the code.

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5. Game Tester

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National average salary: ₹2,77,545 per year

Primary duties: Game testers play video games to test gameplay, features and performance. They prepare bug reports for game titles and help developers ensure that their games provide a positive user experience. These individuals evaluate games' accuracy, validity, user manuals and promotional materials. They write error reports, upload them to databases and give detailed feedback to developers. Game testers retest games to verify whether developers have fixed the bugs and make recommendations that allow them to enhance the video game's gameplay and fluidity.

6. Virtual Assistant

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National average salary: ₹2,83,868 per year

Primary duties: Virtual assistants perform several administrative services, including answering phone calls, organising meetings, coordinating events and preparing presentations, newsletters and memos. These individuals often offer digital support for website and social media management. They are proficient in using word processor and spreadsheet software tools to manage data and have strong communication skills to interact with all levels of management and prepare various reports. Virtual assistants generate leads and may also develop content for a company's social media channels.

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7. Tutor

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National average salary: ₹2,87,315 per year

Primary duties: Tutors work in the education sector and provide assistance to students in a specific academic subject. They help learners prepare for their various exams, and their duties include reviewing textbooks, preparing lessons, assigning projects and answering students' queries. These educators assign homework, prepare tests, develop study guides and also give progress feedback to parents. Some of their other responsibilities include staying updated with an educational institution's curriculum and recognising students' requirements.

8. Blogger

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National average salary: ₹2,87,357 per year

Primary duties: A blogger is a writer who develops content for blogs. Bloggers can write posts for their own blogs to monetise them, selecting different themes. They can also develop content for various topics for clients, depending on their requirements. Blogging often involves writing long-form articles on different subjects. Some bloggers also create video blogs. These can be informative guides or humorous entertainment.

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9. Transcriptionist

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National average salary: ₹2,91,413 per year

Primary duties: A transcriptionist converts audio and video recordings into text for various documents. These can include interviews, films, podcasts, television shows, seminars and lectures. These individuals use active listening skills to follow client editorial notes. They adhere to formatting guidelines and instructions on how to write words in a different language or how to use technical terms and abbreviations. They ensure that the text is highly accurate. A specialised transcriptionist may also require some knowledge of an industry to understand technical terms and concepts.

10. Assistant Editor

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National average salary: ₹3,17,804 per year

Primary duties: Assistant editors work in publishing and help other editors develop pieces of writing. They can find a role working for different publications, such as magazines, online blogs, newspapers and book publishing houses. An assistant editor's essential responsibilities include reading manuscripts and drafts to suggest revisions, researching and fact-checking to develop content for manuscripts or articles and line editing to fix grammar and syntax. These individuals often collaborate with writers, other assistant editors and production editors.

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11. Data Entry Clerk

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National average salary: ₹3,59,524 per year

Primary duties: A data entry clerk takes data from physical documents to create digital databases. This clerical position requires the scanning, printing and saving of documents in both digital and physical formats. These individuals organise customer and account information for accurate record keeping, identify outdated data in spreadsheets and make necessary changes to records. Other tasks include performing database backups to regularly secure data, providing occasional administrative support and assisting with projects that routinely require large amounts of data entry.

12. Freelance Writer

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National average salary: ₹3,68,820 per year

Primary duties: Freelance writers develop content for various platforms and purposes and can work with clients from diverse industries. Some freelance writers specialise in a specific topic, while others may cover a wide variety of subjects, including fiction and non-fiction. These individuals communicate with their clients via phone calls, emails or video calls and can receive projects for e-commerce websites. For example, they can help businesses convert potential customers into buyers. They can also develop content for email marketing campaigns or social media posts.

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13. Application Developer

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National average salary: ₹4,01,798 per year

Primary duties: Application developers work in information technology and apply their computer systems and programming language knowledge to develop robust software applications for clients. They often conduct extensive marketing research to create user-friendly applications for computers, mobile devices and other technologies. Some of their other duties include developing upgrades for existing applications and performing maintenance tests for these programs. These individuals also apply their communication skills to converse with clients and understand their requirements.

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