How To Become A Software Architect (Duties And Salary)

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Published 1 November 2021

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A software architect identifies structured software solutions which help to meet the technological needs of a company. They determine the technologies and processes the software developer or computer programmer uses. If you have an interest in technology, then gaining knowledge about the career as a software architect may help you decide if you want to enter this field. In this article, we discuss how to become a software architect, explore the skills you may need to become a software architect and share the average salary you may earn in the field.

How to become a software architect

Explore these steps if you want to learn how to become a software architect:

1. Attain basic qualification

You may opt for a science discipline after the 10th standard. It makes you eligible to appear for engineering entrance exams after you complete your 12th standard. Also, opting for computers along with science may help to create a base of programming languages and other basics of computers.

2. Earn a bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree is an important part of the step to becoming a software architect. You may pursue either a B. Tech or Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA). Both degrees offer a comprehensive education in software design and development. To get admission into a bachelor's program, you may require appearing for competitive entrance exams like the JEE (Joint Entrance Exam).

3. Gain experience

You can gain experience via internships during your bachelor's degree. Internships introduce you to the real work environment and help you strengthen your skills. It also enables you to network with professionals and gain insights into the current market requirements to enter the industry. Doing internships gives you a competitive advantage over others and makes your resume strong.

4. Acquire a master's degree

Although not compulsory, some companies may look for candidates having a master's degree. If you have obtained a B. Tech degree, you may pursue M. Tech in a relevant discipline. You can give entrance exams like G.A.T.E. (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) to get admission in colleges to pursue a master's degree.

5. Pursue certifications

As a software architect, it is important to be proficient in programming languages. You can pursue certifications in languages like Java and Python. Gaining certification builds your credentials and reflects that you have the necessary skills to perform your job. You can pursue certification while studying or while working.

6. Enhance your resume

Keep your resume updated with the latest qualifications, skills and experience. Find the skills that are in demand in the industry and upskill yourself. It may help you to get a competitive advantage over others. Also, customise your resume using the keywords used in the job description of the role you are applying to. It may enhance the chances of your resume getting shortlisted.

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What does a software architect do?

Below are the roles and responsibilities a software architect performs:

  • understand the software requirement and design software architecture

  • work with different stakeholders for the efficient execution of the process, such as the design, development and implementation of various software solutions

  • conduct client meetings to understand their business goal and create solutions to fulfil the requirement

  • create a plan to improve the existing software

  • make choices of critical high-level software designs and other aspects, like identifying the right technology for the development of the software

  • lead the team of software developers and assign tasks to relevant members

  • set technical standards to meet the client's requirement

  • instruct the developers about the technology or tools to be used for developing applications or software

  • help in implementing the software and handover the project to the support team

  • document the software solution, the technology used and process implemented

  • ensure meeting the deadlines of the project

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Average salary of software architect

The average yearly salary of a software architect is ₹12,08,186 per year. Your salary may vary as it depends upon your experience, location of work and qualification. For example, the average annual salary of a software architect working in Mumbai is ₹11,76,807 per year, the salary of a software architect working in Kolkata, West Bengal is ₹10,75,902 per year whereas the software architect working in Delhi earns an average salary of ₹11,44,655 per year.

Skills of software architect

Below are the skills you may require performing the role of software architect efficiently:

  • Leadership skills: The software architect leads the project through and coordinates with different teams of developers to meet the client's requirements. Having leadership qualities may enable them tohandle multiple projects and still meet the deadlines.

  • Problem-solving skills: These professionals determine the need of the client and identify how to optimise their experience. To manage and coordinate different elements for successful implementation of the project, they require strong problem-solving skills.

  • Communication skills: They communicate with different stakeholders to understand the requirement, assign the work to the developers and create documentation. It is important to convey the technical information concisely and clearly to avoid any issues in software development.

  • Attention to detail: The development projects on which software architects work include many details which are important to successfully complete the project. This needs extreme attention to detail to ensure the project meets its objective.

  • Organisational skills: They work to create the plan for software development for which being organised is very important. It includes designing large-scale and complex UML (Unified Modelling Language) diagrams that need a methodical and organised form of thinking.

  • Creative thinking skills: A software architect motivates the team to accomplish the project despite obstacles. This requires the capability to think creatively and to find alternate ways to solve the issues.

  • Prioritising: Software professionals handle multiple tasks and setting the priority of each task is important throughout the product development.

  • Negotiation skills: They need good negotiation skills as they negotiate on timelines with customers if they feel the delivery date is not realistic and discuss the cost and features of the product.

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Why become a software architect?

Below are a few reasons due to which you can opt to become a software architect:

  • High demand: Since every industry needs specific software products, there is a high demand for these professionals in the market. With the continuous development in technology, the demand for these professionals is likely to increase in the future.

  • Pay-scale: The average salary a software architect earns is relatively high. Also, with an increase in experience and your skills, the pay scale may increase.

  • Sense of responsibility: As a software architect, you get to lead the team and handle end-to-end solutions, development and delivery of the application. You may manage the development teams, which can give you a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

  • Opportunities and travel: While working as a software architect, you may get lots of opportunities to grow both professionally and financially. Also, you get travel opportunities to client locations to understand their requirement and present your ideas on the same.

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Example of a software architect job description

The IT Expert. Ltd has an open position for an experienced software architect. The candidate knows to design, develop and implement software solutions. They can handle complex business problems and provide technical solutions for them. The candidate is able to flourish in a highly competitive workplace and actively take part in the development process. This is a great opportunity if you have a remarkable architectural background and great interpersonal skills.

Responsibilities you may handle:

  • develop software solutions to address client requirements

  • provide architectural sketches and technical solutions to the IT team

  • analyse and suggest tools, processes and technologies to make sure the highest-quality platform is used

  • work with different stakeholders like colleagues, quality assurance team and end-users to provide innovative software solutions

  • understand business requirements to address the business needs

  • troubleshoot coding problems efficiently and quickly

Qualification required:

  • have a master's degree in computer science or equivalent

  • 3 years of relevant working experience in designing software solutions

  • experience of handling the complex business case

  • certified software architecture

  • knowledge of programming languages like C++, Java, web development

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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