Job Opportunities After Learning The French Language In India

Updated 14 March 2023

It can be helpful to learn about potential employment options if you have a passion for languages and are pursuing higher education in a foreign language. Careers in foreign languages provide you with the chance to travel, learn about diverse cultures and practise interacting in a second language. Learning how to incorporate your knowledge of foreign languages into your profession can help you clarify your professional goals if you are unsure about a specific career route.

In this article, we provide a list of thirteen job opportunities after learning the French language in India, along with information regarding their primary responsibilities and average compensation.

Job Opportunities After Learning The French Language In India

If you hold a degree in French or want to pursue one, learning about various job opportunities after learning the French language in India can be beneficial for you. Here are thirteen careers where learning French could be beneficial:

1. Human Resources Specialist

National average salary: ₹17,838 per month

Primary duties: A human resources specialist is an expert who helps maintain an organisation's personnel. They develop application forms, interview and test prospective employees and assist in training new hires. Specialists in human resources also assist in keeping track of information regarding payroll and benefits.

HR specialists may also execute corporate hiring policies and support staff members in the human resource department. Being fluent in a second language can be helpful for HR professionals as it can enable organisations to diversify their personnel, especially if they have operations spanning multiple countries. Knowing various languages helps improve one's communication skills, which are crucial for HR team members who guide a majority of workplace communications.

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2. Travel Advisor

National average salary: ₹17,765 per month

Primary duties: A travel advisor is a professional who can assist clients in making travel arrangements. They design itineraries to suit the interests and financial constraints of their clients. Their responsibilities include consulting with clients to better understand their needs, doing research and making bookings on the client's behalf. These experts may have the chance to increase their clientele if they are proficient in another language and can communicate effectively with customers from other nations. They can give more particular information about the nation in which they specialise because of this ability.

3. Customer Service Representative

National average salary: ₹20,035 per month

Primary duties: A customer service representative's primary responsibilities include assisting clients on the company's behalf. They can work in a variety of fields, including restaurants and retail. They assist guests and make sure they feel satisfied. These individuals are excellent problem-solvers who respond to consumer queries and resolve issues. They also take inventory, refill shelves, answer calls and keep the store's appearance presentable. A customer service employee may be able to help more visitors if they are bilingual or multilingual. Guests may appreciate being able to talk in their first language since an employee can comprehend what they say.

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4. Translator

National average salary: ₹21,980 per month

Primary duties: A translator aids in the understanding of foreign verbal and written language. Translators recreate texts in several languages and provide a linguistic interpretation for others. They can work under firms or organisations that require translators to be available on-demand for clients. Translators may also go abroad with their clients to translate the language. Clients depend on translators to communicate messages accurately on their behalf, therefore it is critical that these experts have a good command of the languages they translate.


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5. Sales Representative

National average salary: ₹18,355 per month

Primary duties: A sales representative is a professional in advertising and marketing who sells products and services to clients on behalf of a company. It is vital for sales representatives to study the products they are selling and craft a persuasive sales proposal. They also conduct market research to identify the target market and develop a sales pitch for them. Knowing multiple languages is helpful since this profession necessitates a lot of communication. Professionals with a foreign language degree may obtain jobs more quickly since an employer may prefer a candidate who can serve a larger range of clients.

6. Tour Guide

National average salary: ₹18,964 per month

Primary duties: The primary responsibility of a tour guide is to assist tourists in navigating a location or attraction. They guide visitors and offer details about the various sites. Speaking another language can be useful for tour guides who may encounter international tourists. A tour guide can also work internationally, in countries where the language they learn is prevalent or native.

7. Hotel Manager

National average salary: ₹22,406 per month

Primary duties: Hotel manager's key responsibilities include supervising hotel staff and supporting hotel management. A second language is helpful in jobs like this, where interactions with visitors from other countries are routine. A hotel manager oversees the hotel's appearance by setting up the lobby, picking out the decor and overseeing the cleaning staff. They establish connections with suppliers to obtain contracts for catering, spa facilities and other amenities for visitors. A hotel manager may coordinate the hiring of new staff members and resolve complaints from both visitors and staff. They are also in charge of handling the hotel's publicity.

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8. Travel Coordinator

National average salary: ₹24,564 per month

Primary duties: A travel coordinator aids in organising and managing travel plans. They may work for specific customers or for a company, planning trips for staff members. Travel coordinators may also manage financial records, such as expenditure reports. Being able to communicate in another language can be helpful for customer service since they can book a client's international travel. Typically, studying a foreign language also entails knowing more about the culture of the language's speakers. Travel coordinators may utilise this information to provide better accommodations for their clients and to educate them about other cultural customs.

9. Blogger

National average salary: ₹21,274 per month

Primary duties: A blogger is a writer who produces content for a particular audience. A blogger can publish articles on a specific subject on a regular basis. Before sharing their work with an audience, they conduct research, write their work and edit it. Bloggers may connect with their blog readers on social networking sites and handle their social media profiles to grow their social following.

Having a travel blog can help professionals who study a foreign language go on holiday and review places they visit. They can also convert the blog's content into a language they are familiar with to attract more visitors and expand their readership. To get their audience more involved with the site, they can also provide videos, snap pictures or conduct competitions.

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10. French Teacher

National average salary: ₹24,801 per month

Primary duties: A French teacher instructs students how to communicate in French orally and in writing. These teachers may also teach students about French culture and history. To offer practical learning opportunities, these teachers may also develop lesson plans and activities. It is vital for French teachers to be well-versed in this foreign language to be able to explain it to students and respond to their doubts about it.

11. Restaurant Manager

National average salary: ₹25,283 per month

Primary duties: A restaurant manager's key responsibilities include supervising the staff and keeping the operations running smoothly. They establish staff schedules, resolve client disputes and find solutions for concerns that come at work. Hiring, training and educating staff members about restaurant regulations falls within the purview of restaurant managers. These professionals benefit from knowing a foreign language since it boosts their prospects to work overseas or in tourist-heavy areas. Speaking another language may be helpful in resolving disputes with clients. Being bilingual can also enable restaurant managers to employ a more diversified crew, which can improve the restaurant's workplace.

12. Flight Attendant

National average salary: ₹31,676 per month

Primary duties: Flight attendants are customer service professionals for airlines. By offering snacks and beverages and attending to any problems, they help passengers aboard aeroplanes. Flight attendants guide passengers to their seats and assist them with boarding and landing. If tourists speak the same foreign language as you, learning a second language can help you communicate more effectively.

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13. Language Specialist

National average salary: ₹34,238 per month

Primary duties: A language specialist's primary responsibilities include translating both spoken and written language. They offer text translation and interpretation for other individuals. A language specialist also studies the cultures that use a certain language to learn more about them. The ability to interact with other individuals who share a common language is a benefit of being a proficient speaker of a foreign language. It can also provide opportunities to network and work together on bigger translation projects.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate’s experience, academic background and location.

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