15 Jobs In A Hotel (With Primary Duties And Salaries)

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Updated 7 March 2023

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Working at a hotel is requires a high level of multitasking. To be successful in this industry, a hotel position requires skills in customer service, management, organisation and communication. If you want to be a part of this fast-paced leisure and hospitality industry, you can choose from many positions in a hotel. In this article, we explore different jobs in a hotel, administrative jobs within the industry, guest services positions, cleaning and maintenance jobs, kitchen and restaurants roles and convention and events positions.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

What Are The Different Jobs In A Hotel?

The different jobs in a hotel may cover all the services and activities that this type of organisation can offer to their customers. The aim of all hotel employees is to ensure guests are comfortable and operations are running smoothly. You can divide all the job positions you may find in a hotel into four categories:

  • Administration

  • Guest services

  • Cleaning and maintenance

  • Kitchen and restaurant

  • Conventions and events

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Hotel Administration Positions

There are many administrative roles in a hotel that handle budgeting and finances, marketing and advertising and overall management of operations. These may include:

1. Assistant Hotel Manager

National average salary: ₹34,234 per month

Primary duties: An assistant hotel manager's role is to support the hotel manager in his day-to-day operations. You might take on administrative duties, training new staff, managing correspondence, delegating tasks and supervising staff while the hotel manager is unavailable. You may also help assign work schedules, recruit team members and train staff on performing routine property inspections.

2. Hotel Manager

National average salary: ₹21,601 per month

Primary duties: A hotel manager works closely with the staff and is responsible for overseeing all operations of a hotel. This includes hiring and training staff, setting standards for guest services, handling complex tasks and conflicts and establishing and enforcing policies. You can also collaborate with other administrators to manage budgets, purchase supplies, network with vendors, make inventory and improve sales. The hotel manager is also responsible for ensuring that guests staying at the hotel have no complaints and their stay is satisfactory.

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3. Procurement Specialist

National average salary: ₹4,95,603 per year

Primary duties: As a procurement or purchasing specialist, you can be responsible for researching products, providing recommendations, managing vendor relationships, monitoring inventories and buying products. You may be the point of contact between suppliers and project managers regarding the flow of goods. With years of experience, you can also move up the hierarchy to become the manager or director of purchasing and be responsible for selecting and buying the products and supplies for the hotel.

4. Sales Marketing Manager

National average salary: ₹22,261 per month

Primary duties: A sales marketing manager oversees the advertising, marketing and sales for the hotel. As a marketing manager, you might be responsible for ads and marketing campaigns that align with your hotel's values. As you take on senior roles, you can also create and manage a marketing budget and collaborate with the hotel manager to ensure the hotel's profitability.

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Hotel Guest Services Positions

One of the key objectives of any hotel is to make sure guests have the best experience during their stay. Employees responsible for taking care of guests assist them throughout their visit. If you enjoy helping people and providing customer service, consider one of these roles:

1. Room Attendant

National average salary: ₹12,132 per month

Primary duties: A room attendant is responsible for keeping hotel rooms clean and efficiently stocked with amenities. Attendants may also assist housekeepers in replacing linens and towels and preparing rooms. There can be a high demand for room attendants, especially in tourist spots such as beaches areas and hill stations.

2. Night Auditor

National average salary: ₹25,321 per month

Primary duties: The night auditor is the first point of contact for guests during the late-night shift, acting as both the concierge and front desk receptionist. As a night auditor, you may be responsible for checking in guests, preparing invoices for guests checking out the next morning, coordinating emergency repairs and resolving guest conflicts. Night auditors can also document guest requests and complaints and communicate them to the appropriate departments.

3. Hotel Receptionist

National average salary: ₹18,805 per month

Primary duties: A hotel receptionist handles the front desk. The front desk is responsible for greeting guests, assigning rooms and providing keys, managing guest accounts, collecting payments, resolving conflicts for guests and delegating guest service tasks to the hotel staff. You may also organise transport services for guests and inform them of areas of interest nearby.

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4. Spa Manager

National average salary: ₹18,805 per month

Primary duties: Several hotels provide spa and wellness services. A spa manager oversees the operation of a spa inside a hotel or resort. As a spa manager, you might also hire and train staff, solve customer service conflicts, manage a budget and supply inventory, enforce safety policies according to local regulations and lead promotional efforts for the spa. You can also take part in the development of pricing and promotional strategies.

Hotel Cleaning And Maintenance Positions

Employees who look after the cleaning and maintenance of the hotel ensure that every space, such as reception, common areas or guest rooms, is clean and presentable. These positions may include:

1. Housekeeper

National average salary: ₹12,520 per month

Primary duties: A housekeeper must pay attention to rooms used by guests. As a housekeeper, you may clean guest rooms between check-ins, ensuring linens and towels are fresh, amenities are stocked and the room is pristine. Housekeeping staff also vacuum, dust and otherwise clean hallways, public spaces, conference rooms, ballrooms and the lobby.

2. Maintenance Supervisor

National average salary: ₹18,315 per month

Primary duties: The maintenance supervisor oversees a team of maintenance technicians in the hotel. As a maintenance supervisor, you can be responsible for setting timelines and schedules for inspections corresponding with hotel administrators to understand repair needs. You may also delegate repair tasks to technicians and monitor the inventory and quality of tools and supplies. As a supervisor, you might also lead a team of employees and technicians and ensure they complete their work.

Hotel Kitchen And Restaurant Positions

The kitchen and restaurants are an integral part of any hotel. They are responsible for serving food to hotel guests. These positions may include:

1. Host Or Hostess

National average salary: ₹15,687 per month

Primary duties: A host or hostess greets patrons, seats them at tables, provides menus and introduces them to their waitstaff. As a host or hostess, you are also responsible for managing the reservation calendar and organising patrons according to staffing availability. You may also collaborate with room service servers to deliver food to guest rooms and communicate patron needs to the restaurant staff. A welcoming host or hostess aims to create a favourable impression of the restaurant.

2. Server

National average salary: ₹15,043 per month

Primary duties: A server works in the restaurant of a hotel. As a server, you might greet patrons, provide menu recommendations and review the specials. You may also take food and beverage orders, deliver food to tables and regularly tend to patrons' needs throughout their visit. A good server can elevate the dining experience for guests at a restaurant.

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3. Chef

National average salary: ₹17,011 per month

Primary duties: A chef prepares meals made in the hotel restaurant. They follow recipes and guest preferences, monitor different cooking stations, prepare and use a variety of ingredients and spices and plate meals attractively to be delivered to patrons. You might start as a chef and then become an executive chef, leading the kitchen and creating your own recipes.

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Conventions And Events Positions

Hotel employees also organise conventions, parties and other events. Hotels employ dedicated staff to ensure these conventions and parties run smoothly. These positions may include:

1. Event Planner

National average salary: ₹18,334 per month

Primary duties: An event planner can be the link between the guest and the hotel where the event may take place. As an event planner, you might coordinate with vendors and hotel staff to execute special events in the hotel's rental spaces. Event planners book spaces for hosts, delegate setup tasks, make agendas, reserve entertainment and collaborate with the executive chef and caterers to determine food and beverage services.

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2. Convention Centre Manager

National average salary: ₹28,143per month

Primary duties: Some hotels also have convention centres so that guests can host major events like conferences. As a convention centre manager, you might have to coordinate with different departments to ensure events run smoothly, such as hotel management, sales and marketing department and the hotel kitchen. You might be responsible for contacting external vendors and providers for the event.

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