14 Jobs In Architecture (With Salaries And Duties)

Updated 5 July 2023

Architecture can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding career for those who have excellent design, drawing and math skills. While many of those who hold architecture degrees apply their knowledge directly as architects and drafters, others hold jobs in related creative and academic fields. Whether you hold a degree in architecture or are a soon-to-be graduate, knowing about the job options in this field can help you choose the right career path. In this article, we explore different jobs in architecture, discover each job's national average salary and understand the primary duties associated with each role.

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Top Jobs In Architecture

Here are some popular jobs in architecture that you can pursue if you are planning to build a rewarding and fulfilling career in this field:

1. Architect

National average salary: ₹23,642 per month

Primary duties: An architect specialises in planning, designing and developing different types of structures and overseeing the construction of those. These professionals research and follow zoning laws, city ordinances, building codes and regulations that affect an architectural project. Apart from overseeing the aesthetical appeal, these professionals ensure safety and functionality. A part of their job role involves producing blueprints for a project and overseeing architectural projects to ensure high-quality design.

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2. Building Surveyor

National average salary: ₹16,723 per month

Primary duties: A building surveyor is a professional who advises their clients about the condition of a building. These professionals make cost estimates, monitor construction progress and draw the building plans. They ensure all construction activities comply with the building rules and regulations of the state. Their job also involves carrying out inspection activities to ensure that a building is safe for use. These professionals often provide reports to clients about the condition of a building. A surveyor determines the extent of damage caused by a natural disaster for home insurance.

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3. Structural Engineer

National average salary: ₹28,326 per month

Primary duties: A structural engineer is responsible for designing and constructing physical structures that can withstand external pressures. By ensuring the integrity of every element of the building structure, such as beams, floors and columns, they ensure the construction of safe buildings. These professionals prepare building designs and calculate the load and stress a building can withstand. Depending on client requirements, a structural engineer may prepare cost estimates for construction projects, select building materials and get regulatory permits for the construction.

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4. Production Designer

National average salary: ₹20,262 per month

Primary duties: Production designers usually work in films, theatre shows and television programs. They work closely with creative directors and producers to create a visual concept by identifying appropriate locations, graphics, visual images, graphics camera angles, costumes and lighting. Using their creativity, they develop a visual outline for the production. After conducting research, these professionals create scale drawings or mockups of studio and film sets. The production designer often determines which scene of the film or TV program requires computer-generated imaging.

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5. Building Architect

National average salary: ₹28,502 per month

Primary duties: Building architects are professionals who design and plan the elements of a construction structure, like private places, retail stores, public spaces, houses and corporate office spaces. These professionals apply their design, environmental analyses and construction procedure knowledge to protect and increase a building's value. They are responsible for determining the cost of proposals and creating workflow timelines. A building architect usually works in various settings, including public, government and private offices.

6. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Designer

National average salary: ₹19,133 per month

Primary duties: A CAD designer is an architectural professional who uses CAD software to create 2D and 3D designs based on architectural projects and plans. They draw schematics for large-scale projects and often develop 3D design concepts that a building team can use. These professionals work alongside civil engineers, design engineers and architects to create designs for ideas and projects. They read and understand 2D and 3D drawings. Their job also involves reviewing design layouts to find and resolve problems about building compatibility.

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7. Architectural Technologist

National average salary: ₹18,438 per month

Primary duties: An architect technologist or an architectural technologist is a professional who supports, designs and develops plans and blueprints for structural buildings. These professionals develop building plans and can solve complex structural challenges. Using their knowledge of technology and architectural principles, they create safe and functional buildings that meet clients' requirements. An architectural technologist evaluates a project's proposed site for a specific building they planned. Using their technical tools, these professionals identify whether a location is safe for construction.

8. Urban Planner

National average salary: ₹39,724 per month

Primary duties: Urban planners are professionals who plan and design industrial areas, public parks, streets, neighbourhoods and other public areas. These professionals implement land development strategies to encourage community growth and cultivate communities. A part of their workday involves conducting initial research and preparing designs to plan public transportation, sustainable initiatives and neighbourhoods. Also, these professionals follow building codes and ensure the structure meets environmental regulations. These professionals meet community leaders, architects, developers and public officials to develop an urban area.

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9. Drafter

National average salary: ₹18,721 per month

Primary duties: An architectural drafter is a professional who drafts drawing and sketches of a project plan. They use computer software to build blueprints, technical drawings and original architect designs. Their work involves examining and incorporating building codes and measurements to guide contractors. They print schematics for architects, maintenance engineers and construction managers during the planning and development phases of a project. These professionals use CAD equipment and various drawing techniques to create charts and drawings that construction professionals can use.

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10. Framer

National average salary: ₹17,310 per month

Primary duties: A framer is a construction and engineering professional who construct and repair the framework of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Using their skills, these professionals determine the dimensions of the framework required to construct a building frame. They attach building materials using nuts, bolts and screws. A part of their job role involves performing repair work on existing structures that are structurally inappropriate. These professionals analyse construction plans to understand potential problems in the structure.

11. 3D Architectural Visualiser

National average salary: ₹22,775 per month

Primary duties: A 3D architectural visualiser is a creative professional responsible for creating and rendering 3D visualisations based on a project's specifications. These professionals closely work with design and architectural teams to visualise and plan construction projects. They make plans and architectural illustrations to produce photo-realistic 3D images and animations of proposed buildings and developments. These professionals often use industry-standard design tools and programs to complete their job duties.

12. Structural Designer

National average salary: ₹27,596 per month

Primary duties: Structural engineers are professionals who design bridges, buildings and other types of architectural structures. They ensure the functioning and stability of these structures. Using computer-aided technology, these professionals design 2D and 3D models. A part of their job role involves measuring loads and ensuring structural soundness. They may also help in reestablishing the security of a pre-existing structure. When drafting a design, these professionals consider elements such as earthquakes and floods. A designer may work on everything from dams to statues to apartment complexes.

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13. Acoustic Consultant

National average salary: ₹21,853 per month

Primary duties: Acoustic consultants are professionals who can design, assess, manage and control sound vibrations in the building. These professionals undertake noise and vibration assessments to determine the building regulations. Construction companies can hire an acoustic consultant to test each sound source and analyse its properties to reduce unwanted noises in a building. An acoustic consultant usually prepares architectural solutions using CAD software. A part of their job role involves assessing how changes in building design can affect the sound levels. They also assess environmental noises and carry out noise surveys.

14. Restoration Manager

National average salary: ₹22,095 per month

Primary duties: A restoration manager is a professional who administers, plans and oversees the restoration of buildings and other architectural spaces. These professionals oversee every stage of a construction and restoration project. From meeting investors to performing quality control to working alongside designers and decorators, these professionals ensure the timely completion of restoration activities. Usually, a restoration manager has in-depth project management knowledge and extensive experience.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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